Friday, September 30, 2011

Change Of A Uniform...Or Not?

Theoretically,I'm at a corner of a field,waiting to swing my bat on a curve ball,that is coming closer towards me by the second.The problem is,I'm not too sure whether I should swing my bat to hit the ball or miss it.If I hit the ball,I'll have to run as fast as I can,go through all the obstacles that might come my way to win the game.Miss it,I'll just hafta stay there,keep trying to hit the ball til I swing it right,or worse comes to worse,the coach will just say 'NEXT!'.

Okay,let me rewind to a month ago.

I received an email from a headhunter just right before Raya,offering me a job in retails.She said it would be good for me to expand my wings in retails coz I have tones of experience in customer service.She thought that 7 years in the airline would be good enough to prep me into being an excellent customer service representative,not just at any retail outlet,but at Louis Vuitton!Let me rephrase LOUIS freaking VUITTON!!

When I met the headhunter at her office in Hartamas,the job at Louis Vuitton sounded promising enough for me to consider putting my tired proud wings away for good.Leave the skies and hit the ground.I charmed the headhunter with my magical smile and personality,so she thought that it would do the same to the managers in Louis Vuitton too.

Apparently,my smile and personality did the charm for the 2nd time and landed me a job at Louis Vuitton earlier today.

It was a cloudy Friday morning and I went out of the house 2 and half hours early before the actual time of interview with 1 of Louis Vuitton's manager.But luckily,my journey was blessed and there was hardly any traffic jams into KL.I managed to grab a cup of hot caramel macchiato before heading my way up to Muse Floor,Starhill Gallery.

Okay,don't laugh but I was actually stupid enough to just sit there by a closed bar,not knowing that Louis Vuitton's big fabulous office was just right behind an enormous closed red door near where I was sitting.The only other thing around was this creepy waitress statue,stood there staring at me.

I stared right back at her...

When it was almost 9.30am,I stopped being silly and called the office for confirmation.Then only I knew that I spent almost an hour wasting time outside of the big red door.

As I walked into Louis Vuitton's office,it felt just like when Becky Bloomwood entered Alette and instantly knew that she belonged there!Well,minus the wind blowing while a few girls were pushing a hanger full of designer clothes =P The room where I was supposed to be,it was full with this season's accessories such as clutches,hats,bags,monogram trunks and shoes!I was in heaven...the Louis Vuitton heaven!

I was asked to fill in some forms including writing a short essay on what 'Excellent Customer Service' means to me before getting to meet with the manager.It was 2004 all over again.When I was going through the airline's interview,we were all asked to write a short essay on how do we promote 'Beautiful Malaysia' to tourist passengers onboard.And now,it was 'Excellent Customer Service' in my own understanding.I sure have nailed the essay or I would've been kicked out of the office even before meeting the manager =P

It was a smooth sailing interview and the lady manager literally gave me the job,like I mentioned earlier.But to my surprise,I wasn't thrilled being accepted by Louis Vuitton.You know why?Because they were offering HALF of the salary I'm currently earning with the airlines!Of course,there were benefits and allowances but still it wasn't enough to support my so-called high maintenance life.The airlines have pampered me with certain amount of salary since I was 19,and all of a sudden,I have to face the fact that my favourite designer label,THE designer label I worship so much was offering insufficient amount of salary.Their way of training and rewarding their staffs are by making them start from below and work their way up through hardwork and determination.I must admit that the promotions are rapid,but the question now is,can I survive with only HALF of the salary that he airlines are paying me now?

I have no freaking idea.

This a clueless face.

So there goes my Louis Vuitton fairytale story that hasn't ended yet.I have til next week to decide whether I wana go back to point A and work my way up in the fashion retails industry,or I can stay at my happy place right now in the skies and be stagnant.One hell of a big decision to make huh?I'm pretty sure at this moment,most of you are glad that you're not in my bloody shoes.

Til I have a clearer picture of how my future will turn up to be,I'll just pray for the best decision to pop up in my sleep.I hope you folks will enjoy your precious weekend and Selamat Habis Raya! =D

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Bridesmaid In Town

It's officially 5 months to go before the big day.If we were to be in the U.S.,it would be a delightful Spring wedding,or,an enchanting Fall wedding if we were to be in Down Under.

