Tuesday, August 23, 2011

High Tea In St Tropez

I was just back from Melboune,and of course,I did what I do best there,SHOPPING at FOREVER NEW!Gassy and empty stomach due to puasa somehow in a way affected my tiny little brain into getting myself to splurge lavishly,ignoring the fact that Raya is gona be just around the corner.

I was mesmerized with their new collection called 'High Tea in St Tropez'.I mean,who wouldn't love all the girly pieces that have embellishments and bow details,laces,and flowy chiffons,right?If I have all the money in the world,I'd buy Forever New's franchise so that I could drown myself into their waves of girly and exquisite pieces every single day.Of course after I've owned Louis Vuitton,Chanel and Dior =P

Anyway,back to reality,here are some amazing pieces that you'll find indulging at the stores of Forever New :

Lace detail dress paired with lace detail ballet flats and scallop detail belt.
Embellished yoke top paired with jacquard formal short.
Faye floral applique cardigan paired with metallic jacquard skirt and a pair of corsage detail heels.
Lastly,florence silk maxi dress accessorized with statement necklace and embellished rose detail clutch.

Weren't they such candies for sored eyes?My favourite would be the faye floral applique cardigan and gona buy more from the collection next month during my long stay of night stopping in Perth.I might be broke by the time I reached Perth due to excessive spending on Raya,but hey,there's always a Visa card somewhere hiding in a girl's purse.Hehe =P

It is really too bad that we don't have a Forever New outlet in Malaysia but thanks to my company for rostering me to Australian ports almost every single month.At least I get to do the monthly walk-in visit into Forever New =)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Frozen Time

Last Friday I was a little kid again.Okay,'little kid' was a bit too much...lets just say a teenager.

Nothing was planned but little coincidences occurred at the last minute.Hence,a superb evening with my favourite girls at Zam Zam Restaurant for buka puasa.

My day started with a trip to Seremban with bestie,Pear Na Na,to donate some unwanted Raya outfits for unfortunate orphans around Negeri Sembilan.I have a bundle of them to give away,so I had no 2nd thoughts on driving all the way to Seremban to drop them off to a committee in charge of the charity drive.But before we could even leave KL,our car was stopped by police officers on a road block.Boy,was I freaked out when asked to pull over to the side!I hadn't been held by police officers for at least 3-4years now.And the last wasn't even a pull-over scene.It was because I carelessly hit the back of a police's Wira patrol car at a traffic light!Brutal huh? =P

Anyway,after pulling over,a young officer came to execute his usual routine: putting on straight merciless face and ask for the driver's license.I wasn't held for speeding,but for a crooked plate number at the forward area.When he asked "Miss,do u realized that your plate number is crooked?I could hardly read it",I tried to make that innocent clueless face and deny the horrible truth but instead,I looked f***ing guilty.I apologized and said that it was something recent (which was definitely not),and just couldn't get the time to fix the plate.The officer glanced at the back seat of my car and saw piles of unfolded Raya outfits stashed on it when he asked "Where are you girls going?Raya shopping?".I wanted to just say, "We are going to Seremban",but somehow,"We're heading to Seremban.And the clothes are for needy orphans" that came out.There goes my bonus points of pahala for bragging on a good deed =( But at least the officer was touched and released us promptly.

Mission was accomplished in Seremban.I hope the outfits will go to the right hands that will appreciate them.

Next,all I wanted to do was heading home before I hafta suffer a traumatic stress for getting stucked into a horrible traffic jam.But after a few phone calls and complications arised,I ended up being invited to an iftar with my favourite girls at Zam Zam Restaurant,S.Alam,without knowing there was also a hidden agenda behind the selection of venue for our buka puasa.

We met up at Zam Zam Restaurant just right before Maghrib and the it was packed.There were presence of boys in our little gathering,and 1 in particular (who was turning up at approx. 8.30pm) was the main reason why we,not so much of Middle-Eastern food lovers,just hafta break our fast there.Besides iftar,it happened to be a set up for 2 single and eligible souls to meet.Sweet eh?

