Friday, April 29, 2011

Mad Scarf-ers

"Have you any idea why a raven is like a writing desk?"
My utmost favourite line of Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland =D To be honest,I have zero percent idea on what he was insolently talking bout but I just love the unorthodox combination of two different things.I mean,what does a raven got to do with a writing desk?Absolutely bonkers!

Anyway,as some of you might know,my family,Sweetie Pie and I are going for a 1 week trip to New Zealand,departing tomorrow morning.Hoorayyyy!!It has been awhile since all of us went on a family trip so I hafta say that I'm pretty excited to go on with the plan.Tickets booked,hotel rooms reserved,bags packed and we are all definitely ready to go!Before packing,Sweetie Pie and I went for some last minute shopping for clothing items that we might need for the trip.I am very well aware with the weather condition there in New Zealand,so getting some necessary items to suit the weather was most definitely crucial.

But among all those vital clothing items needed,we fixed our eyes more on scarfs.Most of time,I've been using the same pink scarf over and over again throughout the years as scarfs are not that practical especially to Malaysians.Humidity and scarfs just don't match.So,our trip to New Zealand opens the opportunity for us to accessorize with scarfs without having to kill ourselves in humidity.

I had no idea that scarf hunting could be so much fun!We jumped from 1 shop to another with the hope of finding the right scarfs.Alas,we found our perfect matches at Zara and both our scarfs were at the same price!=D

Little did I know,my last minute shopping didn't just end there.It continued in Melbourne yesterday at Forever New =D Man,I seriously shopped til I literally dropped!I went back to the hotel room with 2 full Forever New bags consisting tops,a dress,a pair of boots,a few accessories and skirts.Pheww!!

Can't wait to wear all of my new stuffs during our trip to New Zealand!=D But my excitement was killed by an SMS from the airline saying that our flight tomorrow will be delayed for 1 hour.Tough luck=( Well,it is just an hour,no biggie!So I hope to see you folks again a week from now with reports bout my New Zealand trip.You folks have a great weekend ahead!Toodles!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

1 Fine Afternoon

In my previous post,I've mentioned bout the identity and uniform amendments that we are undergoing liaise with the company's mission to obtain a new and fresher profile.So,it is vital that we all go to our specific tailors by end of April for new measurements before they start working on our new uniforms.Since there are 2 off days left for me before reaching the end of April,I decided to set a visit to the tailors' in Sg Buloh earlier today with a darling neighbour of mine,Azuati.

Since Azuati is a new unfamiliar character to most of my blog readers,here's a quick intro on her.She's currently a Bkt Jelutong resident,staying not very far frm my crib and also a dear friend that I've known since I was a baby in the airline.When in uniform,she's one sassy intimidating supervisor that scares most junior crews away,no kidding!But only those who are close enough to her will agree when I say she has the genuine heart of gold.Not trying to kiss anybody's ass here,so back to the story telling =D

After being measured at the tailors',we were told that it is advisable for us to drop by again in a month time for fitting.Pulak kan?Well,as long as the new uniform fits us perfectly,I guess another long confusing trip to Sg Buloh wouldn't hurt.

It was still early to head home,so 1Utama was our next destination to grab some light hi-tea and catching up session.Azuati's high maintenance perfectly permed hair need some washing and blowing,so I suggested to get it done at my usual salon,Russell's.A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.Glad they did a good job handling her hair,or I'll hafta hide my face for recommending them to Azuati =P

And the result........

Wish I could pull off that pixie cropped hair look,but I can 100% guarantee you that I'll end up looking like a derailed tomboy if I did.So I have no choice but to tangle myself in this past shoulder hair style.It was time to head home after exchanging gossips over hi-tea at Oasis Cafe.Little did I know,I got to bring home a little gift frm Azuati!Though by coincident that the gift was bought,it was her thought to give it to me that counts.Took a picture in it while trying it out...

A soft flow-y chiffon top from Taipei.

How sweeter can my darling Azuati be,right?Well,its great to have thoughtful people surrounding you,I feel blessed.Anyway,that's all about it for now.Heading to the outback of Down Under tomorrow night,so gotta rest well,especially when your gums and 1 particular tooth just couldn't stop bugging you.Have a great weekend folks!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Auckland Adventures

Just got back from visiting a dentist.It was a relief to know that no extracting procedures were necessary.Pheww!!Just between you folks and me,I fear the dentists.Going for dental appointments are a major nightmare,and that is why I try my best to keep away nasty cavities before they actually attacks me.But for the past 2 days,I've been suffering wisdom toothache as 1 of them is finally coming out to say 'Hi'.Sucks!The pain was excrutiating.Thanks to the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed,I'm quite alright now =)

I was away to the beautiful Auckland for the past 5 amazing days.Well,the flights to and back from Auckland were not that amazing as they were exhausting but I had a great time spending my off days there.