Everyone else was glowing about my wedding since the day I got engaged.And I was supposed to be all excited about choosing my bridesmaids,picking a wedding planner,photographer and a truly unique theme.But all I wanted to do was just to lie down and took a big long nap.I felt like a deadbeat bride until recently.

I managed to grab hold of a talented photographer for the upcoming wedding with some help from Pear. The door gifts problem is still unresolved but comforting ideas were given by both Yaya and Pear. I still have zero clue on who's the lucky bridal makeup artist to be hired for my ceremonies due to last minute changes.And I found the perfect designer and planner for my wedding by chance,while going on a date with Sweetie Pie just a few months ago.

From the descriptions above,I bet you can imagine what a horribly messed up last minute bride-to-be I am right now.Without some luck and support from my peeps,not even a single preparation might be done yet by now.Talking bout being deadbeat!

Since I've managed to pull myself together and focused on the preparations,I've too,chosen the perfect 2 bridesmaids,each for a ceremony.And they are,none other than 2 of my besties,Ms Pear and Ms Hanna. The lovely bubbly Pear,you folks have known her through my previous blog posts.So it's time for a quick introduction on the lanky beautiful Hanna.

Hanna has existed in this teeny little place in my heart since high school and it didn't stop there.We were uni/campus mates in UNITEN too,until I decided to leave education behind and reached for more glamorous life. Dasar tak sedar diri :P Well,even after I left UNITEN,Hanna and I remained close and updated with each other's miserable life.We stopped seeing each other after she selfishly decided to live and work in Miri,where she grew up.Bloody Hanna! =E Haha,kidding Sweetheart! =D I guess that was her punishment for me for leaving her in UNITEN all alone with her accounting books.

Anyway,Hanna came down to KL last weekend for her sister's convocation ceremony.So I took that chance to make an appointment with her.Afterall,it had almost been a year since I last saw her.

As a sushi lover to another sushi lover,Pear made the initiative to introduce me to Sushi Zanmai,so I was obliged to pass the information to another sushi lover,Hanna.I was glad and relieved that she loved the food at Sushi Zanmai.Even if she didn't,she'd just hafta fake it coz lunch at Sushi Zanmai was on me!Haha =D

After lunch,it was time to get down to some serious business,a visit to the bridal boutique!It has always been a bridesmaid's duty to tag along for wedding stuffs shopping,so Hanna was more than happy to do it for me.We had an appointment with my chosen designer and planner for the wedding.It was with the talented,most hilarious and young designer/boutique owner,Oscar Jeprey. Sweetie Pie and I met him once at his boutique months ago and we fell in love with him instantly.He's not just talented,but he's also friendly,crazy down to earth and with a great sense of humor.Meetings with him were just like having a cup of coffee at Starbucks with an old friend,except there were no cups of coffee involved at his boutique.Perhaps I should request for Starbucks coffee the next time I come to visit at his boutique :P 

It was a long afternoon at Oscar's boutique at Maju Junction. After my wishes had been granted through Oscar's designs,it was measurement time.It was nothing like I've experienced before.I swear both Hanna and I were like striking poses in front of the big mirror!There was a hands-at-the-hips pose and flaunt-1-of-your-legs pose,with a ribbon tied around our waist.Bizarre but Oscar totally took the measurements with a slight of flair ;)

Hanna being measured.She confidently said that her measurements are gonna be different in 2-3 more months coz she's working her ass off to lose weight before my wedding.Gotta love that confidence ;D
I was done striking poses for Oscar.
Oooh,gotta love that handsome designer's pose ;D (He better give me some great hell of discounts for the compliments)

After saying goodbye to Oscar,we headed to Pavilion to meet up with the rest of the Kardashian sisters. And there they were,eating dessert at Snowflake.

From left : Fayyadah,Me,Kak Kin,Hanna & Mimi (Kak Kin's married friend).The little girl is Qistina,Mimi's daughter.

Since the sisters haven't been to Pavilion for quite some time,both and I escorted them to outlets they wanted to visit including the newly opened Sephora. You can never separate girls from makeup ;D

I've lost track of time when hanging out with the ladies.When it was about 9pm,I had to say goodbye to them coz I have an early flight the next day.Mission was accomplished but the next time I'll get to see Hanna again is a couple of days before my wedding date :'( Well,I just hope she'll remember to book her flight to KL for the wedding or I'll be bridesmaid-less on my reception day.

