Saturday, January 21, 2012

The All Black Affair

After a glorious successful event,it was time to appreciate the talents.The talents who made it all happen,and of course I was talking bout us!

The talents of Cabin Crew Nite 2011.

The committee always have their ways of showing gratitude towards those who have been working hard,not only the talents,but also the producers,managers,technical crews and reps,for months towards Cabin Crew Nite 2011.As a treat,last week,we were invited to a Japanese buffet dinner at Kofuku Japanese Cuisine Restaurant at Seri Pacific Hotel,KL.It was also a chance for all of us to gather once again,since the event last October.The theme and dress code for the appreciation dinner was 'All Black and Creative'.You don't know how tough it was for me to prepare an all black outfit for that dinner as I merely curse on blacks,but still,a theme is a theme.It was meant to be obeyed,so I finally got myself to find a black dress at the very last minute.

Besides stuffing ourselves with endless replenishment of sashimis,tempuras,sushis,and other scrumptious Japanese cuisines,we were entertained with 'special' performances from 2 well known drag queens,as well as a video replay of our performance of West End:The Musical Highlights on Cabin Crew Nite.It was a good thing that they replayed the performance we did that night on video,at least Sweetie Pie got to watch them as he was away on Cabin Crew Nite.Oh,I forgot to mention that we were allowed to bring our spouses/partners to the dinner,so Sweetie Pie tagged along in his all black suit.

Yeah,about that 'special' performances I mentioned earlier,honestly,they were the 1st drag queens I've ever seen performed in real life.I mean,of course,I've watched the musical 'Priscilla,Queen of The Desert' but that night,those drag queens were right in front of my eyes!Man,they were lively and vibrant!One came out performing the song 'Sway' and the other with an Indonesian song.But both did unbelievable acts that I couldn't even describe here!I guess those were typical drag queens' moves.Don't get me wrong,they were really hilarious and entertaining though.

The 1st drag queen who performed cheeky acts towards that poor handsome straight guy.
The 2nd one did a nasty move by removing her bosom paddings right on stage!Crazy huh?
Having the time of my life laughing at those 2 crazy women.

After the unexpected performances,Meor,our creative/stage producer of Cabin Crew Nite announced about our involvement in KLIA's flash mob organized by the company and the stages of hardwork we went through into making the flash mob a successful one.He invited the 5 of us up to the stage for a special applause from the rest of them.Man,was I blushing in embarrassment!

Well,it was a great night of fun and laughter.There were lucky draws in between,as well as official appreciation letter giving ceremony to each of us involved in Cabin Crew Nite.It was also the perfect night to introduce my husband-to-be to the rest of the team =) Coming up,there are many other important events that has been lined up for all of us,so we're expecting schedules of rehearsals pretty soon.I definitely have no problems with the news as I'm super psyched to be involved in more big events in the nearest future.Plus,I love the company of all the pretty,talented people in the committee,especially these 2 ladies here...

Previously,no pictures of us performing on stage were posted on any of the Cabin Crew Nite blog posts,so I'm leaving you guys with a few that I've downloaded from a colleague's Facebook.So enjoy and a very Happy Chinese New Year to all of my Chinese friends and wonderful blog readers!

Mamma Mia.Yeah,I was the one in the crazy pink outfit and wig =P
Copa Cabana.My head gear was falling off.
Priscilla,Queen of The Desert.
Priscilla,Queen of The Desert - Closing act
Show Business.
Special appearance - Michael Bolton,singing 'When a Man Loves a Woman'.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The KLIA Flash Mob!

It was finally the day of the event.Before we even got started,reporters from media such as The Star approached to interview us and snapped pictures of us.It was just an involvement with flash mob,yet we felt so important already,as if we were stars in a movie or something.

The personal interviews went well and I managed to answer all the awkward questions directed to me without sounding like a major amateur in show business,but I still hope that none would actually come out on printing.

Our 'public shows' were scheduled to be at 1pm,2.15pm and the last performance to be at 4pm,but some unexpected delays occurred due to technical faulty,so the 1st and 2nd performances were half an hour later from scheduled times.Before we began with the 1st show,the international arrival hall was already packed with people arriving from flights,as well as those expecting the unexpected performance from us.

