Monday, November 29, 2010

The Apple Girl

This morning,I've just reported sick for the 4th time this year.My PMS side effects were and still are killing me brutally.Stomach cramps,muscle and back name it!I just didn't think that I could manage to neither smile nor stand properly during flight,so I decided to take a day off.

Anyway,I've just realized that I haven't updated you folks with the birthday presents that I received frm my loved ones.Well,its a little too late no,but who cares,coz I'm still enjoying my new presents.A Coach and two freakin' cool Apples!I'll leave it to you folks to guess who gave those presents =)

A complete elaboration on those two Apples :

My 1st Apple is......


A beautiful 2010 version of Macbook White!

I was totally blown off by its widescreen resolution and graphic display the moment I switched it on.I was never a Macbook user before,so it took me some time to get used to its functions and keys.But after a week,I got the hang of using it.The built-in battery was told to be lasting up to 10hours per charge,but through my 1 week of experience using it,it could only last for 4hours on active usage.Still within the satisfaction limit.Mine was bought frm the United States,but if you folks would love to own 1 of this hottie,you can get it here at the Apple stores for RM3299.Seriously,it'll worth every penny of yours!

My 2nd Apple is....

Well,another hot stuff I can say...coz it was sold out here like hot cakes.....

The super awesome Iphone 4!

Again,I was never an Iphone user before,although I've been constantly using pdas,but now I don't think I can ever go back to using normal or pda phones again.This hottie is a miracle and a dream come true once you grab a whole of it!If you're a fan of heavy bulky phones like myself,Iphone 4 is definitely the smart phone for you.This phone can do almost everything tht you wish to do.Take great pictures,play games,surf the internet,send a text message or call,or run the applications and switch between them instantly without slowing down the performance!The retina LCD display is gorgeous with the highest resolution a phone can ever have,so far.I know this hottie is totally on demand in Malaysia but you can always grab 1 at The States,Hong Kong,Singapore and a few more other countries for lower prices.

I was never known as the girl who knows how to take care of her precious valuables well.So as I got these hotties on my birthday last week,I quickly equipped those hotties with protective covers and shields.Trust me,if I didn't do it quick enough,my Macbook will be grey instead of white within 1 month and my Iphone 4's glass screen will crack in no time.Now that I've got them covered,both hotties are looking good in pink,my favourite stain;;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back To School - Part 2

For the past 2days,I was back in the academy for my annual safety class.To those who might not now,cabin crews hafta renew their flying license every year.It is the DCA's requirement that we hafta undergo a refresher class followed by an assessment exam before we get to renew our license.During classes,they are all sorts of practical drills that are mandatory for us to go through such as jumping down the slides frm an aircraft mockup for a fake emergency evacuation,swimming drill for sea survival,and smoke drill for escaping fire emergencies.But it it not compulsory to complete every single drill in a year.

As for this year,it was vital for to jump down the emergency slides and make our way through a confined area filled with smoke.I remember blogging bout last year's safety class and I totally have some new pictures taken during this year's safety class for you folks.Check them out! =D

First day in class.
In our 'offshore' overalls before jumping down the slides.
Revising at the breakfast table on the 2nd day of class.
After nailing the exam with full marks.Hoorayy!!

You might be viewing more pictures of me in office attires than my beloved green kebaya uniform in future entries coz I'll be sitting for a 3week Boeing 777 class in the academy next month.Definitely not something I look forward to,but I guess they just need some sweeties around 'decorating' the academy instead of having them all up in the skies.So hafta gladly fulfill the company's wishes =P

Anyway,I have another class to go tomorrow which is called Crew Resource Management(CRM) conducted by our technical crews.I'm pretty positive it is gonna be a boring one unless some cabin crews started arguing with the technical crews on matters that they won't bring up during flight.Or else I might just sneakily plug in the Ipod into my ears throughout the session.Problem solved.Hehehe.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It Was Her Birthday!

Her as in ME!

Yeay I'm finally a quarter Century old!!Not supposed to be excited on that fact,but aging is a blessing.We hafta get through it no matter what,so might as well we face it with gratitude.Age in grace folks,age in grace =)

On the 19th,I had to be on duty in Taipei,so Sweetie Pie decided to take me on an advanced birthday outing earlier this week.Yeah,I know,I know..The trip to Universal Studios Singapore was an advanced birthday celebration/outing as well,but what can I say.The guy loves me that much for organizing 2 birthday outings ;D

As a start for the day,I was taken out for lunch at an exquisite Japanese restaurant called Kampachi at Equatorial Hotel,KL.I'm an addict and the biggest fan of Japanese food so sushi never failed my empty hungry stomach.I had a Sushi Lunch set and it was fantastic!

After lunch,we headed to Pavilion for movie session.Sweetie Pie bought a Gold Class ticket at GSC to watch Skyline.The seats,the snacks and everything else were great except......

the movie itself!!It started well,with all those aliens abducting people all over Miami and the war began between human race and the extraterrestrials.But the ending sucked to death!Words frm the wise folks,don't go watching Skyline!After that,we went window shopping around Pavilion and there was a Winter Wonderland outside of Pavilion!