Well,I have a HUGE important interview to attend in another 2days and I'm already sick to my stomach.In order to bring my A game to the interview,I better start preparing myself now.

I hope you folks will have a good week.Will be updating the blog soon.Ciao! =D

Sunday, September 25, 2011


When I really thought of the relationship that I'm loving and currently in right now,it freaked the crap out of me on how effortless and consistently smooth sailing it is.Evidently,if it seems too good to be true,it probably is.

Of course,I'm utterly grateful to the generous Almighty for setting the right path for me to walk through into meeting Mr Right.But no doubt that girls are biologically programmed to be world's notorious drama queens,so when there are no dramas,they tend to create one.Dramas are challenging and exciting,to spice things up.Honestly,I'm done creating any for that matter.'Alhamdulillah' will be the only word coming out from my mouth,even when 'smooth' turns to 'boring'.Oh don't get me wrong,Sweetie Pie.Life with you will never be boring ;D

When in a relationship,the rule is not being seen too available for your partner to form that shiny spark.But in my case,I loved it when Sweetie Pie was always available for me.Now that he's hardly around in the country,the term 'available' seems to be out of reach,thus 'always available' no longer exists in our relationship dictionary.

I totally made full use of Sweetie Pie's constant short presence,every single time he came home from out of station.For the past 3days,we have been enjoying each other's company while it last,which apparently happens to be only til tomorrow.

So Friday,it was fancy-dinner-treat day......

As for Saturday & Sunday,they were breakfast-at-mamak's,followed by send-off-to-rehearsal and pick-up-from-rehearsal,then dinner...

No idea when is the next perfect time I can get to see him again.Hoping it is gonna be soon enough.

Hell with the availability rule!At this stage,being extremely available for each other is the only thing that keeps us going and strong.Can't find an obstacle for drama?Keep the obstacle in the closet and let it remain locked away forever.No dramas needed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cosmetic/Styling Products That Care

Evidently,it is best to embrace with the fact that you're slowly and graciously aging day by day,than denying the fact that you've actually encountered with a piece of grey hair on your head just right before.The aging process is nature's way of telling us how much we've grown,and that we're definitely not 1 of the Cullens.There are ways to fight them,but I suggest to girls in their late 20s,it's better to fight passively than aggressively.Hey,we're not in a critical condition,and we absolutely have sufficient elasticity in our skin and lots of decent colored hair on our head,so why bother fighting so hard?

Fighting with age is not our war.Not just yet.

It was a day off,so I decided to go out and make some 'research' on cosmetic products that endeavor skin caring.The definition of 'research' in my dictionary also means shopping or hunting for new goods.Lately,I've been substituting beauty chemicals with organics and minerals,so I was just out to discover more cosmetic products with lots of goodness for my skin.

In between my 'research' period,I got to meet up with another fellow beauty who constantly has interest on cosmetics and fashion.She is a good friend of mine,also an ex high school batchmate,and her name is Natasha.She's currently working at the Petronas Twin Towers,definitely the person you'd call when dropping by Suria KLCC during lunch time.

Being the sporting friend as she always was,she agreed to meet up with this dear friend of hers a.k.a. moi at Sephora at lunch time,although she was fasting.Since I couldn't afford to make the effort of buying her a cup of coffee,we ended up strutting around Suria KLCC in our heels doing some makeup shopping and window shopping.I had no idea that Chanel has moved to a more spacious area and expanded from 1 entry/exit to 4 entries/exits!It just proved how much I've missed Suria KLCC's developments.

After a number of purchases and exchange of gossips,it was time to say goodbye to Tasha as the bloody clock striked 2pm.But of course,we managed to capture a magic moment in front of Gucci =)

Back to my 'research',here's a number of products that I found interesting and useful to enhance beauty yet caring for our precious layer of skin.

1st product : Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm and Lip Shimmer.