Well,1 of our dear single girl friends,who also happens to be adorable,kind-hearted and a great sense of humor,has always had her eyes on this single male friend of ours (not mine though),who happens to be humble,good-looking and very stable.Both of these single souls were never in any sort of relationship before.When I knew bout the setup,I just couldn't help myself from getting all excited as it has been dozens of years back when I last involved in a match-making situation.Back then when we've just graduated from TKC,social life outside of school compounds was a lil bit fuzzy for us.We met boys through chat rooms and the friendship we created with 1 would lead to friendships with others.So those who were lucky enough to find a boy to jump into a relationship with would help fix other girls with her boyfriends' other friends.That was just how things worked.

Now that we've all grown up,a match-making event like we were all involved in was considered rare.So after we've had our incredibly big-potioned feast,all we had to do was wait for Mr Eligible Bachelor to turn up.It was a long anticipating wait,and most of us have been humorously making fun of his grand appearance.On the other hand,Ms Eligible Bachelorette didn't find them funny at all.She was all nervous wondering how this so-called perfect guy would turn out to be.Although Mr Eligible Bachelor has great reviews from mutual friends around,Ms Eligible Bachelorette found them all to be too good to be to true and couldn't wait to find it out herself.

The match-making committee.

Mr Eligible Bachelor's shadows was still nowhere to be seen by 8.30pm,so we've drawn the line at 9pm.We wouldn't wait any much longer after the clock striked at 9,but just right before 9pm,there he was,a tall dark and handsome young man came into picture.Trust me,it wasn't only Ms Eligible Bachelorette whom had butterflies in her little stomach,all of us did.Once Mr Eligible Bachelor approached our table and said HI to everyone,most of the girls including myself gave that approving nod to Ms Eligible Bachelorette.That nod also meant "He's definitely a catch and go get him,Tiger!".

Mr Eligible Bachelor was nervous himself.He hardly glanced at our sight and threw himself into deep conversations with the other boys at the table.After a few awkward moments of sengih2 and telepathic mind reading glances exchange among the girls,we decided to play a game called Vampire.

The Vampire masterminds.

I thought I've played this Vampire game when I was little,but then I figured it wasn't called Vampire,it was Jack the Ripper.Similar to Jack's,those who picked that piece of paper with the writing 'Vampire' on it has to kill others without knowing the roles that others picked.While Jack the Ripper has to kill his preys with a wink of an eye,Vampire has to choose his/her victims when others were closing their eyes.But beware of the Priest!A vampire wasn't supposed to kill a priest who blessed him/herself,or the other person he/she blessed.

Pick that lucky piece of paper.

1 thing I learnt bout playing these kinda games was that you need to put on that poker face.I obviously didn't have one but Pear sure did.On the other side,Buna was all bout telling the truth even when she wasn't supposed to,and Ayna was about telling others her chosen role in an obvious way when she was supposed to shut the hell up.And lastly,Ichik had been tacking teams with her hubby sitting next to her throughout the game.

That particular Friday night,I had a blast doing all the things I used to be doing back in the early years.It was like no years had passed by when we gathered there match-making other people and playing hard on silly games like Vampire.Wish I could do this more often with the girls,but too bad our schedules are way too different.Ichik and her married life,Buna with her new Tutti Frutti outlet to be opened in Seremban,Ayna and her lecturing life at UiTM,Pear juggling both her family's business and her studies,while I have the whole lot of skies to conquer.I guess there are consequences that we all hafta bear with when living our separate grown up lives.

That's about it for tonight.Hope you folks will cherish the last bit of moments of Ramadhan.Only a week left to go before all of us can start chicken-dancing and scream "Balik kampung!!!" =)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Heart of A Granny

I'm a city girl.Not being cynically proud of that fact but I've always been one.I can't tolerate mosquitoes,I can hardly stand humidity and heat,I'm clueless on folding kain batik around my hips and my most extravagant weakness point that I'm never proud of....I can't cook.

