Saturday, February 27, 2010

Great Weekend

As I expected,today was super fun and tiring.All I did during the event was posing for Mr Danny,the cameraman and stuffing myself with Concorde Hotel's buffet.How easier could it be?Another day to go then I'll be off without a sight of any batik=)

*The batik ladies behind the event scene*

As usual,it was great to get to see my collegemates last night at the wedding.Congratulations again to Puan Raieza.Please do make a million pretty babies;D After the wedding,darling Juares and I headed to the curve and watched a midnight movie.We absolutely couldn't live without movies.We could even recapped and laughed bout the stupidest movie we've watched together.It is very important that you share the same interest with your other half in order to enjoy each other's company.You can't just depend on the feelings that you have for each other for you two to move on as a couple.Love you,Juares Rizal=)

*My two beloved dormmates when I was in Form4*

*This picture was taken yesterday after the wedding but it already seemed to capture everybody's heart.So Juares called it as Picture of the Year=)*

So what else happened today?Oh yeah!My Karen Millen's prom dress just arrived today via DHL.It came all the way from England and it was stunningly beautiful.Well,I know it's too early for me to be prepared for my Sweetie Pie's prom night since it is planned to be held on 4th April but girl's will always be girls.We get excited for such events and will do just about anything to achieve our goal of making it perfect from every angle.Not for myself though,but for the graduating final year student that I'm dating and madly in love with=)Wanna get a peek of my perfectly sewn Karen Millen dress?I guess you gotta have to wait til it's 4th April;D

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Love You

What happened today made me realized how much I needed you in my life,because I LOVE YOU.Okay,the picture on the left was not Sweetie Pie and I,but we did exactly the same at a freeway near Tropicana Mall,approximately 8.30pm just now after having a huge fight in the car.It was a little melodramatic for us to hug each other at a curb side by a freeway but it felt great,knowing you still have each other no matter when and where.I hope the 'walk' just now benefits you,Sweetie Pie=)
Well,I'm obliged to attend a rehearsal tomorrow morning for a Batik Showcase which will be held this weekend at Concorde Hotel.It is gonna take a whole long day since I  haven't gone for fitting of my costume for the event yet.Exhausted or not,I'll be attending a dear friend of mine's wedding reception later right after rehearsals.Receptions are great,love attending them,especially when escorted by my charming other half=)
Other updates bout myself?Hmm...still am addicted to online shopping.In fact,three items are already finding their ways to my doorstep.I'm absolutely positive that I'm gonna be having a busy+fun+exhausting weekend.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Everyday Is A Fairytale

Hey folks!It's great to be back,a solid weekend at home.Well,where shall I start now...Hmm...Okay,last week was a blast.Had an enduringly perfect Valentine's Day,surprisingly 'profitable' Chinese New Year,stress free flights,and a great job offer with an eye-popping amount of payment .And the perfect week still continues up til today.I couldn't be more happier and grateful towards all these.Love is all around me,baby!=)
Today at noon,my baby brother went back to his second home,the land of the Kiwis.He's gonna be missed terribly but not for long though.Good luck being a final year student,Bro.We'll be seeing you again in 2011.

I'm bringing you all back to last week.Just right before Chinese New Year,I'd been lucky to receive angpows from my generous wealthy passengers.And still receiving those red packets yesterday and probably day after tomorrow as my parents and I have been invited for a number of open houses.Keep the bills rolling,Uncles!;D..On Chinese New Year itself,I was having the time of my life being in other people's country and went crazy in Disneyland!Things got better when I received a special gift from my darling Sweetheart prior to Valentine's Day.Not that I've been keeping up with the tradition of celebrating Valentine's Day every year,but when the spirit of love conquered the whole city or probably the whole world,I just couldn't ignore it totally.It felt good knowing that you're just as in love as the rest of the people in the whole wide world=)After I got back from my trip,darling Juares continued the love spirit by taking me to the movies and watched Valentine's Day.It was a great romantic movie and it totally delivered the message that everybody should fall in love with their bestfriends.Like I've highlighted in my previous entry,the definition of a bestfriend here is somebody that you feel comfortable being around,do silly things together and not trying to be the idea of his/her perfect soulmate.What can I say,folks.I've found mine,so can you=)Looking forward to having continuous great weeks ahead..


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Confessions Of An Online Shopaholic

It has been a week since I last wrote an entry.Been extremely busy with flights and I'm off for 3 solid days now.Good heavens!Apparently,my off days had been filled with shopping,90% of the 24 hours I have in a day.I hardly went anywhere folks,all I did was sitting in front of my pink notebook,browsing through items on ebay!This is a confession of an online shopaholic!Since I'm not so proud of my addiction to online shopping,I will hafta put all the blame on darling Juares for getting me involved in the first place.Urghh!And now,I bet he's the one who's tired of hearing me saying "I'm ebay-ing" whenever he asked "What are you doing,Baby?".Looks like both of us hafta bare with the unexpected consequences here.So folks,especially those with credit cards or Paypal accounts,DO NOT even think of trying your luck on looking for things that you can't find in Malaysia's shopping outlets at ebay,coz they totally have everything there,and ebay will eat you up alive!

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Dream House

My ear operation went well last Saturday,Alhamdulillah,and I'm still trying to adapt myself with the echoes and noises coming from both sides of my ears coz apparently,they planted a tube inside my ear pipe to equalize the pressure inside and outside my body.The last day I'll be on medical leave is tomorrow.Then I'm legally fit to fly again,yeay!
Just now,Ayah took all of us for house hunting.We went into few show houses all over Klang Valley and we finally laid our eyes on a house which definitely took our breaths away.It was located at Nusa Rhu,U10 Shah Alam.It was a stunning yet adorable little bungalow with 5 bedrooms.We are all moving there by the end  of 2010,and I seriously can't wait any longer!That bungalow really has its own WOW factor.We celebrated our achievement in choosing the perfect dream house for everybody with a special dinner treat from Ayah,somewhere amazing=)