Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spirit of 1 Malaysia


Lets fly those Stripes of Glory a.k.a. Jalur Gemilang starting today til 16th of September,prior to our Malaysia Day 2010.

On every Merdeka Day,my parents would go through the hassle of attending Merdeka Day celebration as VIPs to the allocated venues.As for this year it was held at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.When their driver picked them up early this morning at home,I was awake to say goodbye.Before leaving,Ayah advised me to switch on the TV and watch the ceremony.We should be doing that if we failed to celebrate it with other fellow Malaysians at the venue as a proof of our patriotism towards our country's independence.But instead,I went straight to bed again after they'd left.Such a slacker,guilty as charged!=P

A few hours before berbuka,my parents dragged me along to go Raya shopping with them.They were particularly searching for matching songkets.I wasn't into songkets that much as the material made me itch miserably,regardless it it was an expensive traditional one or the contemporary songket.No doubt songkets are undeniably beautiful and artsy.

My parents aimed to shop at Fatimah Songket and Istana Songket earlier today,as they were claimed as regular customers by the owner of both shops.Most of the songkets there were handmade from Terengganu,and according to most people,Terenggnu songkets are the best.The colors chosen were vibrant and totally eye-catching,not forgetting ridiculously overpriced!The songket that Ayah bought just now cost him RM5k++ after 20% discount!Can you imagine that?I could buy another LV bag for that price!

Since my parents always wear matching colored outfits,Ibu tried to find a similar color of baju kurung songket to Ayah's sampin songket for Raya.After a few attempts of search,she finally found the perfect one.

It was a new contemporary songket design of baju kurung.Beautiful but not my style=P

Camwhoring on the sofa of the boutique.Raya shopping can be boring sometimes.

Those songket vibrant and lively colors totally glared my eyesight.So enough for today.Happy Independence Day again,Malaysians!We are 1 Malaysia,now and forever=)

Attracting The XY Chromosome

Love is exhausting.

All you can ever think bout,all day long,is boys.Coz boys vaguely connects you to love,hence leads you to happiness.Or at least a smile,that will drive you to go through your day.

Every girl dreams of living a happily ever after life with their object of affection.But not all is lucky enough in love,to have their lives ending such way.Some need to kiss frogs all their lives,just to figure out which frog will magically transforms into prince charming,while some find themselves swimming in various ponds but still no frogs seem to be drawn to them.In other circumstances,a frog remains as a frog,but they just settle of it,thinking that it's way better than living alone.

Recently,a trolley dolly mate of mine,whom I've known since the day I started my flying career came to me with a massive load in her head.It surely looked as if her tiny head was gonna explode and destructed her whole petite body.Lucky her,I had all the time in the world to sit down and listen to her uncertainty.She asked how in the world that I managed to find new love in a blink of an eye to replace the old rusty one,while she couldn't get even 1 to approach her all this years?I was like 'Whoa!That's a tough one!'.I bet she could see light sweat started to evaporate frm underneath my forehead skin.

Well folks,I could just answered her that I was one of those who got lucky in love,so far.But I didn't think it was a good enough answer.Instead,I shared with her the tips and tricks in getting yourself out there to attract the opposite.Coz it's true enough that one keeps living in her own fantasy world,daydreaming bout her surreal life when she doesn't have a partner frm the opposite sex to fulfill her needs,as in T.L.C.

In my last year's post bout The Ugly Truth,which ideas came frm the movie itself,the tips were more on how to get the guy attached to you,thus it was relevant if you already have a frog for yourself.The frog will turn into prince charming even faster than you can imagine if you apply those tricks on him.But in a situation where you want attract those millions of frogs out there,or at least one frog to get close to you,the tactic would be different entirely.

I found an article on the net which totally supported my techniques in getting yourself out there and fish for your frog.I'm calling subject a "frog" coz I don't want any girls out there to find themselves a prince charming or the dream guy.Look for Mr Right Now,instead of Mr Right.If things goes well,he'll eventually be your Mr Right,with some efforts measured in.The key to find your frog is confidence.

