Sunday, July 25, 2010

Race Against Time

So many things to do,yet so little time left...
But Alhamdulillah..With The Almighty's blessing,I managed to get everything done in 1 and half days.And the help from Sweetie Pie as my personal and lovely chauffeur lessen the heavy burden too.

First stop,both of us went to Gardens Midvalley to select the perfect scent of perfume that totally describes my personality for hantaran. I bought a set of Victoria's Secret's perfume with body spray and lotion 3weeks ago but I could strongly feel that it will not look pretty when presented on the hantaran tray.That was why I took the effort of looking for a different set of perfume.Sweetie Pie bought his 3weeks ago and has given it to Kak Julie,my mak andam.We finally found the right one at Robinsons.

Second stop was a visit to Kak Julie's crib.We discussed bout my final decisions on the settings of my mini pelamin,hantaran decorations,and cake design.It was my first meeting with Kak Julie as my sweet granny and Ibu were always the ones whom took charge of arranging appointments with 'her'.Sweetie Pie and I got along well with 'her' lovely and warm personality.We successfully came to the right choices and decisions after an hour of discussion.Above all,Sweetie Pie and I were so flattered with the fact that Kak Julie addressed us as Si Jelita and Si Handsome.It gave us the reason to fall in love with 'her' even more=D

Clock was ticking and our last stop was Sireh Pinang,SACC Mall.I met my tailor for dress fitting.The dress was 80% complete and it looked fabulous on me.The color automatically brightened my skin tone,eventhough it was a little big.My tailor,Kak Ida,has 4days to amend the dress and transform it frm great to perfect!Good luck with that Kak Ida!=)

Everything went well and Ibu will hafta monitor with the preparations' progress as I will be away for 5days starting tomorrow.Can't wait for Saturday to come and it's almost impossible for me to hide this joy!All I can do now is pray for everything to go smoothly as planned....

Seri Pacific Shoot

After a crazy night in the skies,Sweetie Pie picked me frm home and sent me to Seri Pacific for another photoshoot.It was great and the environment was super conducive,as the photoshoot took place in a suite and most of the models were my friends.
1st half of our shoot,in our first outfit.
Syikin and her adorable son,Ashraf.

2nd half of the shoot.Pillow talk with the pretty ladies=)

Such an exhausting day.I barely opened my eyes when Sweetie Pie took me for a late lunch at Pelita after the shoot.When I came home,bed was my first aim to reach.Goodnight,lovelies!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Customer Awareness Week

Just got back frm Shanghai everyone!Customer Awareness Week was launched,and it will keep troubling the crew til 31st July.It is supposed to be a week where all crew members should extend their miles of effort in order to keep our loyal customers coming back.Not that I'm a lousy team player or anything,but so far all the methods they introduced and suggested the crew to apply on board our flights were the same old things.Willingness to go beyond our customers' satisfaction and spontaneity are definitely the qualities,shall I say,within us all cabin crews.No reminders needed,Mister=)

In Shanghai,most of the junior crews were super excited to have a peek at the Expo Shanghai.I was curious to see all the so-called magnificent things at the expo too,as people all over the world were willing to queue up under the hot steaming sun in Shanghai for hours and hours just to visit the pavilions of countries all over the world.But rationality beat the crap out of my curiosity.I'm getting engaged in less than 2weeks,so it didn't occur to me that I should 'grill' myself from raw to medium rare or perhaps well done,under the hot sun.For goodness sake,it was 34degrees when we touched down in Shanghai!So I ended up finishing the remaining pages of Carrie Diaries in the hotel room=)

When I reached home earlier today,a pleasant surprise was waiting for me.Sweetie Pie bought me this :
It is the coolest ballet flats ever created by Ferragamo!This precious gem is in white leather with navy blue ribbon detail.It fitted me perfectly,and it proved that my Sweetie Pie knew me so well frm head to toe!I love it,love it,love it!Thanks a bunch,my love and I'll assure you that I will wear it for this Saturday's photoshoot!=D
Little Varina,you'll be sleeping in my room tonight,definitely out of your box=D

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Door Gifts

Why does it hafta be called a 'door gift'?
Perhaps it can be called a 'window gift' or an 'entry gift',right?Do they hafta include the word 'door' symbolic to guests entering a ceremony or event through the door?
I just don't care bout what the gifts are called as long as I do get one whenever I attend an event or ceremony,especially weddings.Yeay,I love weddings!=D

My engagement is two weeks frm now,so my busy mother went through all the hassle of going to tailors,door gifts hunting and etc..My flight is departing at midnight,so I guess I was available to be her personal chauffeur during the day.It was exhausting,seriously..And now I'm switching my snooze button for few hours before I need to get ready and put on my million dollar smile on board=)
My kepochi little Billie was busy observing the door gifts in the box.I bet she wanted one for her personal use=P
This picture has nothing to do with the main objective of the entry but it's just too adorable!It was taken yesterday when Sweetie Pie came to pick me up for a date=)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Sleeping Dictionary

So far,all I did was sleeping...