As much as I hafta admit that my make over days started with a stick of Lip Ice,the Lip Ice era is sooo over now.A grown woman need something better than Lip Ice,something much more enhanced in every aspect.That's when you turn to swarms of bees of Burt's.These special tinted lip balm and lip shimmer work as wonderfully as Lip Ice,with a bit of an edge.They have various tempting colors to choose from and all of the lip shimmers are peppermint flavored.Yumms!!They improve the condition of dry chapped lips like other lip balms do,except that they'll viciously color your lips to make them look amazing!So who needs chemically overdosed lipsticks now?They're only RM39 and RM32 each,such steals!

2nd product : Bare Minerals Finishing Powder and Face Blush.

These 2 are sensational!They make you look so dolled up without even harming a single cell of your skin.You'll look fabulously fresh all day and if ever you are too worn out to remove them at the end of the day,by all means,you may hit the sack without worrying they'll block your pores while you are asleep.I just can't get enough of them!I keep thinking that I might need to put more of them on when actually the 1st application is still beautifully intact.The key to an amazing application is to just ditch the application brush and use a big powder puff instead.This doesn't apply to the face blush though.They're only RM69 and RM82 each,exclusively at Sephora.

After the above products had been combined and slapped on my face.Flawless effect.

3rd product : Organic Control Systems' Hairspray.

Locate your waste bin and fill it with your old cans of hairspray!Wana look polished with your hair manageably stay sleek and pretty?This hairspray is the answer for you.It contains organic ingredients with zero chemical.It refuses to damage your hair and keep them under control,away from nasty frizzes and fly aways.It holds all your dos strongly all day and night.This bottle of miracle only cost you RM65 and available at Organics Hair Shop (?) at 1Utama Shopping Center.

So there you have all the highly recommended items to fight against aging passively,which also means by taking good care of your skin from being chemically polluted.Every girl wants to look good in their own way.Some through personality,while others through grooming.I can't get my hands on personality wise as it comes from within,a package that was attached to you when you were adorably born.But grooming wise,it is always the answer to true perfection of a woman.

Ladies out there,have fun being a girl/woman!Experiment with yourselves til you see that beautiful person you'll always adore right in the mirror in front of you!

Good luck and Good night!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Ensembles' Open House

Syawal is the month of forgiving and forgetting.After you've forgiven/been forgiven and forgot/been forgotten,it is time kick your digestion system's in the ass to get them back to work as per schedule after a long break on Ramadhan.

So yesterday,the Cabin Crew Nite committee members and ensembles attended and hosted our very own Raya open house at the dance studio.A decent,mirrored walls dance studio had turned into a busy rumah kampung where all of the family's 30 kids had came home for Raya =P

Our weekly rehearsal normally starts commencing at 11am,after a round of teh tarik and roti telur at a mamak restaurant nearby.But yesterday,all of us made the effort of getting up early in the morning and gathered at the studio by 10am,in our colorful Raya outfits.We have passed the apologizing and forgiving moments the day before,so it was straight to the buffet table full with Raya cookies,lemang and rendang on top.

I think Reezal wanted to be spoon fed =P

Stomachs were full so we couldn't straight away jump into our dance routines,or there would be stomachache casualties lying on the dance floor.So we did what we do best,on and off flight,.....posing=)

I have no idea where these 2 pak Arab sesat came from.
Our 1 big happy ensembles family =)
Bermaaf-maafan for the 2nd time.
Ladies who rule the dance floors.......
.......even in their Raya outfits! =D

I couldn't be serious bout dancing in our Raya outfits.God knows what will happen to mine if I dance in it!There will be a loud shhhyyyyrrrrrreddddddd-ing noise and skin exposed =P

Enough posing,we changed back into our dance outfits for the darn rehearsal.Most of us ladies cheated as we already have our tights and track pants underneath our skirts,so there weren't much to change.The guys were pissed off that they didn't think of doing the same so they ended snapping pictures of us changing!

Nothing to be censored though...=P

Approximately a month left to go before the big show,so we have been giving our 101% commitments towards these past few rehearsals.Even our beloved choreographer hasn't been gracious towards us and his feistiness had landed me a poke in the butt with his cane while I was being lifted horizontally by the guys.Ouch! 

There was a lot of hardwork,folks.1 tiny mistake led us to 5 repeats of the same bloody dance routine!Phewwww!So,I guess I don't need to explain why we were the way we were in the picture below...

Quick naps in between rehearsals.

