Monday, June 27, 2011

Let's Dance

Let's dance
What the weekend
What the night is all about
Let's dance
Grab your girlfriends
Grab your boyfriends
Sweat it out
Let's dance
(Move your whole body)
(Let's start the party)

The rehearsals for Cabin Crew Night has commenced and they were spectacular!Great numbers,excellent moves and grooves,and superb choreographer!I'm not supposed to spill anything til it's officially announced by the committee members but the date and venue are set.The most anticipated event will take place at Shangri-La Hotel KL on 21st October 2011.

Here are some pictures snapped during rehearsals.Everyone was extremely hardworking,gallons of sweat were out and thousands of calories burnt =)

Day 1
Day 2
Screen shots from a video recorded.

More to come as we progress.Stay tune next weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Alakechanchan Duo

I'm extremely affectionate towards toddlers and animals.They are the sugar and spices that never failed to paint my world with vibrant colors.

Sweetie Pie has been in and out of country lately,work purposes.His nieces and nephew craved for his teases and warmth,but since I was around most of the time,I felt like it was my responsible to fill that vacant position.After all,the little-lings had been emotionally attached to me since the 1st time we were introduced.

Earlier this week,I was invited by my future mommy-in-law to have lunch with the rest of them,which of course included my favourite young ones.I headed to Setiawangsa to pick 1 of them up at the nursery along with Kak Azza before having lunch,and I couldn't really believed the reaction I got from Lil Imany.As soon as she came out of the nursery's purple door and saw my car,she started jumping up and down yelling,"Aunty Denna,Aunty Denna is here!!".Adorable.

After a delicious lunch feast,I tagged along to 4Life Research's office at Amcorp Mall.While Kak Azza and Aunty Asiah getting their business done,I watched over Lil Imany and Ikhlas.At 1st they were quiet and controllable until half an hour passed us by.These 2 adorable lil creatures started to get restless and anxious.Ikhlas has stopped playing with his toy cars while Imany just couldn't stay still in her stroller.The only solution I knew to calm them down was to lend my iPhone to them.Yeah,these kids just lovveee iPhones,iPads,iPods dan sekutu dengannya.Their favourite games besides Angry Birds would be Cover the Orange,Cut the Rope and Catch the Mouse.They didn't just love Angry Birds,they were practically obsessed with them!They have Angry Birds' t-shirts,stuffed toys and keychains...*sighed*

They didn't even realized me snapping a picture with them,too busy with my iPhone.
The achieving business woman/hot mama busy with her sales.

Hours spent at 4Life Research's office,we finally went down to hang around Amcorp Mall.Aunty Asiah were on a mission looking for Malay movies' DVDs,so I tried my best to entertain the little-lings in order to distract them from being cranky.You have no freakin' idea how much these lil ones love attention and lime light.I didn't even think that their small little limbs and bodies could handle that much of attention and love at the same time.An available empty stage stood there in the middle of Amcorp Mall's ground level,so I bet you folks could guess what those little lime light lovers had in mind.They went up the stage and started singing verses of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars,together..

1 of our stars actually wore a baju kurung while singing Twinkle Little Stars.How much adorable could she be?
Anak siapa la diorang ni kan..

My day with the little toddlers ended with dinner at Great Eastern Mall.Pheww!!Don't get me wrong.I enjoyed every moment of babysitting (sort of) them but at the same time I questioned myself,"Am I prepared to have kids of my own?Especially as witty and energetic as these two?".I guess time will tell and lay down with the answer I need.

I seriously can't wait to spend another long whole day with them.Perhaps somewhere entertaining and less boring,so they won't come begging for my iPhone.

A new vocabulary I learnt from them that day : Alakechanchan.
Hell knows what that means but everything revolving around their world seems to be alakechanchan =P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

OGA 2011

Good afternoon folks!Just woke up from a deep sleep after arriving in KL from Brisbane.It was a pleasant flight,nice set of crews and most importantly we got to fly on the newest addition in the A330 family!

At first I was quite skeptical on how friendly the aircraft would be towards us crews and passengers,but obviously it was well planned and designed by those who were responsible.The galleys were fully equipped with things we needed,there was no need of transferring things from 1 galley to another.The lavatories were all shiny and spacious for the comfort of passengers.The seats were each complete with personal inflight entertainment personal touch screens,unlike those in our B777 aircrafts,where we hafta select our choices of entertainment using the control unit.

Our luxurious Business Class space.
The comfy and affordable Economy Class space.