Of course it is no shocking news.I bet most can presume that detail to come by.

I have a theory that city girls are actually country girls at heart,just with cuter outfits.Each have their own pros and cons.I'm not gona list them down here,I'll leave it to your own judgement,as mine might differ from the rest.

Anyway,I'm writing tonight to tell you bout an incident which just happened last weekend.It was unpredictable yet a lesson to be learned.

My parents and I were visiting granny in Muar last weekend,like we always did on every free weekend,ever since gramps left us bout 4years ago.Granny has been staying own her own in a big mansion that gramps left her,with a full time maid.Although she has been staying strong when dealing with her beloved husband's lost for all of us,yet we always knew that she has been suffering with loneliness deep inside.So that was why my parents have decided to drive back to Muar as often as we could.

Unlike the usual visit routine where we would call granny a day in advance just to inform her bout our visit,last weekend we didn't.It was Ayah's crazy idea to not let granny know bout our visit,making it a surprise visit.So granny had no idea whatsoever that we've actually made our back to Muar at noon,to spend a buka puasa evening with her.The reason behind Ayah's decision was to not let granny went to the hassle of preparing all of our favourite dishes for berbuka,coz that was what she normally did when expecting our visit.Ayah wanted a simple buka puasa feast that wouldn't involve any hardwork from the old lady.

Shame on us into thinking that granny would be alright with the idea when we finally showed up at her doorstep.It was us who received the surprise of our lives when granny went ballistic over the idea of not telling her bout our visit in advance!She hated being surprised,and what she hated more was that she didn't get to prepare great dishes for all of us for berbuka.We were shocked with her reaction and went mute,while granny was definitely at her maximum volume blabbering in an unhappy state of consciousness in the kitchen.She started working her ass in the kitchen with the maid's help,and refused to receive any helping hands besides the maid's.

I hated seeing granny being so remorsefully unhappy over something we thought wasn't that big a deal.So I started blaming Ayah for his actions.Haha!He felt bad already,yet I guiltlessly made it worse.Poor Ayah.All of us could feel the heat in the kitchen that was firing up,along with the hot stove.

A few moments later,Ibu managed to calm granny down by utilizing her natural reverse psychology skills.I didn't know how she did it,but she successfully did.Even I,granny's favourite granddaughter,was chased out from the kitchen,so bravo to Ibu =)

Granny eventually left the kitchen for the maid to take over and sat down with us to catch up.Boy,was I relieved to see things back to normal.Now that Ibu has officially joined the 'women in hijabs' club,there seemed to be a lot of things to be shared between the country mother and city child,such as the latest hijab trend.

Granny trying on Ibu's stylish new hijab.Wasn't that just sweet?=)

What I can conclude from this incident is that modern city people has different views and perspective on treatments towards visitors visiting their home frm those living at the country side.Perhaps not all,but I can guarantee that most will just take advantage of the situation that granny just experienced with us.City people will use the surprise element as an excuse to get away with for not preparing stuffs to be served to guests with no RSVPs.No heads up in advance,no proper refreshments on the table.While on the other hand,people living at the country side psychotically decide to freak out and work their asses off to prepare that perfect refreshment to welcome their unexpected guests.No heads up in advance,bad guests.But at the end of the day,it really depends on an individual's conscience.

Granny still managed to serve us irrespectively,with great dishes for berbuka that day.I never had any complains on granny's cooking coz most the time they'd be delicious.She's utterly an amazing cook.You can my tummy for confirmation =)

And I abso-freakin-lutely adores her for that......

Love ya muchos,Grandma! =)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The In Buffet & InTeam

In this tiny judgmental head of mine,I always thought that feast at hotels are always better than those at large convention halls.For instance,take wedding receptions held at convention halls as example.I can guarantee that 60% of the amount of wedding receptions that you've all been to suck when it comes to food. Maybe it's just me,hating the typical dishes served at wedding receptions but most hall caterers are just bad.That might also include the caterer at my wedding reception in February soon.But,hey,I will be the guest of honor a.k.a. bride so I get to skip the eating part coz I'll have too much butterflies in my stomach anyway.