Full dressed rehearsal will be commencing soon at MAS Academy,near to the show date.And we even have matching shirts for the event!It's all gona be sweats and fun for next couple of weeks and I'm actually excited to go through it!Plus,Sweetie Pie has taken a special leave on the day of the event to experience his red carpet moment and enjoy watching his beloved fiance shaking her booty on the grand stage.How much more exciting can it be?!

Will update you folks on the coming progress of our rehearsals.Til then,keep coming to my blog for other interesting updates!

Love ya!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Living In A Different Era

There were so many countless times when I have this preposterous,yet fascinating theory crossing my mind that I should be born 30-40 years earlier than the actual birth date of mine.

Well,of course you folks wanna know why I have such a bizarre theory.

It's easy.I find the 1950s and 60s are the Golden Age,the invincible era,where crime rates were lower,love was still the only solid reason to be getting married,Dior and Chanel's domination of the fashion world,the idea of feminism were A-line full skirted dresses and simple suits combining collarless jackets and knee length skirts,Elvis and The Beatles ruling the music charts,and of course,Audrey Hepburn was the symbol of elegance and a fashion icon to look up to.

I bet every single soul related or close to me can vouch for the fact that my idea of a perfect piece of outfit are the ones with bows,full skirted (at any length),ruffled and puffed at particular parts,and floral better than abstracts.As for music,I love anything upbeat and catchy yet singable at the same time.What I can concur is that my fashion and music influences are mostly from the 50s and 60s.

While traveling as a passenger on board flight to Perth last Monday,I chose to watch a move titled 'Midnight in Paris' on the personal inflight entertainment system.The movie totally got me in the head and proved that I might not be the only person in the world who thought that some people were meant to be born in a different era they were living in and that my theory didn't sound crazy at all!

'Midnight in Paris' was about a struggling writer,Gil,who admired and idolized the era of 1920s in Paris,but it was unfortunate that his fiancee didn't feel the same way.One midnight,while walking at the streets of Paris alone,he was transported to 1920s where he met his favourite writers including Fitzgerald,Hemingway and Stein.There were also famous artists such Picasso and Salvador Dali in the picture.He fell in love with a girl named Adriana who also happened to be Picasso and Hemingway's object of affection.While Adriana thought of Belle Epoque as Paris' Golden Age,three gentlemen from that era thought of Renaissance as the greatest era.It occurred to Gil that despite the allure of nostalgia,it was better to accept the present for what it was.

Such an enchanting movie,eh?So the question is right now,does everyone in this world feel like they perfectly belong?

While you folks ask yourselves that question,here are pictures from my most recent trip to Perth.A great welcoming weather for exploring the city.Well,I've explored Perth enough so it was time to hit the stores!

Day 1....
Day 2...
....and Forever New!!

Picnic Under The Neon Lights

So much has changed since the last time Sweetie Pie and I stepped our little feet into the city of lights called I-City.As in TREMENDOUS changes!It has expanded from the size of 1 football field to 1 bloody golf course!But not an 18 hole,more like a 9 hole course.I-City is sooo gona be the next Genting Highlands,minus the casinos =)

Anyway,Sweetie Pie's family had planned to organize a Nasi Lemak picnic under the bright neon lights of I-City last Sunday,and of course,I was invited.Aunty Asiah had been dropping litres of sweat in the kitchen back at home to prepare her signature delicacy,Nasi Lemak,for us to enjoy during the picnic.Nasi Lemak complete with deep fried anchovies,boiled eggs,sliced cucumbers,and sambal ikan bilis.Not forgetting Batik cake for dessert.

It was an awkward and bizarre moment for us when carrying mangkuk tingkat,passing through hundreds of wondering eyes while walking to search for the best picnic spot.Imagine the embarrassment,but none of us cared that much.We might be the only family walking around with mengkuang picnic mat,mangkuk tingkat,plastic plates and cups,and rice warmer,but at least we got to eat great food while enjoying the happening lip-lap lip-lap surrounding=)

Skynn with tikar mengkuang....
.....Abang Nik with mangkuk tingkat and rice warmer....
...while Ammal and Aunty Asiah handling the little rascals.