I slept while everyone was out shopping at our destination during my most recent trip..

I slept in the Esmart cab when the driver sent me home frm KLIA to Shah Alam..

I continued sleeping on the couch as soon as I reached home,with my uniform still donned on me,and Ms Billie coiling on my lap as an uninvited 'guest'..

I slept while my parents were out having dinner together just now..

And I am subconsciously half awake right now.If not for the growling tummy of mine,I would've slept til tomorrow..
 This was a few seconds before I actually dozed off in my hotel room 2days ago.Carrie Diaries in my dream..

Too much sleep actually appears to be more life threatening than sleep deprivation.The antidote for my too much sleep problem?Blog and Facebook more;;)

p/s: Take note of this,Sweetie Pie!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Three Is A Crowd?Never!

Any Twilight Saga's fan here?Anyone?I know we are!
After all those tragic dramas that occurred last week,I finally managed to put aside the melodramatic side of me and spent a lovely Monday with my two favorite people.We watched Eclipse and it was magnifico!All the male casts in the movie were super yummilicious and the romantic scenes between Bella and Edward were breath taking.There was a moment in there when I actually noticed myself gasping for more air to breath while watching Edward and Bella on screen.I bet Sweetie Pie felt the same way,so he quickly turned to me and gave a peck on my lips;;)

Did I tell you that we went to watch it at Signature's Gold Class?Hehe.I know I did,but I was just too overwhelmed with the feeling of excitement.Favourite movie,with my favourite guy on my left and favourite gal on my right.Too perfect to be true=D

Well,I didn't get the chance to shop like I planned earlier of the day,but hanging out at Delicious with both Sweetie Pie and Pear after the movie was wayy better.Thanks for the lovely evening guys!

Back to reality,I need to wakeup in less than 4hours from now for flight..Bed,here I come!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm too depressed..I need to shop!

Okay,I know I sound a little bimbotic at the moment,but man,I really really am going through a major depression.Depression can kill,or that was what I heard.So before it literally kills me,I better do something that cures my depression.I know most will suggest ice creams,chocs,comedies and all,but those do not 'load' on my super stone-headed brains.All I need to do is splurge!Regardless whether I need or don't need the stuffs that I'm gonna splurge on,I just need to do it!!

Cash is running low,like fuel in my Nautica's tank,and I have been such a genius doll for maxing out my precious Visa this month.So tell me now,my dear friends..How am I supposed to shop to overcome my depression??

Sweetie Pie has been such an angel (like he always does) for being so patient and tolerant towards me to ease the burden in my head.He is taking me out to watch Eclipse at Signature's Gold Class later at noon as an effort to cheer me up.My screwed up mind and puppy dog eyes might even convince him into buying me a new top or dress that will automatically brighten my day *wink wink*.I love you,Sweetheart;;)

Anyway,the finals of World Cup is still going on at channel 825 and I just don't give a shit who will be titled as champion.I'm a Brazil fan,but since they fucked up (excuse my French) a little earlier than I expected,I no longer watch any games.Neither those Dutches nor Spanish will get any of my "Go team!" cheer.Good luck guys!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vampiric Shoot At Melawati Hills

In conjunction with the new Twilight Saga's movie,Eclipse,I got involved with a photoshoot which embraced the same theme as the movie.We started the shoot in the evening as they wanted to capture the gloomy almost dark lighting at the venue of shoot.Unfortunately,it rained cats and dogs.They decided to continue shooting,so most of the models were posing with damped hair and melted makeup,including myself.Lucky me,I have my personal 'makeup artist' dragged along to look after my LV,wipe the sweat and raindrops off my face,and acted as the second photographer.Thank you,Sweetheart.Loving your presence anywhere,at any time=)
To be honest,I'd never been one of those models who could project fierce and sultry looks.I would't nail it!When I posed for cameras,most would have said that I have the 'babydoll' look.Most as in the photographer himself,shoot coordinator,watchers around,and even viewers of my pictures including in Facebook.I bet I would be the 1st to get kicked out of a modelling competition,if I ever entered one=P..I definitely envied those who could nail those face expressions on an example,just look at my partner during the shoot just now.She was so fierce that I wouldn't even dare to meet her gaze...
She played the evil vampire and I was her victim.I bet you could've guessed that=P

Anyway,despite the heavy rain and frizzy hair,I totally had fun at the set.Most importantly,Sweetie Pie had fun accompanying me to the set too.He is just the best,no words can describe him better=)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doll Up!