So back to feast at convention halls,my family was invited for an iftar at Shah Alam Convention Hall during buka puasa earlier.I wished I could run to the Blue Wave Hotel just across the street coz the buffet is as good as Concorde Hotel's,but it wasn't mine to decide.The hall was packed with people lining up for food at the buffet tables as we entered the hall.I knew that my nightmare had begun coz if I were to be at a renowned hotel's buffet feast,it wouldn't be that crowded and the line at the buffet tables wouldn't be that long.

Thank God we had good company (family friends) at the assigned table,so it wasn't that bad.

Right after the Maghrib's azan was heard,most would just sit down enjoying the food they have taken pre-berbuka.So that was the perfect timing to get up and have all the buffet tables to yourselves without having to line up.To my surprise,the choices of food weren't so bad after all.

After all a bowl of bubur lambuk and a plate of lamb chops with black pepper gravy,I settled for desserts.The dessert tables were even more impressive,better than at Concorde's or Blue Wave's,I could say.While everyone else was still enjoying their 2nd or perhaps 3rd round of main course,I realized that there was gona be an entertainment on the big stage.The technical staffs went up to give a sound check and setting up some instruments.

Then they finally introduced the performer,and it was In-Team!Not that I know much about nasyid singing groups but this 1 was quite famous when I was still in TKC.And apparently,they were still pretty much alive and happening,with new albums out in stores and the same old members in their group.I still recognized the face of their lead singer coz he was known to be as 1 of our Kemahiran Hidup's teacher's son.Well,you know how an all-girls' school could be.1 hot guy came into picture,BAMM,every girl talked bout him and dreaded to know him!Not that we intended to get to know this nasyid guy,but it was fun harmlessly dreaming bout an attractive opposite sex whom we barely knew.Plus,our KH teacher was having the time of her life proudly talking bout his singing son in our classes.

Oh yeah,there he was in the middle,the guy we,us girls,used to drool on when we were younger.It all got down to memory lane when the group actually sang a song that used to be famous when we were in high school.Couldn't get myself to remember the title but it was a catchy song on advices to soon-to-be-married couples.It went something like "...bersabarlah oh sayang...blah blah blah...kita akan disatukan..."..Haha!=D But anyway,I didn't have the guts to go upfront opposite the stage to snap a picture of them.I just sat at the table and played with my zoom to get the picture.I was afraid that the singing gentlemen would notice and got the idea of actually having a not-so pious and hijab-less fan that went gaga over them =P

So,folks,if you want a good buffet with in-house entertainment (In Team),not forgetting solat terawih with a celebrity nasyid group (In Team),and affordable price of Ramadhan buffet (RM65),do get your bums to SACC in Shah Alam.You'll not regret it.

Nighty nite and Selamat Bersahur/Berpuasa! =)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pretty in Pink on Raya

I was in an extremely festive mood!!Getting off days during 1st and 2nd of Raya wasn't just the reason.My Raya outfits are gona be ready soon too!

Have you fashionistas managed to peek into your favourite boutiques for any new arrivals that could be your potential nominees for your Raya outfits?

Well,to those who haven't,I have the ultimate GREAT news!I'm giving away TWO of my worn-once preloved Raya outfits!You wana hear the best part of it?They're gona be FREE!!

You might wanna know what's in it for me.Honestly,nothing.

Generosity suddenly kicked in as I was browsing through my past Raya outfits in the wardrobe.Not that it was filled with galleons of them,but it occurred to me that some outfits being kept there will be never worn,ever again.At least not by me.They were all in perfect condition but some just bailed out on me by not fitting me well.Especially these 2 pretty young pinkies.