You're shy or easily intimidated by others?Try to find that confidence in you by being bold.Take baby steps to build that confidence in you.What I mean by being bold is try to get under the limelight.Put on some makeup and make yourself beautiful everytime you go out.The purpose of makeup is to enhance those lovely features that The Almighty created for you,hence it increases confidence.Wear something that you'd most likely wear on a 1st date with a crush every single day,no baggy t-shirts with faded jeans,please!

Now that you've got your appearance right,you gotta get that attitude right!Improve your social skills by randomly smiles to strangers that look at you or acknowledges those around you such as the waiters,the toll gate people or pump attendant.Being friendly won't give any harm,in fact it's a good practice before you deal with frogs that you're interested in.Rock him with that sexy attitude of yours,which is confidence! And never underestimate the power of that sweet intriguing smile of yours.

As for now,those above were the only points that I could think of coz I've been doing it since the day I left high school until now.You might be thinking "Why on earth would she wanna do those things for?She already has a freakin' fiancé for crying out loud!"Well folks,you'll never know what's gonna hit you in the future.A heart can change,therefore you need to keep the heart contented.That's all that I can say.Good luck my dear friends!=)
I promise you that I'll keep our love alive.You'll not just be a frog I kissed,but a prince that'll charm my toppled world.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Serambi Pak Engku,Again.

I'm guessing that my parents are addicted to the food served at Serambi Pak Engku's buffet.I believe that I've shared all the details of that place in my previous post "Buffets Here and There",except for the address.So here goes :

Serambi Pak Engku
4th Floor, Wisma PKPS, Shah Alam

Buffet: RM55

Apparently,we went there again just now for buka puasa,for the 2nd time in Ramadhan this year.I had no idea that this place was well known among celebrities and VIPs too.But the food served were great,therefore it wasn't a big of a deal.

This time,I wasn't too busy hanging around at the buffet counters,so more pics were taken.It is almost the 21st day of puasa,so what are you folks waiting for?Get yourself a table at Serambi Pak Engku for buka puasa now!Okay,enough promoting=P
Ibu and Sweetie Pie were busy choosing their favorite dishes.

The Ghazal Folks entertaining guests.

Waiting patiently for Azan Maghrib.

Tempting huh?

Preparing The Unprepared

We are proudly celebrating 2 massive events in another 2 weeks!Yeayy!!Besides Hari Raya Aidilfitri,my younger cousin is following my foot steps in getting engaged to her longterm boyfie on 3rd Raya.

As a close cousin,I could already feel the heat of the celebration by getting involved with some minor preparations.Of course nothing major coz I have my flights to deal with.So,for starters,we planned to gather at my granny's house in Muar today,somewhere in between,as my cousins were all frm the South,JB.Ibu and I were helping my cousin (lets just call her Angah) by playing a role as her unpaid costume advisors,so we brought along a few songket outfits to be considered by Angah,to be worn during her engagement.We didn't give her that much of options as it was pretty hard to search for nice songket outfits nowadays.
Angah was the one on the right with pink cardigan.

FYI,Angah picked a theme for her engagement which is Traditional Culture.The ceremony will be held at 1 of those community village houses at Yayasan Johor that they rented,sos he wanted everything to tally with the environment and surroundings of the venue.From pelamin,to the decorations of hantaran and costume will be 100% traditional,no room for modern aspects.Even the guests invited are encouraged to wear traditional old outfits to blend with the theme.It's a little tedious,but can be successfully done with lots of effort.