The second day of standby duty at home..1 down,3more days to go..Waiting kills!
Ayah took a day off yesterday to participate in his MCOBA reunion golf tournament.Ayah and his golf..pfft!After the tournament,he took us out shopping  in Midvalley.I desperately need some new makeup tools as I've recently learnt a few makeup tricks which could be very useful to me from 1 of my supervisors.Honestly,all these while,I simply 'painted' my face with colors that I fancied and techniques that worked wonders in enhancing my precious features.Little did I know,I've missed mastering so much other techniques...redefining,shading,contouring...I think there were few others as well,but I'll try to recall it later.
So,off to Shu Uemura and MAC I went,and ended up buying those up there.A cover stick (substitute for foundation) and a skin refresher that will increase your makeup's staying power.Those up there will be my miracle tools and a ticket to look absolutely gorgeous.While cruising on flight the other day,my supervisor a.k.a. the makeup Guru also taught me how to apply eye makeup,resulting a pair of barbie doll eyes.Tried the technique 2days back when paying a visit to Pusrawi Hospital (Sweetie Pie's niece was admitted to it) and walla!My future mother-in-law complimented on how my makeup was beautifully applied!Thank you,Aunty..and most importantly,thank you my dear makeup Guru!;;)

Love those eyes?Reach me for the tips and tricks=)

Had supper earlier with my parents at Old Town.We hardly went for supper,but Semi Finals of World Cup are supposed to be on air like right now,so Ayah decided that he needed some booze of caffeine at Old Town to stay awake this morning.I am tremendously sensitive towards caffeine and that is why I'm still here,blogging,definitely not watching football.I hope everyone is enjoying the game,including my Sweetheart!=)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Phrase Of The Day

Found this image..Pretty cool huh?=)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Imitations and The Real Deal

Why do people all over the world still support product piracy and imitation?

Are those junks worth your money?Do you feel satisfied after purchasing those junks when you know that behind the artificial beauty of the product (which won't last,of course) lies a bucket full of sham?I hafta admit that imitation is a touch of art,or else how is it possible that people tend to get themselves confused between a real Vuitton and a fake one?Or shall I say,most of them purposely LET themselves 'confused',thinking that no one will know whether he/she is proudly wandering around town carrying a fake Vuitton.

Most might not know that I'm a luxury label addict.Well,I might not be as lucky as others,who get to shop for a new Ferragamo shoes or Chanel bag anytime they want.In order to purchase a dream bag,shoes or dress worth RM2k and above,I'll hafta cut down other monthly budgets such as dining expenses during nightstops in countries outside of Malaysia as I have my Nautica,study loan and phone bills to handle too.Yes,Daddy has always been generous to support some of my monthly necessities such as toiletries and makeup,and I'm truly grateful for that but I always want more.Coz I know that all those luxury stuffs I buy for myself worth every penny and sacrifices that I make as it is not an imitation.Its the real deal!=)

So folks,stop supporting piracy and imitations!It annoys me and it hurts my eye to see all those fake goods seller getting the encouragement that they need from buyers with lack of morale.These nasty sellers are every where around the globe!You name it : China,Korea,Ebay,Facebook...urggh!
This is a replica/imitation of Chanel Jumbo Caviar,a bag I've always wanted to own and also my target for next year's Raya.I will look totally fab in my kebaya with this bag hanging on my shoulder.But can u actually tell that above is an imitation,while the one on Lauren Conrad's shoulder below is the real deal?
I don't think so.But then again,it is vital to purchase an authentic product for self satisfaction and quality.Most importantly,you discourage piracy subconsciously.

While typing this entry,I am actually eating my char kuey teow special,chatting with Sweetie Pie and watching my all time favorite ghost,Casper,on AXN.I remembered the days when every girl wanted to be with Devon Sawa and every guy wanted to be him.He definitely has that dreamy looking face as if it was personally sculpted by angels.And I couldn't help myself from bursting into tears everytime he marched into the dance hall,with the song 'Remember Me This Way' as background music,and he whispered "Can I keep you?" into Kat's ear.The most beautiful and heart-throbbing scene in the movie='(Well,I'm gona go cry and continue swallowing my char kuey teow now.Good night everyone!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Mother-Daughter Day Out

It was an unplanned day out of the house with Ibu.At times,I didn't quite fancy hanging out with her as her interest would always be a visit to the salon,beauty and aesthetic outlets or pharmacies.You had no idea how important those anti-aging cremes,supplementaries and sliming pills to her!
As expected,we started the day by paying her aesthetic doc a visit.It was at One Utama,so while waiting for her I walked past the outlets in the mall alone.
Gap,Guess and Raoul were having their mid-season sale but none of their items caught my attention.Little did I know,MPH was having a members' day sale starting today til Sunday.Yeay!20% off on all books!I went nuts in the bookstore,narrowing the list of books that I want to read.It was so friggin' hard!The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner - 25% discount,The Carrie Diaries - 30% discount,How To Be Gorgeous - 20% discount.At last,I ended up buying these two :

I was putting the other book on hold,but not for long though.
After having Hi-Tea at the Garden Cafe,we went for cake baker hunting.Ibu has a picture planted in her mind on how my engagement cake is gonna look like,so the only thing to do is to search for a qualified baker to make her imaginary cake comes to live.Haha.
Hey folks,I'm gonna go and enjoy my new books for now.Hope you guys will have a blast during the weekends!=)