Both were bought in different years,and both managed to trick my stupid eyes into taking them home,when they weren't actually the perfect fit for me.I have no freaking idea why I bought them =P

The details on each material were perfectly sewn and the sequins all over them definitely make them stand out and look fabulous.

The baju kurung is labeled as XS,but it absolutely fit an M.I looked like someone who desperately borrowed a baju kurung from a slightly bigger sized sister (whom I never had) when wearing it.And it seriously made me devastated coz the kurung is such an adorable piece =(

On the other hand,the kebaya is labeled as S,but again an M can perfectly fit in it.It was magically turned into a kebaya from an Indian saree material.Exactly like the kurung,it has embroideries and sequins all over.

As much as it breaks my heart to let go of these 2 magnificent pieces,I would love to give them away as Raya gifts to 2 different girls who will promise me to make full use of the outfits.Regardless if I personally know these 2 potential owners or not,I'd be more than happy to receive emails or private messages on FaceBook from them.Don't think of yourselves as charity work,but as someone who just hit the jackpot by receiving Raya gifts from me.Not that I'm a celebrity or anything =P

So I'm looking forward to hearing from you ladies who are interested in the outfits very soon,as Raya is just around the corner.Perhaps we will discuss more about the owner exchange procedures privately when you've reached me.

Don't hold yourselves back,fashionistas!Give me that buzz! =D

Friday, August 12, 2011


It is a commitment to The Almighty and religion that Muslim women make when wearing hijabs/scarves around their heads.But it never occurred to me that they are also committing themselves to the rapidly evolving trends of hijabs/scarves.Are hijabs/scarves equal to your designer bags and shoes?

Perhaps they are.

While others were committing themselves to the hijabs/scarves trend,I was committing myself to being Ibu's personal fashion advisor.And the mission for these 2 off days I have was scarf hunting for Ibu.

I realized that shopping for scarves was even harder than getting yourselves a new purse/handbag.Shopping for scarves was just as tough as getting new pairs of shoe,coz you hafta consider the colors of the outfits you have hanging in your wardrobe,the correct fitting and the availability of the sizes and colors that you want at your preferred outlets.To those who always played safe would just go for neutral basic colors of scarves to match with their outfits,but not Ibu.She's the typical matchy-matchy type of trendy middle-aged woman,which also means that every of her scarf belongs to 1 or 2 particular outfits.It might be caused by the excitement of her being a newbie in wearing scarves,I thought.

So for the past 2days,we've been hoping from 1 boutique to another to search for those colorful matching scarves for her incomplete outfits.From Ariani,to Pearl Haya,Fareeda,Ratu and Hajra,we've covered them all.And from my observation,the scarves they're selling nowadays weren't cheap at all.For exclusivity,which Ibu preferred most of the time,it could cost you from RM400-900 per scarf!

When they said exclusive,they really meant exclusive.It couldn't be found anywhere else but that particular boutique.Eventhough I still stick to committing myself to designer bags and shoes instead of designer scarves,I quite enjoyed chaperoning Ibu to all these scarf boutiques.They were filled with colorful materials and scarf designs that you'd just simply scratch your head,not knowing how it was meant to be wrapped around your pretty little heads.Way too enjoyable til I found myself camwhoring at every single full length mirror available.Can't blame me,getting the right scarf was just as complicated as getting the perfect pair of shoe,and time consuming =P

Previously,there was only tudung bawal's trend to catch up with.Now,the scarf-wearing women need to cope with 1001 ways of wearing their scarves and the amount of layers of scarves they need to wrap around their heads.The brand labels stitched at the seam of their scarves speak for themselves too.Man,if I were to decide to cover my head in the nearest future,I'd hafta start saving now so that every of my outfit has its own matching minion with a known label stitched inside.Just like Ibu's.That could be very costly =P

So,to those lovely scarf-wearing women out there,I finally get you.It is not easy to be a head-covered Muslimah,yet trendy at the same time.While I'm getting the right piece of headband for my head,you're the doing the same,but a different piece of accessory.While I'm blow-drying my hair for sleek locks,you're out there ironing your 1 or 2 (or even 3) ruffled/swarovski-ed/embroidered layers of hijab/scarf to look chic.I guess we're not so different after all =)