After hours of discussing and changing of outfits,all of us agreed on this kebaya songket.It was actually Ibu's wedding dress back in year 1985=)

Well,nothing was confirmed yet but she'd probably wear this for her engagement.I'd say 70% of the chances.Opps,sorry Angah!I'm such a big-mouthed surprise spoiler=P

At noon,the three of us,Huda (Angah's elder sis who is my age),Angah and I decided to go our cousins' outing coz it has been awhile since we last hung out together.Shopping malls in Muar?They suck big time so we headed to Baitul 'Mal Bazaar instead.It's a bazaar with a variety of baju kurung,kebaya,baju melayu and tudung choices to be chosen from.Well,not really my type of shopping place but what the heck.At least I got to spend some quality time with my cousins.And the not so surprising part bout them would be they love cameras as much as I do too!

After this pic was taken,a sales woman sitting near asked me "Adik ni anak patung ke manusia?=)"
Yeah,random yet something that I'm immune with,as I got that a lot.Even Sweetie Pie sometimes called me his 'anak patung'.

They ended up buying a pair of baju melayu for their father a.k.a. my uncle and I ended up buying nothing except an RM5 (equal to a jug) of sugar cane drink for the whole family for berbuka.Tiring,yet swell day.Despite the fact that I wouldn't be able to attend Angah's engagement on the 3rd of Raya as I'll be off to the land of the rising sun,it was satisfying enough to get partially involved with the preparations.Just a little role made all the differences=)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Night Lights

I was on standby at KLIA earlier this evening,but no flights were available so the whole set of standby crew were happily sent home.While on standby,I've prepared myself with a book to kill the time but I ended up flipping 2-3 pages only.Why?Because the crews on standby just now started a Coffee Table session and I was obliged to join them.The guys poured their heart out on how tough their marriages are with their women and some even thought of setting their women free.Well,I guess I couldn't them for thinking such way,coz believe me when I said,their women are really 'something'.While hearing their problems,I was wishing so bad that I wouldn't turn into 1 of those bitches who never truly appreciated the existence of men in their pathetic lives called husband.But the Coffee Table session with them was fun though.Learnt a lot through their experiences on marriage that they shared.We even had buka puasa together before heading home.

At approximately 10pm,Sweetie Pie fetched me at home to let me accompany him playing futsal.Little did we know,we ended up camwhoring at I-City,Shah Alam instead of futsal-ing at Rio,Sunway.We did go to Sunway but we got lost along the way and couldn't find Rio.Sweetie Pie gave up in searching the place and decided to spend the evening alone with his super cute fiancée a.k.a. yours truly=P

I-City is known as the jewel city of Shah Alam which is developing tremendously.It is fully lighted with wonderful vivid colors at night throughout the year and people all over Klang Valley come here to experience the picturesque scenery of it.

"Wow!" was definitely the 1st word that came out frm our mouth as soon as we saw those candy colored lights lighting the city.Very jakun of us=P..Camera flashes were everywhere,and we totally joined the crowd as well.

There were all sorts of animal figures in lights around the city.The peacocks,pandas,big bugs,butterflies,squirrels and not forgetting pine and bamboo trees.Breath taking is probably the only word suitable enough to describe this city.So what are you guys waiting for?Step on the pedals and head to I-City now!=)

Well,we had our camwhoring moments in the car too;)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Raya Spirit

HIP,HIP,HOOOORRAAAYYYY!!!!*jumping up and down with joy*=D

Why was I jumping?


Buka puasa time?


Let me show you folks my flight schedule for next month that we just recently got,and note the dates of my off days :

Did you get it?I was jumping joyfully as the rostering department had been so generous for giving me off days during Raya!Not just one,but 3 off days in a row including Raya's eve!I didn't apply for any leave on Raya dates as it never mattered that much to me,it was Ramadhan that I treasured the most all this years,until now.