On Saturday,a great old schoolmate had been such a darling to meet me up for lunch and brought me around the small city of Auckland for sightseeing,also a little detour around shopping areas.A little background intro,Yaya is a medical student who just recently completed her final year there.She is now a happy little intern at 1 of the hospitals in the city,and cherishing every bit of her moments in Auckland before returning home for good in August.

Harbour site visit.

Apart from the non-stop drizzles and strong winds,Yaya has been such a great sport to walk me around town including a bus ride to Parnell where we enjoyed some tasty waffles for dinner at a little place called the Chocolate Boutique.

Transit at my hotel room,exchanging gossips across continents before dinner.
Yummiest caramel waffles I've ever had!

On Sunday,it was sunnier and brighter than the day before.My captain,co-pilot and I started an early morning journey towards the Southern of Auckland,a little town called Matamata.It's kinda funny that most towns at the rural areas of New Zealand have names that repeat twice,like Katikati,Ramarama and Matamata.We drove our rental car for more than 2hours to arrive Hobbiton Movie Set and Farm Tours in Matamata.Hobbiton is a picturesque landscape as well as film site for the legendary trilogy movie,Lord of The Rings.The large farm area was initially owned by the Alexander family when Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema discovered it,though not all of the scenes from the movie was filmed on that particular farm area.Now Hobbiton is a major tourist attraction,especially to fans of the Lord of The Rings movie.

Arrival at the movie set.
Lodging area and cafe.
Taking off.

Unfortunately,it was vital that we sign an agreement with the tour company not to expose any pictures taken at the movie set during the tour to any sources/networks.Pictures taken are only meant for personal keeping and memories.I guess it's too bad that I can't share with all of you my experience of being a Hobbit for a day at the site.There were little hobbit houses around the area including Bag End,where Frodo and Bilbo Baggin lived,large Pine trees famously known as the 'Party Tree',as well as visit to the movie star caravans.

Just some random pictures taken around the site.

At the end of the tour,we were invited to witness a sheep shearing process by which the woolen fleece of a sheep is cut off.It was something new to watch but I just couldn't bear opening my eyes,especially when the sheep struggled to be free ='(

After the procedure,they released two little sheep aged 2weeks old for us to feed with milk in bottles.They were so freakin' adorable and affectionate towards humans.One of them kept brushing its tiny little head around my shoulders and neck!I felt like kidnapping them back home!

Feeding the hungry little ones.
With 1 of the junior Alexanders.
Aww..I love you too,little sheep!

The tour ended,and it was time to grab some dinner.We drove a few kilometers away from Matamata and stopped by Tauranga for a plate of fish and chips.We ended our road trip with a three hour drive back to Auckland city.

It was rainy and humid again on Monday while I didn't have the energy to stay awake at all.My gum hurts and fever came uninvited.Luckily there was a colleague of mine who was kind enough to take away a bowl of fish porridge to be sent to my room.She was concerned with my condition as our departure back to KL was only a 12hours away.Luck was on my side,I recovered from fever the next morning,although my wisdom tooth was still torturing me.You have no idea how hard it was to survive an 11hour flight with a toothache!

I'm due to depart for Auckland again this 29th April with the whole family including Sweetie Pie for baby brother's convocation day.Ayah had laid out some plans and activities for the whole bunch of us throughout the week,including flying to the South Island of New Zealand.I bet the trip is gonna be much more exciting than what I just recently experienced.So folks,don't forget to tune in to the page for a detailed report of the trip as I get home on 7th May =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goddess of LV

Believe me when I say that I could stare at the picture above for hours and hours.Once I moved my eyes away from the lovely image,it just kept flashing in my mind like a corrupted flash player on a website.You must know by now how much pink can affect my judgement at almost anything.So when there's pink and my all time favourite brand involved in 1 shot,it is the only thing that my eyes can concentrate on.Louis Vuitton transformed the gorgeous Anna Vyalitsyna into the most desirable Goddess ever,and I gotta have that bag she's holding on to!

