Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sky Is The Limit

MH moment in Istanbul

I have a hard time believing that I actually survived my Istanbul flight with Hearrey Salleh!Who is this Hearrey Salleh.Here's a quick introduction.

Hearrey is an Inflight Supervisor / opposite door neighbour of mine.A fearless,knowledgable,intimidating,F&B guru I might add.Well,I've heard of his capabilities of being a ferocious supervisor,as well as a walking F&B dictionary.From wines,to pastries and gourmet,he's the master.Not forgetting that he's my neighbour at Bukit Jelutong whom I've never bumped into or waving Hello to.

That night when my company's official pick-up transport came to pick me up to the airport for my Istanbul's flight departure,to my surprise,Hearrey was already in the cab.As usual,I put on my best charm to deliver the most impeccable long lasting first impression.It was crucial that we got along well as I'd be under his wings of command til the end of the Istanbul trip.

Like a Malay saying that goes something like 'Tak kenal,maka tak cinta',truly it's believable.

Throughout our long 11hour flight towards Istanbul and back,I've learnt so much bout embracing perfection as a front liner and also bout food,most importantly products that we have on board from Hearrey.He shared his mountain high of knowledge bout gourmets,pastries,and methods of cooking which I have zero interest on,but he made them easy to understand and interesting to learn about.Most importantly,we connected well coz he loved my demure ways of reaching towards passengers needs including my well-groomed appearance while I looked up upon him as my main source of guide and motivation.

It wasn't just Hearrey that spiced up my Istanbul trip this time,in fact the whole set of my crew members.On the 1st day off in Istanbul,we organized a trip to the old town of Sultanahmet where all the great places to visit such as the Blue Mosque,Aya Sofya,and Grand Bazaar situated at.The picture above portrayed our happy faces on the shuttle,on the way to town.

Certainly,most of them were not much of explorers so I just hafta suck in all my desires of visiting the historical places I've never been to before,and save them for my next trip to Istanbul.All we did that day was walking around the old town,had our meals,and shopping at the Grand Bazaar.Most importantly I enjoyed their company and I had a blast myself.

Great backgrounds of the iconic Blue Mosque.
Tomb of Sultan Ahmet 1
The other 3 ladies in our group.
At the entrance of Grand Bazaar with Mizi and Hearrey.
This Turkish guy was so in love with me that he insisted to take a picture with me.He kept calling me 'Ayu' and said 'Aku cinta padamu' to my face =P

Muka-muka boring tunggu shuttle bus.

The next off day in Istanbul,nobody went out and stayed in their respective rooms.But later that evening,we gathered in the crew room for our 2nd masak-masak session preparing dinner.Since I was the only one who wasn't used to kitchen chores and cooking,all of them bullied me by assigning me to chop most of the ingredients,stirring the dishes and preparing the table.I didn't feel tortured at all,coz it was fun having the experience of chopping,mixing and boiling things in the kitchen.Most of you might wonder why haven't I done all those things in my own kitchen at home?The answer would be my mom never cooked at home all my life.I repeat....all my life =) There were times Ayah and Ibu prepared fried rice with eggs during Ramadhan for Sahur but it was a long time ago.You'd be surprise that even our kitchen floors were carpeted,and still are.

To most of my crew members,I was the clown in the kitchen as I was absolutely clueless on even simple cooking methods.I ruined all the shapes of the ingredients that I cut and I spilled everything everywhere around the kitchen.But at least I was good on setting the table and serving food.

The dishes served that evening were beef rendang,sardine in tomato gravy,chicken sausage soup and spicy squids,along with steamed rice.

It was a great moment hanging out together while enjoying our home cooked dinner.At least we didn't have to swallow any of those nasty Turkish dishes that evening.Turkish dishes weren't nasty,but they didn't just fit in our Asian appetites.

One thing I learnt from this trip was that only 'The sky is the limit'.There are so many things out there that need to be explored and learned bout.Sometimes we just don't know what we don't know,and it is all up to our initiatives to find out in order to improve ourselves as a knowledgable and great human being.Spiritually,mentally and physically.

Anyway,I hope you folks have enjoyed your weekend and ready to lift that gear to go through the last weekdays in July.If I didn't get to post any new entries before July ended,I would like to wish all my fellow Muslims Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan! =D

Monday, July 18, 2011

It All Ends

Yeah,it finally ended.After years of committing ourselves to the cast and story lines' evolvement,it was finally wrapped up in an epical ending..Uwwaaaaa!!*crying loudly while banging head on Macbook's keypad* ='( 

My interest on Harry Potter bloomed slightly later than the rest around me.Sweetie Pie and bestie read Harry Potter books while they were still in high school and been updated with every volume ever since.I,on the other hand just recently finished all 7 books early this year,but have been sparingly keeping up with its movies.

Harry Potter collection of books are legendary and worth keeping for generations to come.As for the movies,they are worth downloading and to be kept safely in your hard disks.I want my future kids and grandkids to feed their minds with the positive elements captured in between the Harry Potter story lines.A bit of fantasy and imagination will not hurt them,in fact it will increase their creativity.