Since I'll get to celebrate Raya with my family at my hometown this year,I was all spirited up to go shopping as the 1st step of my Raya preparation.Sweetie Pie was kind enough to accompany me shopping and treating me for berbuka.At first,everything seemed to be going on so well since I found the perfect gorgeous baju kurung for the 1st day of Raya.It is simple,yet sparkly enough to lighten up a whole room of people with the same Raya spirit as mine.I was very happy with my purchase=D
I might not look thrilled in this pic as it was a candid,but truly,I was=)

Next stop,we went to 1Utama for berbuka at Fish & Co.It was Sweetie Pie's first time there so he tried the Seafood Platter while I settled for my favorite Teriyaki Salmon.Apparently,I just discovered few types of new drinks being introduced in the menu so we ordered 1 drink named the Jungle Freeze.It was told that the drink was a mixture of several exotic local fruits including rambutan,but when it was served to us,we were surprised to DEATH with the size of the glass of the drink!More like a drink for GIANTS than for normal people like us.
But the taste was good though.Loved it!

We hafta share it in order to finish the whole glass of it.

Due to the fullness of stomach after berbuka and tiredness,things got a little bitter slightly after that.Things tend to go wrong one after another.I started experiencing menstrual pain around the stomach,so my mood to shop fluctuated.As for Sweetie Pie,he found a perfect pair of loafers for himself but it turned out that it was the last pair and the size didn't match well.Our faces had turned from cheerful to sour,so we decided to go home.

When we reached Shah Alam,my parents invited Sweetie Pie to come in and hangout with us for a little while.Boy,my parents were so expert in putting smiles on our faces back again with their jokes,drinks and tit-bits.Even little Billie played her part by being a humorous diva,and her attitude totally cracked us all up.When Sweetie Pie finally said goodnight to all of us,the day was finally perfect again.And definitely worth blogging about;;)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ageing In Grace

Before I start off with my point of the entry,look what I found at MPH just now...

Mini Shopaholic!!!I thought it was supposed to be in bookstores in Malaysia this September,but looks like I got the details all wrong.Can't wait to get started with my (or most girls who love shopping as much as Becky) favorite character tonight!

Recently,I was brainwashed by Ibu bout the importance of self grooming and skin caring as we age.Let me tell you folks something bout Ibu.She practically consumed all types of vitamins including B Complex and C since she was in high school and daily consumption of Imedeen since she was 25,the age I'm gonna reach in November.Pfftt!=P..She expected me to do the same for myself,consuming supplements and changing of skin care range frm acne solutions to late 20s concentrated type of products.She asked me to start sleeping in between 10pm-2am every day as the skin is renewed during these hours,while we are having our beauty night sleep.That wish of hers would be a little hard for me to grant coz I experienced jet lags more often than you folks could imagine.

In order to make Ibu happy,I've decided to go shopping for important essentials such as a new skin care range and supplements.Bought a box of Imedeen Classic,as recommended by the pharmacist for skin perfecting purposes,specially formulated for the late 20s.As for my new skin care range,I've chosen to try on Nutox Oxyfusion.It has birds' nest collagen and the brand ambassador is Fazura,one of my idols!Many might question,"Why Fazura?!".She might not be at her best behaviors for the past years as a Malaysian artiste but in real life,she is a sweetheart with flawless skin.No kidding,folks!I've served her on board in business class for several of times and she's courteous,yet friendly.And it was told that she has been using Nutox even before she was selected as their ambassador,and she loved the results of using the product so much.Most of the time,you tend to get influenced with the stuffs that the person you idolize use,wear and go.And that was what happened to me!=P

Hoping that Ibu will be happy with the steps I've taken to  age in grace just like her.To her,appearance and purity of the heart matters the most as you grow older.And I'm so lucky to have her as my mentor to lead me through.

Dear Mr Capsule,please be kind to me by making your way through my trachea without any complications.
(FYI,I'm super scared of pills and capsules coz I tend to choke while swallowing them since I was little)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey all!Just got bck frm spending a night in the North!

Apparently,the trip was so tiring as I was teamed up with a slacker!One CHRONIC lazy-bum!