Does anyone know what is the model of that bag?I couldn't even find the reflection of it on Louis Vuitton's official website!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Image Tricks

It is a lonely boring off day.Neither have that feeling of exploring what's outside of this crib,nor doing anything in particular inside this crib.So I started swiping my fingers on the screen of my iPhone,looking for something new to experience with.Photography applications caught my bare eyes and installing every single free items related to photography would be the best thing to do.

So here are the results that I got from my experiments!

Both were produced by Leme Leme HD

Mashed by Photo Mess

Beautified by More Beaute 2

I sure do love these applications!Although they might not look natural,hey,that's what technology is all bout in the photography world!They make your pictures look more artsy and creative.If I do find any other interesting applications,I'll let you folks know ;D

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Living Dolls Mayhem

It started with Gothic Lolita back in 2006 around the trendy streets of Tokyo such as Harajuku and Shibuya.It was a drastic fashion evolution not just for the Japanese,but nevertheless,it affected the fashion world as a whole.Trendy youths expressed their inner sense of fashion through gothic clothing materials,makeup and hairdo.

From my observation,the Gothic Lolita fashion trend was misunderstood by some as a dark and rebelling trend,while actually it portrayed elegance and cuteness.Most GothLolis,especially young women were trying to react against the growing exposure of the body and skin.It was never about getting men's attention.

Now that the fashion world has been rapidly evolving,Gothic Lolita trend seemed to look so yesterday and replaced by the Ageha and Mori trends.

Ageha are for those who intends to look nothing like themselves and more like a living Asian doll,while the Moris are those who adores nature and call themselves the Forest Girls.Both trends' followers have caught the attention of fashion setters all over the world,and even the New York Times covered the issue last year calling the situation as "Cult of the Living Dolls in Tokyo".

I personally find the trends pretty intriguing and obtrusive,especially the Agehas.

No girls in this world despise dolls,except tomboys,so the idea of Ageha seems to be interesting.All you hafta do is apply makeup that specify the elements of a doll such as big alluring eyes,long thick lashes and pale ivory skin,put on hair extensions that will add volume to your hair,and lastly,dress yourselves with layers of laces,volumed skirts and net stockings.

Who doesn't wanna look like these two?!They're adorable!

But the Ageha trend itself has evolved too.Now,the girls preferred sexy and lacy lingeries or ruffled miniskirts with high stockings to complete their look.Again.not to attract the men's attention but to achieve the doll-like look.Although you might think that they look pretty appealing in those outer fit,most of them admitted that they actually guys away from them as Japanese guys prefer a more natural looking girls.The dollier they look,the more their dating life suck.They usually spend most of their yens on makeup stuffs,hair extensions and outfits,and will never leave their house without layers of foundation,fake lashes and hair extensions.

I've actually seen and met these cool Ageha trend followers in Tokyo.They looked exactly like living Barbie dolls and from that moment on,I wished I could live a life in Tokyo and transform myself into 1 of the Agehas.I have a fiance so I don't think chasing guys away would be a problem for me.After all,your partners are supposed to love you no matter what,even if you choose to look like a living doll.Hehe =D But if I were to apply the trend while I'm living a life in Malaysia,there is only 1 possibility that just might happen.All judging eyes will be on me as I walk along,either in an adoring stare or disgusted roll.Haha.

Anyway,Ageha,Mori or GothLoli,when it comes to fashion,you have the freedom to express it in your own way.You shouldn't feel intimidated with any judging eyes around you as you're dressing for yourselves,not them.Either its revealing,cute or sophisticated,you decide.Nobody has the rights to say anything about it.Perhaps I should consider applying the Ageha doll-like look on my wedding day....Hmmmm.....

Friday, April 8, 2011


The day I brought you into my life is still fresh in my mind.
Nobody ever understood you,but I got you,and will always get you.
You were no bigger than the palm of my hand,yet you were a feisty tiny little thing.
Those ginger long furs never failed to touch every inch of my skin as you were and still are as affectionate as ever.
We went through thick and thin for almost a year,when I finally hafta send you 300km away from me.
Now that you're a fine young lady,you're still misunderstood.
Everytime I got the chance to grab the whole of you in my bare hands,they who refused to understand will separate us again.
I hope you'll be happy under this roof filled with love and care,
til we can be united once again.
And this time,it'll be forever.
I promise.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pre-Marital Course

Unfortunately,like I mentioned earlier in my previous entry,I was terribly attacked by cold and sore throat right after I got bck from Shanghai.And apparently,a day off after wasn't enough to obtain recovery.Even a panel doctor hafta agree (they don't normally let you off that easily) that I wasn't fit enough to fly the next 2 days,so an mc was given,exempting me from my worst nightmare,Delhi flight.Haha..I never got the chance to escape frm that horrible flight,but finally luck sided me.Not that I loved being sick but dealing with cold and sore throat was wayyyy better than dealing with those ridiculously difficult Indian passengers.