P/S to Ling: Hey dear..My hair might look healthy and shiny in pictures,but in reality it is just plain dry.I spend more time obsessing bout Vuitton's new arrival than pampering my hair.And honestly,a visit to the salon is just as scary as visit to the dentist,to me.I wash my hair daily with Himalaya's shampoo and apply L'oreal's Smooth Intense serum after every wash.I wish I have a fancier hair caring routine to share with,but that is it.Thank for the shout out at my box,darl!

Good night and Selamat Berpuasa folks!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life In The Sky

What triggered this desire to write about mine and other thousands of trolley dollies around the world's 'cool and glamourous' life at 35,000 feet from the ground?I'll let you folks know at the end of this entry/post =)

The perspective and opinion of other stewardesses might differ from mine but at least I can assure you that 70% will agree when I say a stewardess' life is not all glitz and glamour.Well,we might look glamourous while standing tall and walking around the airport in our tight fitting uniforms.Heads will turn to look at our stereotypical beauty,which of course consisting the melt-proof striking makeup on our faces and hair neatly tight in an up-do.Of course,some (specifically those who love the attention and limelight) will eventually change their ambition in life just to be one of those walking dollies when seeing them glamorously pulling their trolley bags towards the aircraft for duty.

What you see and what I've just described above are BIG FAT illusions!Have you actually seen the real situation as soon we got on the aircraft,before all of you passengers boarded them?Have you actually peeped behind the curtain drawn galleys right after take-off and before landing?And finally,have you had any idea on what we did when all of you were knocking yourselves out with the inflight entertainment systems and catching up with your sleep?

Well,those are the 'behind-the-scenes' agendas that you will not have a single clue on until a stewardess actually tells you.I'm not gonna tell you right here,right now coz those are the unpretty things that includes in a stewardess' job description.Don't get me wrong though.There are lots and dozens of beauty in being a stewardess such as traveling-while-working benefits,spending your nights in unfamiliar countries at 5-star hotels,shopping for necessities at rock bottom prices (items from the countries of origin),dining gourmet food on board on almost every flight and escape undesirable invitations at your hometown coz everyone will just assume that you're up there flying,even when you're actually not =P

When I first joined the company and started flying as their FSS (flight stewardess and not FA),the impression they planted in my head was the exact same when I first stepped into TKC,my old beloved high school.The impression was that they wouldn't do much favor for your own comfort and security,unless you adapted yourself into the culture that has been going on around for many freaking years.Trust me,they wouldn't change it if they have the opportunity to.Manners,attitude,knowledge,hardwork and confidence were all needed for you to survive that culture.Even after awhile,you thought you've blended well in the culture,things might just go wrong in a blink of an eye,so those elements I've just mentioned above should never be removed from your personal survival pack.

In my current company and TKC's great culture,seniors always always come first.If you were born with humbleness,it shall not be a rocket science problem for you to solve.Those who do not have that or refused to obtain it along the way will struggle to survive.The good thing about this great culture is that you'll learn how to respect others and not to override those in power.Like a saying that goes 'In order to lead,you need to learn to follow'.The bad thing about it,a single mistake will might haunt you for years coz the rumor of your mistake being done will spread along like a contagious disease from one mouth to the other in no time.The next thing you know,you're famous and everyone will know you for something you might not be proud of.The only way to avoid those rumors from getting worse is a hell quick recovery.

As a stewardess,you are also known as the Jack of All Trades.It takes more than just learning the technique of serving coffee and tea.Besides obtaining the knowledge required for your job,you also need the drive to learn all sorts of different cultures,excelling in PR skills,good in persuading and convincing,excellent in Math skills coz everything that revolves around you screams numbers,and last but not least to be a great unlicensed beautician.We need to trick our body clock into thinking it is supposed to be asleep or awake,pamper our skin in our own way to avoid hydration,stuff ourselves with supplements and vitamins for energy and to look good,and finally prep our face skin with all sorts of products to maintain its vitality and radiance as a good foundation to be slapped on with makeup every other day.