To be honest,I never really mind covering somebody else's work.As long as that person has a valid reason for not getting things done.But this slacker I'm telling you bout,he actually slept a deep sleep at the business class seat,without guilt,throughout the cruising period of flight,expecting me to be his Wonder Woman,completing all the tasks on my own!Fasting was not a good excuse as I was fasting too,and my size is half than his!

Throughout the flight,which started at 6.40am in the morning,I could actually recall the only thing he did was inflight announcements.I served the passengers and the 3 technical crews,I closed the bar inventory,I heated the meals and I cleaned up the cabin,as well as the galley!Talking bout being a Wonder Woman during Ramadhan!

Oh,and the best part was,all of a sudden,out of the blue,this slacker got all his energy to get up on his ass when a pretty young student boarded the aircraft on our Jogjakarta flight.To make things more interesting,this student was seated in business class,and of course,it was great news to the slacker.Everything remained untouched,except this time he could totally moved his heavy muscles to do PR with business class passengers!Haha!No surprise!There was nothing I could say,but keeping things to myself coz that slacker was my supervisor.What a nightmare!
Spot the slacker!Just kidding;;)

Anyway,he wasn't the only slacker of the day.Eventually,I got infected by him.I was driving home frm KLIA just now and realized that my fuel in the tank was running low.My wallet contained only RM9,but as I passed a petrol kiosk which provided an atm machine,I didn't stop.I was too lazy to cash out frm the atm,as well as filling my tank.Now you know what I mean by getting infected?=P

Feeling confident that the fuel was gonna be sufficient for my journey bck home to Shah Alam,I continued my journey until the orange light on my dashboard finally blinked simultaneously as a sign that fuel was depleting fast.I panicked and quickly stopped at the nearby petrol kiosk.That kiosk has no atm machine,so I bet you folks can guess how much of petrol that I managed to fill in my tank.Yes,RM9!Lucky me,my Nautica's fuel consumption is economical and the tank is medium sized,so I managed to reach home safely.What a heck of a day!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Evening With The Future In Law

God I missed berbuka puasa and bersahur in Muar=(
You wana know why?Just look at the dishes that my granny cooked for us when we were around,regardless it was sahur or berbuka.I swear,if I stayed back there,I would have gained the desired Kgs to obtain some flesh in my body.
My little Polly,asking for a little 'reward' frm the dining table.

Sadly,I'm back in KL.And this morning was my 1st emergency mc before flight!

Yes,folks.I literally passed out this morning around 4.30am while dolling up before my pickup came.Lucky me,Ibu was still awake and her immediate action was calling the crew movement centre to let them know what happened to me.Being ruthless as always,the officer requested her to take me to the clinic a.s.a.p. for a freakin' mc,or I'd still be eligible to fly!It was 4.30am in the morning,there were not much 24hours panel clinics around town!

After sahur,Ayah managed to look for a clinic which was opened at that time.Ibu called the centre again and they said that it was a misconduct to report sick in less than 4hours before reporting time of flight,and I'll hafta face with the consequences soon.Bloody hell!Did they expected someone with a low blood pressure attack to still go for their assigned flight,regardless of their condition?Well,that is my company!=P

Just now,I was invited by my future mother in law for breaking of fast at her lovely home with 2 of her other siblings.Joining us was my future sister in law and her family and of course,my fiancé.At first it was nerve wrecking,but all of them made me feel at home.But the weird thing bout this family's style of dining was they actually ate twice in 1 evening!One course before solat Maghrib,and the other one after they have performed their jemaah.My stomach is definitely too small for 2 main courses,but now that I know bout it,I'll try to expand the rooms in my stomach for more food to be consumed=)

I had fun and my future mother in law truly filled my stomach well.And to my surprise,she bought me a Vietnamese Silk during her recent trip to Hanoi.How sweet is that?On top of that,she chose to buy it pink in color,totally my favorite!=)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lovey Dovey

I woke up today (which was in the afternoon,haha!) and was happy to see that most of the blog links has something new to offer to me.Well,I consider reading my favorite blogs from my favorite people is similar to reading the morning paper (which most people do,except me).You get yourself a cup of coffee,sit comfortably and start reading the materials.