It might be hard to get another chance to work/fly on this aircraft again as the new Airbuses only fly to Brisbane at the moment,but I'm so much hoping that the rotation of crews will be at its full speed for me to fly on these babies again=)

Anyway,last week I was busy being an exhibition hostess for the Asian Oil and Gas Show 2011 (OGA) held at KL Convention Center.As much experiences I had at handling crowd during events and exhibitions,this particular exhibition was the most challenging.As the hostess of Pantech Group Holdings Berhad's booth,I was given a crash course on product knowledge,'big shots' of the company and their important clients,which I absolutely have zero knowledge on.Knowledge on the company,as well as knowledge on the industry as a whole!But I've been trained to be the front liner since I was younger,so it wasn't that much of a problem for me.Clueless on something?Just put on that million dollar smile and apply your 7years worth of experience in PR skills=)

How I ended up with Pantech?Well,they were the only booth who needed an experienced semi model,while the rest just needed booth attendants.There was a lot of difference in terms of payments for both categories,and I would rather fly than standing,looking pretty all day at the booth if the payment offered wasn't good=)

I was given 3 different outfits to wear on 3 different days.A little skimpy but I made it through the 3 days.Pheww!!The best part of being involved in such exhibitions/events was that I got to make loads of new friends,meet random important people,and collect various business cards from admirers.Haha!Oh and I bumped into a few friends of mine that I personally know including the lovely Ms Aidura,who is apparently my blog reader too.HI DARLING!=D

The ladies of Pantech.
My new bestfriend during the exhibition,Ms Leanne,whom constantly treating me lunch 3days in a row.Love you dear=)
The admirer from opposite booth.Haha!Kidding;D
Guess the weight of the stainless steel Twin Towers model!The answer was 15.4kg.
Gonna miss them badly..sobs='(

I managed to lose 3kgs after the exhibition,for driving to Setiawangsa,taking the LRT to KLCC,walking to the convention center,standing and entertaining booth visitors for 7hours every single day.Happy that I could fit into my kebaya and jeans so well again!=D It was a great tiring experience.By just standing by the booth,I was noticed by a few talent scouts who offered tempting future jobs for me to enroll.Well,kalau rezeki jangan ditolak.

Have a good week folks!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

4Life Party

Have you folks ever heard of Transfer Factors?

I've never heard of it before until my future mommy in-law introduced me to 4Life Research products,which contained Transfer Factors.

Transfer factor messenger molecules can be found within the bodies of mammals and birds.They're minorities in our white blood cells.Transfer factors vitally help to boost the strength of our bodies' immune system,hence,supporting the maintenance of general well-being.All our lives we've neglected the importance of maintaining the power of our immune system,not knowing that it is created by the Almighty  as the only most powerful natural disease fighter.Without it functioning well,it is as if the Great Wall of China in our bodies collapse,letting all the barbaric killer cells intrude.

Quoted by a well known Malay doctor/scientist whom did his research on transfer factors long years before,"Transfer factor ni ibarat ubat akhir zaman".No drugs or vitamins could complete with its power.So the only brand of health products/supplements in Malaysia that contain transfer factors extracted from cow colostrum and chicken egg yolk would be those from 4Life Research.From its daily supplements,to health drinks and skin care range,all containing sufficient amount of transfer factors to recognize,respond to and remember unwanted threats in/on your body.

Since 4Life Research products were only allowed to be sold in Malaysia through multi-level marketing,it contagiously spread and chained through links of people that believed in 4Life Research products including myself.In order to save more unhealthy individual in our country,members of 4Life Research never stopped giving free talks about the importance of transfer factors for our immune system,including the 1 I attended last weekend at Kak Azza's lovely crib.The so-called party/gathering was organized to obtain more members in the 4Life Research committees and exchanging knowledge and testimonials among the members to non-members.

It was a great talk given by a lady,extremely knowledgable on 4Life Research's products and also a former victim of unknown fatal disease.She fully recovered from the disease after consuming products from 4Life Research in a period of time.It wasn't just her.Her mother and child escaped from diseases they couldn't cure too.

The party/gathering was attended by some interested health conscious individual as well as Kak Azza's old friends.The lady (whom we can just address as Aunty Siti) explained bout transfer factors and its importance from A to Z with the intention to generate awareness among us.After her long audible speech,I came to realize that all living creatures in this world need this kind of supplement in our body as we are all vulnerably exposed to all sorts of killer threats around us.

My personal favourite of product from 4Life Research would be Riovida.

Riovida is miracle in a bottle.It works all sorts of magic as it contains not just an amount full of transfer factors,but also the potent anti-oxidants of super fruits such as acai,pomegranate,blueberry,elderberry,and purple grape.I take 2 small potions of this miracle drink everyday,and within 2weeks,all of my stubborn enormous zits gone!Just like that!This miracle drink is not only good for the skin,but also your health in general including your brains.Besides the zits,I feel absolutely energized to work in the morning after consuming it right after I wake up.Forget bout those collagen drinks and vitamins,I have everything I want in Riovida!=)

For more information on products from 4Life Research,you folks can check them out at 4Life's website.If any of you are interested to try on the products,by all means do not hesitate to contact me.I'm not a dealer/seller,just another human being trying to make the world full of healtier and happier people.Trust me,your immune system will be a stronger fighter that can treat any sorts of killer cells with some help from transfer factors.Insyaallah.

I leave you folks with some images taken during the party/gathering =)

Ikhlas and his beautiful nienda.
The young 4Life lady consumers.Young ke yang hujung kiri tu?=P
Refreshment table.
Agak2 nak beli ke tak barang 4Life ni?
Pak Lang and Imany.
Future Mak Lang and Notty Imany.
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