The flash mob consisted of a medley of 8 songs in total,with almost 200 participants involved in it,including 5 Malaysia Airlines' cabin crew talents in uniform (that would be us) and 150 other volunteers of Malaysia Airlines' staff,friends and family.Blasting off with the song 'I Miss You Much' as the opening,followed by 'Istana Menanti',a Hindi song 'Aankhen Khuli',a catchy acapella tune 'My Boyfriend's Back',a Chinese song 'Lang Hua Yi Duo Duo',a classic Malay song 'Rindu',special appearance by 5 Malaysia Airlines cabin crew singing 'Signed,Sealed,and Delivered',and last but not least,the grand finale with everyone singing and dancing to Amy Mastura's famous tune 'Akan Datang'.

A natural entrance made from the arrival area,before we unexpectedly performed in the middle of the crowd.
And there we went, 'Like I fool,I went and stayed too long....'
...joined by the team of dancers...
...'Here I am,baby!Signed,sealed,delivered,I'm yours....!'
...and the final pose in front of the cheering crowd before singing 'Akan Datang'.

The adrenaline rush that we experienced as we performed in front of the crowd was just marvelous!It felt just as good as when I 1st did my catwalk show for Rizalman at the KLCC Suria concourse back in 2006,along with the famous Nasha Aziz.The louder the crowd cheered,the more energy generated in our body while performing.Hence,energetic and vibrant performances delivered.

During the breaks in between shows,we were gathered at a secluded area of KLIA to enjoy refreshments and drinks provided by the organizer.We even managed to review our performance captured on video,in order to improve on the next show.

Yeah,Sweetie Pie was there to give all the support I needed,including being my personal camera man ;P
The MH smile =)
More pictures of us taken by the press.
Even Datin Seri Tiara came all the way to KLIA to see our flash mob.

By the time we came out for our 2nd and last performances,the arrival hall was even more packed than before.Strangers,families and friends have been surrounding the area to sing and dance along with all of us since they've enjoyed themselves doing it during the 1st round.We couldn't be happier seeing all those people being supportive towards what we were doing rather than seeing us as fools who 'syok sendiri' dancing and singing in the middle of an unknown crowd.

When the last show finally ended,it was time to say goodbye.Weeks spent with each of the talents were so precious and memorable.All of us have gone through so much laughter and pressure together during rehearsals and trainings which made it hard for us to say goodbye.But of course,before we went our own separate ways,we managed to capture 'almost family' portraits.

Of course the pictures couldn't fit all 200 of us but they were good enough to treasure.
Malaysia Airlines' talents with Pat Ibrahim.

So that was it,folks.I hope there will be more flash mobs organized by the company.Perhaps,a surprise flash mob on board a flight?That would be something,won't it?Hope you folks have enjoyed reading my journey towards the big event and I'm leaving you all lovely readers with a footage by posted on Youtube!No laughing ok?Good night! =D

KLIA Flash Mob - The Making Of (Part 2)

Fun was finally over *sob,sob* ='( After 2 weeks of hardship from rehearsals,choreography and vocal training,and not forgetting 2 weeks of free from flights,I finally hafta accept the fact that I didn't belong in the world of show business.It was just temporary,although I seemed to be chasing the lime light,still.

Anyway,there are no words to describe of how awesome the past 2 weeks have been.Every minute of hanging out with the Enfiniti Academy talents,outsiders,and fellow crew members who were directly involved in the flash mob had been so wonderful that they were almost unforgettable.

Here are some pictures taken from rehearsals at Enfiniti Academy,MAS Academy and KLIA's arrival hall :

Our last day of rehearsal at Enfiniti Academy.We are definitely gonna miss that studio!

1st day of rehearsal at MAS Academy.Well,it was more of 'fun & mingle' session than serious rehearsal,coz the heat of the event wasn't felt,just yet =D

2nd day of rehearsal at MAS Academy,and we decided to coordinate with pink color!

Midnight rehearsal at KLIA's International Arrival Hal.And yeah,Sweeti Pie was present too!

Midnight full dress rehearsal at KLIA's International Arrival Hall.I have no clue how did I agree to idea of painting my lips red that night.Gotta blame Pipi and Autumn for the influence.

