Monday, January 24, 2011

Maintenance Under Progress

Dear loyal readers of Arrested For Life ,

I won't be blogging until further notice. Reasons for not blogging :

* Macbook was sent to Machines due to a problem with its screen but she's all good now,but then

*all pictures from my camera failed to be transferred to my Macbook or any other lappies.I think some friggin' jealous virus is continuously attacking this poor Samsung to avoid me frm posting fine beautiful pictures to my blog entries.Shessshhh!

*I'm currently sticking my nose to either the screen of my iPhone playing games or the pages of Harry Potter books.Such a belated little thing,coz for all that we know the last Harry Potter book was published in 2007.Well,it took me some time to develop such interest on fantasy trilogies.

*my flying schedule is jam packed with flights,especially next month.Not to complain but they literally scheduled me to all Aussie stations in 1 tiny February!I'll be skin and bones by the end of February for working too hard =P

*wedding preparations?Hell no!I'm the famous last minute girl.But since certain individual just wouldn't stop nagging for being so laid-back bout this whole matter,I've started gathering informations and making phone calls.

*I want more of my blog readers to follow my Twitter @!/DennAhmad.Updates guaranteed ;D

Until my toppled little world is well placed again,you folks take care of yourselves and your loved ones.I'd p be back sooner than you thought.Till then!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Full House

I hope it is not too late for me to wish everyone in this world a very Happy New Year!!!!

New Year resolutions?Nada!It had always been the same resolutions over the years and I accomplished them every single time =D So,no resolutions this year.2010 was a great one,I'm hoping 2011 will be even greater with more traveling,family time,adventures,laughters while the spark between Sweetie Pie and remains the same.Or even more sparkly than a shiny diamond =)

Last Sunday,my family became the perfect 4 again,for good.My baby brother moved back into our house,along with 2 large luggage bags and 3 boxes full of his craps from Auckland.We were all so very happy to have him back,but I 'd hafta deal with a nasty bathroom mate again.Haha.No offense bro!

He came back with 'Shaggy' frm Scooby Doo look =P
These were his craps..See what I mean?
The big boxes were mailed via courier.
Little Ms Custom Inspector was inspecting all of the stuffs and boxes,making sure they were all properly filtered.

It's a full house again at our crib in 2011!This should be interesting.