To my surprise,all these 3 favorite blogs of mine were talking bout love.One was about an eternity love towards her friendship (with whom?let it be a mystery),the other one was bout an undying love for her new hubby,and the last one was bout...ME!hehe.Love you,munchkin!=D

It occurred to me that to love is to suffer.To avoid suffering,one must not love,but then one suffers for not loving.Therefore to love is to suffer,not to love is to suffer,to suffer is to suffer.How to love and to be happy at the same time?One just hafta find that someone whom will replace all suffering and heartaches into passionate and companionate love.

As for that,I would like to dedicate this love quote by Nicholas Sparks to my beloved fiancé :

"You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together." 

Friday, August 20, 2010

Balik Kampung!

I'm off for 2days.No flights for me,which is a relief.So my parents decided to spend a  night in Muar,my most beloved hometown.Plus,I missed granny so muchhhh!

Our journey was pleasant just now (I was peacefully asleep so,of course it was pleasant=P).We broke our fast in the car with fruits and canned drinks as we decided to have ikan bakar for dinner in Umbai,Malacca.I'm not really a big fan of ikan bakar but my parents are the opposite.I prefer the fish to be steamed or deep fried in soya sauce.Yummmmmsss!!=).But as usual majority won,so I've decided to go for deep fried squids and ikan pari Pais,complimented with Nasi Lemak.Food was so damn cheap in Malacca.2 big fishes,2 large squids,mixed vege,3 Nasi Lemak and 4 drinks only cost us RM75.If it was in KL,I bet it'd cost more than a hundred bucks.A 100% satisfaction!
A satisfied customer=)

When we reached Muar,granny wasn't asleep yet.She was so excited that we'll get to join her for sahur later in the morning and berbuka as well.My little Polly was thrilled to see us too!(Polly is another furry friend of mine but taken care by bibik in Muar,to accompany lonely granny.Granny loves cats as much as I do).Such a cutie.

After chit-chatting and updating granny with the latest family gossips,we sat nearby granny and started talking bout religious stuffs.Of course,it is Ramadhan,the best month to get yourself close the Almighty.Ibu even brought along some religion related books,so that granny could share with us her Islamic knowledge.Trust me,she always have interesting yet informative tales to be told.And just now,she was telling bout Iblis a.k.a. Satan.After my post on Lady in White the other day,I don't think I should elaborate more on this Iblis thingy,or else my bestfriend will stop reading my blog.Hehe!Don't worry readers,as we all know and granny said,all Satans are being chained in hell during Ramadhan.We should be safe for now=)

Will you folks believe me if I said that I've read all of the books in the picture above?

The Blogger I Am Becoming and Used To Be

I know the fact that I am NO Carrie Bradshaw..

Although,I wished every second of the day that I could be like her.

Her character was brilliantly created,perfect in every angle.

She's extremely dreamy,remarkable sense of fashion,such a sweetheart as she is super sensitive towards her bestfriends' needs,charms every single guy that walks past her and a superb writer with undeniable flair of writing.That's the part that I wanna stress on.A GREAT WRITER!

I love writing but at times I feel ashamed with my writing skills.I have the fear of being criticized in every single thing I do,and that includes writing.When I was a little Denna,I used to write in my pink Barbie diary after school,before I proceed with homeworks.I didn't spare any details of my interesting life,everything was written in it,from the list of boys I had crushes on to teachers that I hated in school.I secretly kept the diary behind an education poster taped to the wall.Nobody knew until it fell out one day,while Ibu was cleaning my room.As I got back from school that day,I realized that it was gone from its so called hiding place.I got panicked when Ibu returned it  to me,knowing that she might have read the whole diary.

