Monday, June 28, 2010

Shopping Spree!-Part 2

Never knew that textile and fabric hunting could be so freakin' tiring.All this while,my raya/event  dresses were all ready made pieces sold in boutiques.So today,I've gained a new experience in choosing raw materials for my dress to be tailored by my mom's designer.Thanks to Aunty's professional and wise suggestions,I've managed to choose the correct combination of materials to produce a gorgeous dress.Chiffons,laces,satins.....I have absolutely zero knowledge on these stuffs!Nada!
After a wonderful lunch with Sweetie Pie's mom and sis,both Sweetie Pie and I went out for our movie date.I finally got the chance to watch my four favourite ladies in SATC2!Yeayy!!
SATC2 was wayyy better than SATC1.That's my personal opinion la,I dunno bout others out there.Every single detail in that movie was breath taking and made both Sweetie Pie and I went "Awwww...." and "Wowww..." in fascination,such as the sceneries in Abu Dhabi-Do (according to Miranda),their outfits,the love scenes and the food!Coz we went in the cinema with growling stomaches.So everything served in the movie looked delicious!=DSATC2 ended 2hours and half later.We grabbed those delicious dinner plates and started shopping again a moment after.Managed to capture a few couple portraits as we walked along Gardens,Midvalley.

Wishing every day is a shopping spree day...

Shopping Spree!

Just now,my parents and I went for our usual weekend shopping routine.We hopped frm Pavilion to Starhill Gallery and lastly Suria KLCC.Apparently,Sweetie Pie was hanging out with the boys at Pavilion too.But too bad..Due to insufficient time,I didn't manage to kepochi,prying on what 'business' the boys were into at Pavilion=P
Back to the shopping spree..
While hopping frm 1 outlet to another,guess which brand were having sale..Salvatore Ferragamo!Since daddy was busy browsing those gorgeous Italian leather shoes,I have ample time to try on a few Varina flats.Those flats were on discount of 30%!But my heart was thumping so fast when I saw the one and only red Vara bow headband in the glass display.The helper said that it was the last in stock and without having 2nd thoughts,I quickly grabbed it.It looked perfectly classy across my head and my visions towards those Varinas were totally blurred=)
Tomorrow,another shopping spree is gonna take place in Shah Alam with Sweetie Pie and Aunty.We're gonna get serious and strictly focused on the preparations.Hoping it's going to be a successful one.Wish me luck!=)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend With The Future In-Laws

The word 'In-Laws' definitely sends the shivers down my spine.
But I managed to charm my future ones earlier today.Big smiles and attentiveness worked every single time=)
Sweetie Pie's family organized a birthday party for 2 little dear ones at Setiawangsa.We spent the whole day eating cupcakes and carbonara,telling tales,being interviewed(only myself),and amused by the toddlers' dramatic acts.
Posers with attitude..Notice the Toy Story 3 box behind them?It was from both Sweetie Pie and I,and the birthday boy super loves it=)

Sweetie Pie was having so much fun playing with the new nerf guns.Actually,the whole family were so thrilled to get to shoot each other in the living room with the nerfs,even the elderly ones=)

Just look how messy my hair was..the toddlers were really driving us crazy with their swords and guns.

It was tiring,yet interesting to get to spend my day with a new family.Had a lot of fun as all of the family members were so warm and welcoming.While I was with the future in-laws,Daddy got home from Paris!=D

Friday, June 18, 2010

To Ayah,With Love..

Those school girl days of telling tales
And biting nails are gone
But in my mind,I know they will
They'll still live on and on
But how do you thank someone
Who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy but I'll try...

If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
"To Dad,with love"

A dad who taught me right from wrong
And weak from strong
That's a lot to learn
But what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon
I would try to make that start
But I would rather you let me give my heart
"To Dad,with love"

Happy Fathers' Day in advance,Ayah..You're off to France and I will not get the chance to give the hug that you deserved on fathers' day.I hope you love the present I gave you and make sure you take care of yourself there for us.I'm your little sweetheart,as well as your biggest nightmare but I love you very much.Don't forget to 'accidentally' buy me an LV there as I've made sure that there was ample space in your Samsonite for it=D

Snap time!

Living solid 2 months without a compact camera was tough!Although my kind-hearted Sweetie Pie did lend me his camera,it didn't seem right.So,I finally got my eye on the most perfect compact camera for a 'snap' sound lover like me,Samsung's PL151.It has special features that no other cameras have,and also a dual LCD screen,which means it's gonna be easier for super vain individuals to capture their self portrait.But life is such a fairytale.Sweetie Pie passed me a Fotokem paper bag and inside of it was the object of my affection,just before we reached Gardens Midvalley to catch Toy Story 3.A little stunned and thankful,I accepted Sweetie Pie's gift in a graceful manner=)Thank you so much,darling...
Such a splendid catch (the camera),isn't it?Hehe..I'm pretty sure I'll be sleeping with my eyes wide open tonight;;)In return,Sweetie Pie received a treat of his own as well,a watch that he had been dreaming of owning.It's a wide measured case Tissot Chronograph.
Toy Story 3 was amazing!Believe me when I said it will bring tears to your eyes,yet cracking your knuckles to the maximum!At first I was pretty disappointed of not getting to watch my 4 favourite ladies in SATC2 as the viewing time didn't quite match the time that we could afford to spend on watching a movie,but in the end Toy Story 3 actually made our unforgivably hectic week day.Carrie,Sam,Charlotte and Miranda,I'll be seeing you guys next week..It's gonna be de..wait for it...lightlful!;;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun Fair,Fun Night!

