Saturday, October 6, 2012


Ballet is widely known as a form of classical dance that demands for flexibility, grace and strength from its dancers. But why do parents send their daughters (or even sons) to ballet classes at extremely young ages? Why ballet? We've talked about pointe works last post, so now I'll tell you folks the advantages of dancing ballet.

Forward fold

FUN is definitely the number one factor why most parents send their daughters to learn ballet. Jumping, dancing, and twirling are all that they need to do in first grade classes, not forgetting the pink lace tutus and ballet slippers that they hafta put on. What is NOT fun about that?

Besides fun, ballerinas' bodies will benefit a lot from the movements they learn in class. Ballet is a GREAT EXERCISE for girls/women to create lean muscles and slim figure.Joy of movement equals to laying the groundwork for a life time of good exercise habits for health and longevity.

Full split

Ballet increases dancers' FLEXIBILITY. More flexibility means wider range of movement and less potential for injury. Every girl dreams of doing full splits, cart wheels and somersaults!

Loose pigeon (half split)

Learning ballet also equalizes to learning the fine art of mental control. Mind over matter is a huge skill that can be applied in every aspect of life for the remainder of one's lifetime. A high level of DISCIPLINE will come along with it.

Ballet is fantastic for keeping your brain lively. It will heighten your MEMORY and LISTENING SKILLS when you strive to stay ahead and catch up with the lessons in class.


Dancers such as ballerinas move differently than the rest of the human counterparts, as they spent a huge deal of time and energy cultivating GRACE, STRENGTH and CONTROL. Precision of movement is one of the most fundamental requirements of ballet. Ballerinas will achieve POISE and BALANCE too as they progress. 

Balancing act on pointe

Want more reasons why girls/women should learn ballet? You'll achieve BETTER POSTURE, CREATE BODY & SPATIAL AWARENESS, and not forgetting that ballet is gonna be an outlet for dancers' personal expression through the movement of their bodies. Ballet will also enhance one's FEMININITY coz everything around is pink!

Last but not least, it is never too late to learn ballet or send your little ones to learn them. I can promise you that you'll NEVER regret that decision for the rest of your life. Ballet benefits everyone in every single way, at any age.