My presumption turned out to be true.Ibu read the whole diary and even shared the details with Ayah.When Ayah came bck frm work tht evening,he kept laughing to my face and teased me bout the contents in the diary.He said that I was such a daydreamer,more like berangan sorang-sorang.I felt so embarrassed with myself.It was lucky that I never wrote anything about my parents or family members.Or else I would end up with shame,guilt and fear of being hated.Phewww!!

So folks,that was the day when I stopped writing for myself.That was why I loved English comprehension so much back in school as I got to write and expressed whatever I felt (eventhough we didn't get to chose the topic that we wanted to write about).

I started blogging approximately 10months ago,after being persuaded by Mr Fiancé.At 1st,I was thinking of Tweeting but then I realized that the satisfaction of Tweeting was nothing compared to actual writing.Signed up for a Blogger account,and here I AM,falling in love with my blog space more and more each day.I wish I could provide readers with more informative topics and details through my writing in the future,at the same time sharing my experiences and precious moments with people around me.

I'm gonna go get something to eat for Sahur,then zzzZZZZZZZzzzzz.....
Goodnight everybody!=)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buffets Here and There

The great thing bout breaking fast on ground during off days instead of breaking fast way up in the sky is that I get to join my parents for Ramadhan buffets all over the place.Some were undeniably yummy,but some were just trying too hard to compete with others,which ended up sucking BIG time!

FYI,Ibu never cooked!Cooking is definitely not her field of interest.All my life,I've been fed with outside food,which clearly explained my skin-and-bones figure as I got to choose whatever I wanted to consume instead of being obliged to finish up your mom's cooking.So whenever Ramadhan is around,when my parents do not get any buka puasa invitations frm their associates,friends or clients,we will spontaneously try all sorts of Ramadhan buffet promotions around town.

On the 1st and 2nd of Ramadhan,my parents went to PJ Hilton and Grand Blue Wave for berbuka as they were cordially invited by Ayah's acquaintances.Too bad I wasn't around utk tumpang sekaki=(Yesterday,we tried the Ramadhan buffet at Sari Ratu,Subang Jaya.Food was great but the environment sucked.It was too jam packed with tables all over the place.To my surprise,next to our  table was a long big table booked by my senior crews whom just got back frm a class at the academy.Most of them noticed me and started waving and said Hi.As for today,Sweetie Pie and I actually planned on breaking our fast together at Chilli's,Midvalley after our movie.But then,one phone call frm Ibu changed the whole plan.She insisted that we joined her and Ayah at Serambi Pak Engku in Shah Alam.At first,both of us were like "Where the hell is that?!"

Well,Serambi Pak Engku turned out to be a very homely place to berbuka with pleasant surroundings.Everything there was very kampung-ish.All the dishes served were masakan kampung,complimented with antique old China sets to be used by customers.

Tables were laid out with songket  table runners,and even the waitresses were dressed in Baju Kurung Kedah paired with kain batik.How unique was that?As for background music,a group of ghazal folks played old malay songs melodiously.Overall rating,I would give it an 8.5 out of 10!=)

More buffet invitations coming up next week,hoping I'll be around to enjoy them=)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Doll Up!-Part 2


I have finally mastered the skills of dolling up!The outcome from my most current experiment (which was a few hours ago,on myself) was pretty similar with the makeup done by most mak andam.Using the same basic makeup tools that I've been comfortably used for the past few years,I changed the technique of applying it to my face and...WALLLLAA!!
The result was FLAWLESS!
Excuse the little 'model' next to me.She just simply wanted to show off that she has natural beauty.Biologically born to be cute without even a slap of makeup=P

Picture above was not edited with any effects,neither from the camera nor Photoshop.I didn't add any shadings on my face,and no falsies on my lashes too.Hey,I was only heading out for buka puasa not a photoshoot!But with shadings and falsies,the result would be different.More extreme.You'll look like a porcelain doll!