I was totally crazy bout theme parks and fun fairs since the day little Denna learnt how to walk!=)
So Sweetie Pie n I decided to turn our routine weekend night date into an interesting one,by doing something we haven't done with anybody in years..Going to a carnival was the 1st thing that popped into our minds.What can I say,great minds think alike;)
We had fun enjoying the not-so-thrilling rides and Sweetie Pie even won some presents for me at the games' booth!The Hello Kitty is gonna be proudly exhibited in my car,thank you Schumil;;)
Well,another great news is she has started to like me!All of my hard work are finally paid off!Today,she sent me some delicious home-cooked food,invited me over a family gathering party,and sent her warm regards to me.After nine months of brain storming to find ways to get to her heart,I'm finally half way there.Hope I won't screw things up,fingers crossed!=D

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm A Gleek!

My nights will never be the same without their songs,humor,and enduring dramas : 
The 1st season has ended and the finale was superb!It was touching,satisfying,great down-the-memory-lane songs and overall it was superb!I've said "superb" twice,didn't I?=P
Well,Sweetie Pie and I will continue our days with their songs played on our ipods and car cd players.Not a day passes by without me singing my 'Get Psyched' tune,Don't Stop Believing.
Can't wait for the summer to end.I'll be waiting in anticipation for Glee's 2nd season and How I Met Your Mother's 6th season.

P/s: Watch the gleeks' performance at regionals through my Mixpod=)

Manners,Where Art Thou?-Part 2

Heads up,Malaysians!
I can't tolerate with any rudeness,not anymore!Especially when it comes directly frm our own Malaysians.For God sake,we are nothing like the Middle Easterns,so please stop this mad unacceptable behavior!
One incident happened on my flight yesterday.My colleague,Aidan (not his real name), empathetically relocated a passenger in a wheelchair to a nearer seat while boarding,as her original seat was wayyy down the aisle and she didn't even looked like she had the strength to walk that far.She was an old lady who traveled with her husband as old as she was too.When the young passenger whose seat was taken by the old wheel chaired  lady came in and board the aircraft,he insisted on having his seat back and refused to swap seats with the old lady.Things got haywired and the young passenger started accusing Aidan as being unprofessional for swaping his seat behind his knowledge.He said he deserved the seat coz he personally requested for it while checking in.His final words to Aidan was "Have you got no brains?!".Unfortunately,my supervisor was standing right behind him when he said that,so he replied to the young angry passenger nicely "Sir,my colleague sympathized the old wheel chaired passenger,and that was why he relocated her seat,so the lady wouldn't have to walk all the way to row 23.And he definitely have brains,sir"..Then,a young lady seated next to the wheel chaired passenger voluntarily stood up and said that she was willing to take the seat at row 23,and asked the young fella to take her seat.Boo-ya,sucker!Who's ashamed now,huh?!
When we reached our destination,I stood by the door in business class to wish farewell to passengers.As the young inconsiderate fella approached the door to disembark,he said "You guys did a 'fantastic' job tonight!" in sarcasm to me.I knew the drama that happened in economy before we departed just now,so I simply replied "We sure did!" with my million dollar smile spread on my lips,while deep inside me saying "Hope you'll never fly with us again,Loser!"..Seriously,my company has built a good rapport for the pass 40-50 years and we have our own loyal customers.We don't need losers like him on our flights.Sadly,that loser fella was a Malaysian.Not just a Malaysian,but a Malay!I'm so embarrassed with my own race right now.If there are another 10 Malays whose behavior are exactly like him out there,our race are bound to be doomed!
So folks,are we gonna stay being ignorant towards people who will bring our nation down by having unbelievably bad behaviors?I don't think so!
To those who frequently visits my blog,lets change.Be better.How to be better?Start using the 5 magic words that we learnt when we were young in your daily life.And make sure your loved ones do the same.You'll sleep better at night by being nice to everyone every single day.Trust me=)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Poverty In India