Well,we finally found a great spot to set up our nasi lemak booth near the entertainment rides and under whimsical bright lights.While the only thing in the little rascals' tiny minds were the carousel,spinning swings and mini monorail,the adults helped themselves with the delicious nasi lemak without any further delay.Who could blame us?It was already dinner time!

Did I mention that they also have Snow Walk and reptile exhibition besides the amusing rides?Yeah,I-City have them all.Now you folks can imagine why I said it's gona be the next Genting Highlands.

It was RM5 per person,per ride,so the 2 little rascals,Imany and Ikhlas,along with their so-called 'guardians' knocked themselves out jumping from 1 ride to another.I would've volunteered to be 1 of the so-called 'guardians' too if I had more time to spend there at I-City,but unfortunately,I had to leave early due to early departure to Perth the next morning.Devastating huh?='(

The so-called 'guardians' were waiting in line.They were supposed to just accompany the little ones when actually they have tht little child's urge inside of them to jump on the rides =P

Nevertheless,I had a blast picnic-ing with the whole family that evening.God knows when was the last time I ever had a picnic!

Mesmerizing background huh?
We had all the nasi lemak to ourselves after the rest had left for the rides=P

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Passion Vs Complacency

When being asked "Why are you here?", during interview (which I totally nailed) before being recruited by the airlines,I used the common 4-word cliche answer that every stewardess post applicant would use, "Traveling is my passion".Some might even answered "I love meeting people".Honestly,those were total bulls.Those were the answers that the interviewers would love to hear from their candidates,but not something from within the hearts and the minds of the glamourous job seekers.

Nevertheless,one became contented with the perks from the job they enrolled after certain period of time.Like myself.

I would love to be part of the highly evolved industry called fashion,but I settled for a less commitment-demand field,customer services.I've enjoyed entertaining customers and fulfilling their wishes while they travel from point A to point B,but I couldn't get rid of that burning desire deep inside of me to explore the mysterious world of fashion.While others were busy updating themselves with the latest news on Qaddafi or analysis on US Dollar currency rate,I was making my research on the season's fashion trends.While others were in need to know of the latest Hollywood gossips,I browsed through websites and fashion magazines to know what the Hollywood stars were wearing daily and on red carpet events. 

So what if I were to be offered a post which literally consist of fashion and customer service at the same time?Not just at an average labeled fashion boutique,but a HIGH END labeled.Definitely my kinda thing,but should I consider leaving my comfort zone,complacency I've obtained for 7 long years,to step into nirvana in my own little world?

When I put it that way,it sure sounded like I should be considering the new option but honestly,I never have the intention to let go of this current contented life of mine.A change of heart is unpredictable though,so I'll just wait for what is specifically laid out for me in the future by the Almighty Allah S.W.T.

Leaving the confusing thoughts behind,so far I've been having blessed and wonderful days in Syawal.I spent my days off duirng Raya momentarily,but at least I enjoyed every bit of them.Not forgetting to mention that both of my Raya outfits were sponsored by my lovely mother-in-law to-be,Aunty Asiah.Here are some magic moments captured on the 1st day of Raya for your viewing pleasure :

Ibu looked so petite next to me.
The girl band from Bandar Maharani ;D
Singaporean family friend.
Because your kiss,your kiss,is on my list....
With the Ma'am of the house..

Later that afternoon of 1st Raya,Sweetie Pie came all the way from KL to join the joyous celebration of our Raya in Muar.He also brought Little Polly along!Of course it didn't make that much of difference coz all she did was cleaning herself,sleeping at different corners of the house and expecting to be pet by every single person around but at least she was an adorable eye candy =D

It has been a month and 2 weeks since I last saw Sweetie Pie,before he left for China,so of course his presence in Muar was much appreciated.He made our whole family's 2nd day of Raya celebration even more meaningful.

Sweetie Pie and Ayah.
Well,this couple doesn't need introduction =)
Our family is finally complete on Raya after 4 long years without Asha around.

Now that my Raya report is done,I'm gonna go and hit the sack.Oh and another thing!To bloggers who are still in doubt which blog advertising network to choose for your precious blogs,I purely recommend Advertlets coz it seems that I've been constantly receiving Raya money from them.Those who give Raya money to me are always considered to be the best.Haha!

Good night folks,and don't overstuff yourselves with Raya open houses' food =D