Not to boast,but my birthday outfit was completely new frm head to toe.It proved how much I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday.Hehe=D Dress by Jaspal,Longchamp Gatsby bag in Citrine by Longchamp,and Ferragamo Varina flats in brown.

The day was 90% perfecto!=D

The McShaker Tale

Hey peeps!Before I start with this entry,I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims around the world.To Hajj pilgrims,please come home safely,bck to the arms of your loved ones.

I've been quiet lately..I think you folks noticed that.Not that I don't have anything to blog about.I just couldn't find the time!!To  make matters worse,my beloved Google Chrome just recently crashed,infected by a virus contributed by Sweetie Pie through his bloody pen drive!Uninstalling and installing wouldn't help!So for  the time being,I'm stucked with Internet Explorer til my Macbook arrives.Opppsss!!We'll get to the Macbook part in a future entry=P

Recently,I've been pretty hormonal for no reason.I've been a delicate cry baby most of the time,and I didn't even understand why.To prove the abnormality of my hormones,let me tell you a story which happened earlier in the evening.

Heard of the yummy McShaker Fries?I bet you're familiar with it.

The McShaker fries came with all sorts of flavor through the years frm barbeque to seaweed,cheese and spicy seasoning.But barbeque has always been my favourite and it was introduced again earlier this week!

I was longing to taste those delicious barbeque coated fries to just melt in my mouth in every single bite,so I decided to head to the nearest McDonalds (which was in SS15,Subang) and grab a few large bags of  the McShaker fries after I got bck frm flight earlier this week (I was working on Hari Raya Aidiladha while the rest of my family members were happily gathering in Muar=( ).I went to the drive thru lane an ordered 3 large McShaker fries.After receiving it,I drove bck to Shah Alam.While stopping at red light by the junctions,I couldn't help myself frm peeking into the paper bag full of fries when I realized that they didn't give me the barbeque seasoning packets for each large fries!!I was so furious til I actually dropped a few tears.I switched my route to the opposite way heading bck to McDonalds although I was almost reaching Shah Alam.

As I got to the drive thru counter,the McD attendant still recognized me and asked what went wrong.I told him I didn't get even 1 seasoning for my 3 large fries purchase in a melodramatic sad face.He asked me to proceed to nxt window while he got in contact with the attendants at the nxt window saying "Wey,korang ni tak patut la!xbagi dia seasoning lansung!dia dtg blk tau!"

At the next counter,they've already packed 3 paper bags with seasonings in it and apologized (more than once) to me.Deep inside I felt like saying "Buat la keje betul-betul,jangan asyik nk mengorat perempuan je!"

Well,that was my McShaker moments =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Sonata

Yerp,that's right.It was winter in Seoul.It was friggin' 2 Degrees Celsius there,and I almost couldn't feel my ears everytime the wind blew.

The thing I do best during winters,or to be specific,when visiting countries during their winter time,is the hotel room.Hehe!=D

Although nothing interesting happened while I was in Seoul,coz I absolutely have no interest in exploring South Korea,getting to know their people or culture,pretty bizarre/awful things kept happening on my flights to Incheon or bck frm Incheon.Ever since I started flying back in 2004.

Crazy psychopathic Koreans.

Well,I promise I'll tell you folks those bizarre stories as soon as I've recovered frm extreme exhaustion,coz I have another flight to go tonight!Can you believe these people at rostering department??

I'll leave this entry with a picture of myself with these two handsome Commanders=)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Deepavali Celebration

God.Never knew that life would be so hectic when almost reaching the end of year 2010!Lately,I barely had time for myself and for my loved ones.Not that I'm whining bout it,bcoz in the flying career,the more you fly the better you'll earn.It's just that the limbs of my body totally need all those patches to relieve muscle strains and pains.Arghhhh........

Anyway,today is Malaysian's public holiday in conjunction with the celebration of lights,Deepavali!Started off my day to work early this morning without realizing that there was an open house celebration for Deepavali  at our Flight Management Building.Well actually,the company organized an open house on every celebration,but it was me who never got the chance to attend it coz I would either be at home enjoying my off day or somewhere around this ridiculously small world.

I totally forgot what thing is called,but its beautiful.

At the crew lounging area,they set up a long buffet table for all staffs working just now to enjoy.Besides buffet,we also received some Deepavali goodie bags which contained Maruku and Ladoo.

Most of our supervisors and office staffs not working earlier today came all the way frm home to join the crowd.Most of them expressed their 1 Malaysia spirit by dressing up in colorful Indian traditional costumes.I didn't get to a picture taken with all of them,but I sure did get to capture a moment with my favourite IFS S&P of MAS.

Anyway,to Indians all over the world,Happy Deepavali!