I'm back frm Delhi.As usual,it was a total NIGHTMARE!I've been very lucky to be assigned in business class when we departed frm Kul on Saturday as well as today's return flight.The Almighty listened to my prayers,Alhamdulillah..*I know it sounded like I was going to battle field,but seriously folks,going for an Indian sector flt is even as a stewardess is not so glamorous after all=P*I didn't have to deal with those ridiculously demanding passengers in economy class who treated the attendant call buttons as if those were buzzers for them to press and answer million dollar worth questions!
Well,back to the main point here.I bet most of the people out there got themselves a peek frm the award winning movie,Slumdog Millionaire.And those who never got the chance to plant their footsteps in India,they could always imagined how dreadful it would be to live in India.Life in India is just as terrible as it was filmed in the scenes of Slumdog Millionaire,or even worse.The wealthy Indians never bothered to look after the unlucky ones,and the unlucky ones were left homeless,begging for mercy and small rupees frm passers-by.Sometimes,as I walked down the filthy streets of India,and we're talking bout the streets in Delhi or Madras here (Mumbai a.k.a. Bollywood is out the question),some poor undressed little children would start grabbing and pulling my hands asking for food or money.I just couldn't stand looking straight into their eyes that were full of sorrow and hunger,yet I never gave them a single penny as it would only invite a troop of them harassing me for the same thing.
On our way to the airport late in the evening yesterday,while our bus was stopping at a traffic light,a naked little girl stood just right by my window.She showed me her stomach as a signal that she was very hungry and looked at me in tears.I wished I could help but there was nothing could be done.Even the Indians that walked pass her didn't sympathize her or other homeless children around the area.What kind of heartless people were they??
Every time I go for Indian sector flights,I feel like STRANGLING every single one of them that consistently ask me for ridiculous things or unreasonable amount of attention that I'm not capable of giving to more than 200 passengers!But when I'm fully calm and back to my senses,I will just tell myself how lucky I am to be in my shoes,and not theirs.Born in a peaceful country,raised beautifully by a wealthy family and blessed with a great job,unlike them.They make the crews' life miserable on flight,but in real life,they are the ones who are deeply tortured and miserable.Especially when they get back home to India.
Enough bout the Indians.I'm gonna enjoy every bit of my off day tomorrow before I head to the East day after.Tomorrow's my movie date with Sweetie Pie who is currently in Singapore for work.Can't wait to see you!=)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Ribbons and Bows

Can't live and can't get enough of them!Although I'm no longer in school or college,I still surround myself with ribbons and bows.You can either spot them on my hair,on my chest,tied on my back or even at my feet.Some people might think ribbons are tacky and so not edgy,but I think they are super cute and fashionable.When talking bout fashion,there are so many high end labels that still includes that cute detail in their designs of clothing or accessories.For example,a dress I've always dreamed of owning by Marc Jacobs called Joelle.It is extremely stylish n chic with a bow detail at the chest.
Take a peek : 
It has been worn by Paris Hilton to a red carpet event and also seen on Blair Waldorf in the famous TV series,Gossip Girl (which I no longer followed as it got more and more complicated by the season).The dress is super pricey but I have vowed to myself that I'll own it in the nearest future.You'll soon see it on me=)
Besides Marc Jacobs,Salavatore Ferragamo has their own signature bow detail that are designed on their shoes/flats and handbags.It is called the Vara bow.I've been longing to get my hands on the Varina flats and a classic Vara bag(which my mom owns one) since like forever!

Whoever came up with the idea of this bow detail was superbly genius.It is undeniably chic and recognized as Salvatore Ferragamo's signature detail.Just like Marc Jacobs' Joelle dress,I am so gonna get myself at least 1 of those Varina flats or Vara bags in future.At least 1!I don't care if they'll cost me a fortune.It will be all worth it!=)
Now we are down to my personal favourite brand,the great Anya Hindmarch.I've been so obsessed with its bags til one day,Sweetie Pie actually suggested to name our future unborn daughter(if we ever gonna have one when we are married,Insyaallah),Anya.Cool name for a baby girl,huh? ;D..I guess most of you are aware of the bow logo trademarked by Anya Hindmarch.And that is why it is at the top of the list of my favourite brands=)

For whatever reason that makes me adore ribbons/bow,I'm never afraid to flaunt my feminism through these beautiful yards of color.I'm a girl who is proud to parade around with a ribbon adorning my ponytail or a ribbon detailed headband on my head.Some guys (especially my darling Juares) just can't resist the innocent charm of a pretty girl with a ribbon in her hair or perhaps tied on her back/chest=)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Traffic jams drive us crazy,most of the time.To those who can't handle it,you better start thinking of taking our so not efficient public transport before frown lines on your forehead or your anger management become out of control.Traffic jam leads to stress,stress leads to early ageing=)
I was stucked in a very heavy traffic on my way home earlier this evening when something interesting happened.Got a text from an old guy friend while I was in the car.Beep beep! :

Mr X : Am looking at a stunning dollface right now.She's singing to a tune,and her straw poked to her paper cup acts as her mic.Shaking her hair and shoulders.Amusing=)

Denna : Haha.Chicks.Where r u?

Mr X : Look right.

I looked through the window on my right,and there he was in one of those cars from the opposite side of the road.,stucked in a bumper to bumper traffic too.He waved and started pinching the pads on his phone again :

Mr X : : Nyanyi ape tu Dee?Do u always cheer urself up that way when ur stucked in a jam?It was so much fun looking at u.Haha!I dah separuh gile dlm jam ni.

Denna : Glad u find me amusing!:D..Singing "Jessie's Girl"..

And the conversation continued til I safely reached home.I'm completely capable of handling traffic jams,provided great tunes are turned on.Nothing much to complain about if you're a KL-Klang Valley frequent driver.I'm a lady driver,baby!And definitely a dangerous one too;D