With the help of those powerful antibiotics and lozenges given,I managed to feel a little better the next day and spontaneously made a decision to call up Miss Bestie with a plan to go for a walk-in registration,signing up to join a pre-marital course at Kompleks Niaga Bangsar.You see,I might have misused the opportunity given to rest at home and recover frm sickness,but on the other hand I desperately need to utilize the weekend fully as the rostering department are not so keen on being generous to give weekends off.And I hafta get the premarital course done and over with as soon as I can.I doubt that I'll have have ample time to juggle everything that needs to be done very soon.

We dropped by the complex at Bangsar around 9.30am last Saturday.The place seemed a little dodgy,yet the previous premarital courses they organized were attended by a big number of Malaysian celebrities across KL.How did I know that?Well,dozens of the celebrities' pictures while attending the courses were all over the Zura's Akademik's wall of fame.We managed to register ourselves and our journey through two long days of motivational talks on marriage started at 2pm on that particular day and 8am the day after.

On our 1st day of the course.

The 1st day went well as it didn't consume too much of our time.One particular Ustaz was super hilarious and he delivered his message well.He encouraged the future newly weds to respect,communicate and always look good for each other.He specifically asked the future wives not to look like nenek kebayans when at home and not to be infected by a common female disease called bebel-ism.Haha.I'm pretty sure I'll be one of those who gets infected with bebel-ism,especially when Mr Future Hubby keeps repeating the same mistake that he'll be doing in future =P Talking bout Mr Future Hubby,he did his pre-marital course not long ago with the rest of his classmates in Uniten.I guess that explained why I dragged a girlfriend along to accompany me.Furthermore,the certificates are valid for life,it'll benefit her in the nearest future too =)

As for the second day of the course,it was a little draggy.Nevertheless,I managed to stick in a toothpick in between my half-shut eyes and stayed awake all day.But before the course ended for good,there was a role playing session where you have to imagine yourself seeking your partner's hand in marriage,getting engaged and going through a nerve wrecking solemnization ceremony.The sketches turned into hilarious series of comedy as most of the roles were played by spontaneous sporting participants of the course.

Well,Alhamdulillah both Ms Bestie and I finally graduated from our once in a lifetime pre-marital course,and it was a relief.Phewwww!!!Six months from now,Sweetie Pie and I will most probably be prepared to go through hardship of getting the early stages of process done before our big day in January 2012.Insyallah with the Almighty's blessings,we'll get through it.Amin =)

Pinky Sunday =D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shanghai Night

It was 7degrees in Shanghai and I had a blast brisk walking,lamb skewer eating,and shopping with two great companions of mine.These lovely ladies were SNY leading stewardesses,whom were still undergoing their training as leading stewardesses in B777 fleet.

Right after we landed in Shanghai at noon on Wednesday,the ladies of MH388 quickly got themselves changed into their winter attires and head to this shopping haven in an underground subway station.We immediately split ourselves up into 2 groups and parted ways,and of course I sticked by the only 2 other malay colleagues.They had experiences in bargaining with these vicious Chinese sellers parallel with their years of flying experiences with the company,so my booty was definitely saved from being conned by these Chinese people that never failed to get on my nerves.

They personally asked me to put these : "Muka-muka lepas penat bergaduh ngan Cina kat market" as the caption of this picture.

After 7 stops of the MRT from the underground market,we stopped by to grab some.After all,our energy had all been drenched resentfully while bargaining earlier.Crews favourite stop for meal would most definitely be lamb skewers from a Moghul restaurant not far from the hotel.These skewers are nothing like out signature satay,they're much more exquisite filled with juiciness and spices.Since their restaurant was still under renovation,their customers were only allowed to buy take outs.

Those were pretty enormous for skewers.

We combine the tastiness of the lamb skewers with a bowl of beef noodles at a halal shabby warung nearby.The combination of those two were explosive!

It was a great night in Shanghai til I got caught with sore throat and cold.Perhaps the contributing factors were the food and weather.So I'm tucked in the bed all day and just hafta see how things goes tomorrow.I hope you folks will have a great weekend.Enjoy!