Do all of the statements above sound fun?Do you still think it's easy to be a high-flyer?Can you still find the glitters and glamour in between the lines I've just typed above?Well,think again fellow readers.Being a stewardess is just as hard as what you're all doing right now,regardless if you're a doctor,an accountant,an engineer or even other non-professional positions.I'm telling you all these coz a friend of mine is gonna be joining the flying family soon.And I want to give him/her a heads up and reality check on flying life.It was never a bed of roses,and it won't magically turned into one.So dear friend,I hope you're overjoyed coz you're mentally and physically prepared for what's coming ahead of you,or perhaps bcoz you don't have a single clue.

Whatever it is,I wish you all the best of luck.Hope I didn't just shatter your bloody perfect illusion on how your life's gonna turned out to be.But if you survive,you'll be a human.A human who learns through the priceless experiences that money definitely can't buy =)

Monday, August 1, 2011

1st of Ramadhan

The last week of July was really tough for me.In fact,it wasn't just for me,but the whole familia.Contagious viruses kept attacking us 1 by 1 like preys.I had to report sick from flying duties for 3days in the row,due to heavy and phlegmy coughing,cold and fever.Getting sick wasn't something that I look forward to dealing with coz I'm not and never will be medicines' biggest fan,yet I was happy to be home for the whole week =)

See what I meant by being happy to be staying at home?I managed to catch up with some sleep,eat in bed and of course,never hafta leave the bed!Haha.I also spent most of my time watching this thrilling chick flick TV series called Pretty Little Liars,episode after episode.

Pretty Little Liars is mainly about these 4 hot girls in a clique,haunted by anonymous messages from a stranger who calls him/herself A,after the death of their Queen Bee,Alison.Since there are no Glee and How I Met Your Mother during Summer,those pretty little freakin' liars really keep me entertained while I'm on my sick bed.Just like other TV series,I too have a favourite character/liar from this series.It's the Liar far on your left in the above picture,Spencer Hastings .She's my personal inspiring muse,after Blair Waldorf.

So enough bout the liars.Today is finally the 1st day of the Holy month of Ramadhan!

How was your 1st day of fasting in the month of Ramadhan?=) Mine was pretty challenging,had to go for a long turnaround flight,with light load of passengers.And surprisingly,I felt sleepy and drowsy throughout the entire flight.That was sooo not me.On most of the flights,I'd be walking in the cabin with rounds of smile,but today,I couldn't stand myself from coughing in the cabin and resting on the crewseats in the galley to shut my eyes.I didn't sleep,coz that'd be preposterous,but I just needed to rest my eyes once in every few moments.

When I finally reached home from flight,my parents have already made reservations for breaking of fast at the Concorde Hotel,S.Alam.Definitely at the top of my list of favourite places for Ramadhan buffet,next to PJ Hilton.It wasn't just to celebrate the end of the 1st day of Ramadhan,but also a modest celebration of Ibu's 52nd birthday which is happening tomorrow!

Well,her Prada wallet,which is a present from both Sweetie Pie and I,is still on its way to the doorsteps but it should be arriving anytime soon from the States.It's a pity though,that she couldn't get her present later at midnight.

At Concorde earlier,being a light eater as I've always been,I managed to start of with a bowl of Bubur Lambuk,some mixed grill of lamb chops,beef tenderloin,and salmon for my main course,and chocolate cake as the finale.Not forgetting some dried mangoes dipped into the chocolate fountain next to that slice of chocolate cake.I'm super full,but lucky that I still have the strength to blog a new post here.

As for now,I'm wishing you all of my beloved Muslim readers a very blessed Ramadhan,and don't ever think of skipping your fast,comprende??!Love you guys and good night! =)