Ok enough blabbing.So earlier today,went on a Harry Potter movie date with bestie.It was time for these 2 fanatics of Harry Potter to end their miseries of wondering how the last movie was gonna turn up to be.As expected,it totally blew our minds!2 hours in Signature's movie hall wasn't quite enough,it felt like only a few minutes passed us by.The finale of Harry Potter was too awesome to describe,kudos to David Yates!

I know it was lame to snap pictures next to a bloody poster but,hey,the standing poster with popped out images was right in front of the ticketing counter!With people lining up to buy tickets and passers by walking around,we just couldn't bear standing there to pose with our cameras =P It was lucky that I managed to book the seats for the movie 3days earlier,thanks to GSC iPhone application.Many tried to walk-in for tickets but most were sold out,even the Gold Class seats.

Barely fancied putting on those 3D glasses and watching 3D shows but it was the only show left with decent seats.But then,we ended up smiling with satisfaction exiting the cinema hall.I'm saying it again,the movie was too awesome to describe!=D 

Now that the saga is finally over and Harry Potter's kids are continuing his journey at Hogwarts,guess I hafta find other collection of books to focus on and worth obsessing with.Oh,before that,I should definitely register at,suggested by Ms Pear.Well,just in case JK Rowling has a sequel of Harry Potter.You folks out there,die hard fans of Harry Potter,click that link get signed up too!=D

Til then folks,and good night!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Joey and Ayan's Reception

Been working for 2 weeks in a row,with 1 tiny day off in between,which was on 9th July.Oh don't judge me too quickly,folks!Didn't specifically request that day off in order to join that bloody Bersih rally in KL.Hell no!I'm a decent citizen =)

Last week,I was on standby from 6pm til 2am in the morning,but at soon as the clock strikes 6,crew movement center called to give me that 'great' news that every crew on standby doomed to receive.I was assigned to replace a sick crew on Dubai flight.In summer,Dubai wasn't that great as the weather was horribly cruel to all of us.Thanks to my 4Life supplements,my body fought hastily on nasty sickness that could've attacked me due to the dry and hot weather.It was 46degrees Celsius during day time,while night time wasn't that different,38degrees Celsius!Can you imagine?Luckily it wasn't a long trip,just sufficient for me to stock up my perfume collection.

Before I resumed my duty for a 6day Kuching trip,like I said earlier,I got 1 lucky day off.That particular evening,I got an invitation for a dear high school batchmate's wedding reception taking place at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.Ignoring the havoc that had been going on during the day at the streets of KL,Sweetie Pie and I decided to attend the wedding reception.To our surprise,the road was extremely clear and smooth to drive on.Quoted frm Sweetie Pie "Jalan lengang macam Hari Raya plak!".

It has been awhile since I last attended a high school batchmate's wedding reception.Not that I didn't want to,but the nature of my job prohibited me from doing so.I love weddings coz you'd get to meet those you didn't expect to see,and everyone would dress amazingly.So there I was at Joey and Ayan's wedding reception,having fun meeting my old friends and enjoying their buffet.

It was a lovely garden themed evening wedding reception.The tents were all lit up with thousands of sparkly lights,and it was almost dreamy to have such picturesque wedding scene.It was a double celebration of two newly wedded sisters,Joey and Bayya.At that moment,when watching the 2 gorgeous sisters,bersanding together,I wished that I have a sister to have a double celebration with ='(

This couple had been dating each other for 8 freaking years before they officially tied their knot as man and wife!Can you believe that?I'm so glad that they finally ended up with each other and happy to witness their memorable day.Joey and Ayan,good luck in sailing the marriage ark,Hope it'll get you both to a beautiful paradise filled with love =)

Sweetie Pie and I definitely can't wait for our turn next year.Hope there'll be no ludicrous rallies on that particular day like Joey and Bayya hafta patiently face,or I'll turn into a merciless bridezilla and kick everyone concerned's ass! =E

Goodnight folks!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Let's Dance 2

Sweetie Pie was finally back from the Orient!As well as Ayah who had been gone to Brazil for the past 2 weeks.How exciting =)

During the weekends,Sweetie Pie straight away proceeded to his old fiance duties that he'd been neglecting for almost a month now.Since I was occupied during the weekends,tied up to rehearsals for Cabin Crew Night,the best he could do was sending and picking me up at the studio situated at Taman Sri Rampai.Breakfast before rehearsals and dinner before sending me off.It wasn't much but I realized now that having him around was wayyyyy better than not getting to see him at all.I've always been the one flying out of the country,leaving him behind for duty,so it felt weird to finally walk in his shoes.He's leaving again soon,but I hope I'll get the hang of it...pronto!

As for rehearsals,we've finally managed to cope with 80% of the show progress.Only 20% left to be unveiled.Although the rehearsals drained all of my energy with only muscle aches to bear with,I enjoyed pretty much all of them coz there were so much laughter and fun filling the studio.We're taking a break of 2 weeks before the next coming rehearsals,so that leaves me dancing and rehearsing in the shower just to make sure I don't forget my steps =D

I'm leaving you folks with pictures from the most recent rehearsals.The weekends are over,so Happy Monday everyone!