Pictures and a footage of the event that was held earlier will be posted on the next blog post.So stay tuned,lovely readers! =)

Monday, January 9, 2012

KLIA Flash Mob - The Making Of

Ever heard of the term flash mob before?It is defined as a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place,perform an unusual and seemingly  pointless act for a brief time.Perhaps if you're a Glee fan,you might have come across a few episodes of Glee where the McKinley students performed flash mobs at their local shopping mall.

One of the 1st flash mobs was created in Manhattan back in May 2003,and now,on 14th January 2012,one of the biggest flash mobs in Malaysia will be taking place at KL International Airport!Malaysia Airlines is the main organizer of the event and I'm more than honored to be picked as one of the performers,representative of Malaysia Airlines.MAS is collaborating with Kit Kat Klub and Pat Ibrahim,as the choreographer,for the flash mob to be a successful one.

The process wasn't as easy as I imagined.Ten of our names were handpicked by the company to attend an audition judged by the famous Pat Ibrahim,but only five will be selected for the lead positions in the mob.Singing 'I See The Light' and dancing to the 'Signed,Sealed,Delivered' tune,I was lucky to have made it through the audition with flying colors!I was proud of myself and overjoyed with the result,not knowing what I was getting myself into.

Rehearsals started almost immediately,and all five of us were removed from our scheduled flights from 5th til 14th January to attend every single rehearsal.That wasn't even the best part!Daily allowance and payment of gratitude will also be given to us at the end of the event by the company!Rezeki orang nak kahwin katanya... ;D

1st and 2nd day of stepping into the studio for rehearsals were challenging enough for all five of these freakin' amateurs.We hafta learn complicated routines for 2 dance numbers,as well as vocal training.God they were tough!Loosening my super tight diaphragm was never my forte,and will never be!

It was bad enough that we needed to go through vocal training,and on the 3rd day,they made it worse by sending all of us to a recording studio at Taman Seputih for voice recording!The idea of putting on a large headphone across your head and singing to the microphone while others are listening to your pitchy voice on the other side of the room was nerve wrecking enough,so we decided to have a short lunch together at Gardens,Midvalley before proceeding to the recording studio nearby.

The lunch and company we had were great,so by the time we stepped into Bsync Studio,all the nervousness were temporarily gone,til it was our turn to sing in the confined scary area =S Like I said earlier,we were such amateurs and ended up spending time in the recording room for more than an hour!We kept on repeating the lyrics of 'Signed,Sealed,Delivered' over and over again til the technical team gave us a thumbs up.At that particular moment,I swore on my life that I'd never EVER step into a recording studio ever again!

Totally parched and voice drained out after just 1 session in the studio room =P

But still,being the typical jakun that we already were,we managed to pose inside a cool music studio room where all the coolest instruments were placed =D 

Quoting Pipi "Biar takde suara,asal ada gaya!" =D
The lucky number 5 : Adnan,Autumn,Pipi,me,& Yazid.
Oh,and meet the fattest permanent resident of the studio,Cheec =)All he ever did when we were around was rolling on the floor,licking himself & walking towards his bowl of food (over & over again).Such an overfed spoilt little kitty.

Earlier today was our 4th rehearsal,and I was energized and excited more than ever to attend it as Sweetie Pie,who was just back from offshore,did the picking up and sending me off to the studio and home.He even stayed for a little while longer at Enfiniti Academy to watch us rehearse.We managed to finish the whole choreography of our dance number,and most importantly,Pat was quite satisfied with our never ending efforts and hard work.We'll be wearing our beloved kebaya/suit uniforms,complete with accessories such as the trolley bags and handbags for the event,so it was crucial for us to get use of dancing in/with them.

Shoving and spinning our trolley bags felt good coz most of time,we were just pulling them around.

There are 5 more days to go before the big event and 5 more mind torturing rehearsals.Torturing but extremely fun at the same time.We get to meet new friends from outside the circle of our company and valuable experiences.Can't really wait for the 14th January to come and absolutely hoping for the best.

Perhaps there will be more reports on the flash mob rehearsals coming up in another few days or so.Stay tuned and goodnight,awesome readers!