Do you like what you see?So start booking an appointment with me for your engagements and weddings!LOL!Just kidding!;;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Engaged To Being Married?

Now,people seems to have mistakenly presume me as being married rather than engaged.
The reason behind all these presumptions?
I just recently changed my engagement ring location to the ring finger of my left hand.As you all know,I'm a typical lefty.I love every single accessory worn to be on my left hand,and I love doing everything with my left hand too.

On my recent flight,a group of documentary crews boarded.All of them were guys except for 1 beautiful lady,their presenter.Well,guys..whaddaya expect..They love teasing ladies that they have their eyes on,an unfortunately,that particular lady onboard that flight was me.

Everytime I passed by their row of seats,they started giving hints that most of them were interested in getting to know me better.Being the trolley dolly I was and still am,all I could afford to do was giving them my sweet smile(a gesture of saying "No comment").I guess some guys did interpret a sweet smile as "Boy,you should try harder!".Throughout the flight,I've been harassed with all kinds of pick-up lines by each of them until the meal time arrived.

Most of the documentary crews were fasting except for a few non-Muslims.After my meal cart passed through their row of seats,I heard the presenter lady told the ones nearby her seat "Stewardess yang korang cakap cantik tu bini orang kot!".Then one of the guys replied "Mana you tahu?".She replied to him "Dia pakai diamond ring kat jari manis la!".Their conversation was loud enough for me to hear them clearly.

As I pushed the cart passed them through again,I heard them whispering "Haa..kau nampak tak?Nampak tak cincin tu?".I managed to smile to myself.When the service completed,one of them when to the galley where I was working and started chatting with me.I bet he was one of them who didn't believe the fact that I'm married.He even gave me his business card,as a sign that he was interested to keep in touch.

I guess my saham did fall,but some just didn't buy it.

To my future husband and sweet fiancé,I love you more than anything that I can imagine appearing in my screwed up world.You shouldn't feel threatened by any foreign 'intruders' in our relationship.They simply come and go,while you will remain here in my solemn heart for as long as I shall live=)

Ramadhan Telah Tiba!

A week away from home felt like forever!

Before it's too late,I'd  love to wish all Muslim readers of my blog a Happy and Blessed Ramadhan!

Ramadhan started 5days ago and I joyfully celebrated it in the Orient and the East,with my fellow colleagues.Of course,it was a little disappointing that I didn't get to break my fast on the 1st of Ramadhan with my loved ones,but on the bright side,I got to break my fast earlier than those fasting in KL!=)

On the 1st day of Ramadhan,a number of Muslims from Malaysia traveled on my flight.Buka puasa time was an hour before we landed at the destination.Their choice of food were already served and waving at them frm their chair tables.As soon as the breaking of fast announcement went on the PA made by Captain,without even a bite of kurma,we went into the cabin with few choices of juice on our trays.Little did we know,our Muslim passengers were such hungry barbarians!They didn't just take a cup of juice,they requested for a cup of coffee/tea,soft drinks,warm water and another casserole of food!Seriously,chill,people!All of us crew didn't get the chance to even sip a drop of water while you kept bothering us with your neverending demands.You were fasting for only 12hours,for God sake,not 12days!Have some mercy on the rest whom were fasting as well.A flight is not restaurant,and we were not your bloody mamak waiters!

Putting aside the breaking of fast dramas,overall I had a blast working with my colleagues on this particular trip.We had so much fun dancing around in the galley when the passenger load was light,joking around during transit,and telling scary tales after berbuka (oh,and remember my previous entry titled 'Lady in White'?Apparently,my Captains during the trip knew bout it and it was said that the suicide tragedy happened in the '80s!The mansion remained beautiful as they have been trying to sell the house but failed til now!).
Pillow fight in the hotel room with Ms Photographer,after a long day in flight.I know I look hilariously crazy in this picture.Pfft!

The posers,of course.

Breaking our fast at McD.Well,where else could we eat..*sighed*