Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty Talk

It's funny how the female brains work. Obsessing about millions of things all together at a period of time is something that men's brains can't do, but us. Personally, I have problems dividing attention to all of my obsession in my brain. They keep blinking simultaneously in my head like 'Wheel of Fortune' s unrevealed letters, demanding for attention, resulting to overspending of my salary and pocket money every single month. Particularly when I decide to pay attention to ALL of my attention seeking obsessions. A new Louis Vuitton, Forever New dress, Ferragamo ballerinas, Allure (every issue), books from the 'New Arrival' shelves at Kinokuniya, new mineral makeup and skin care products in the pages of magazines, Sweetie Pie (priority!), cleaning and sanitizing the condo, spending time with besties, froyos and fries, homeworks and assignments, Polly, visiting parents as frequent as possible, and........more. All in my tiny little brain! Goodness! It is no surprise that our foreheads have been forming wrinkly fine lines even as early as the age of 18!

We all have the same problem, ladies. But it is all about making smart decisions and prioritizing what's more important. Such as your kids, husband/boyfriend, parents, education, career, and most importantly YOURSELF. Your health and beauty matters most and I believe all of you must know why. The healthier and prettier you are, the happier you'll be, and the rest will just fall at the right places. Yeah, once that happy hormone conquered your entire system, WHAMMM! Like having a magic wand, things will go the way you want it. But of course, along with the blessing and permission from Allah S.W.T. :)

Putting aside the other craps (obsession), I'm currently focusing more on happiness and looking good (inside and outside) for my husband and myself. It feels so great to have gained a little weight and not looking haggard due to inconsistency of my sleeping pattern and higher level of stress. Aware of my passion towards health and beauty, Ibu invited me to tag along while she attended a beauty talk organized by Menara Esthetics and Wellness Clinic last Saturday.

Overall, it was an informative talk, hosted by Dr Linda, Ibu's close acquaintance. Basically, she fed our minds bout the importance of a well balanced hormones in our body to fight aging process. The main female hormones in our body, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (male hormone), insulin, melatonin and etc, have to be equally sufficient and work harmoniously in the system to stall the process of aging and avoid uninvited disease such as obesity and diabetes. Hair loss, trouble sleeping at night, short length of period/menstruation, weight gain, dry skin were all the early signs of premature menopause, caused by the imbalance of hormones in our body. Honestly, those detailed knowledge on hormones were new to me. Never thought that balancing the hormones could be so essential!

Besides listening to the talk, there were also activities held such as free facial, makeup demonstration, skin analysis, and products (approved by esthetic doctors) selling booths. Yummy refreshments were also served :)

Ibu and Dr Linda.

I was simply lucky to just be there accompanying Ibu as I benefited from it, tremendously! All of us received a goody bag filled with product samples, free expensive items from all purchases, and Ibu even bought me a fantastic lip plumper from KISS (a mineral makeup product brand) which contains Niacin (Vitamin B) and Dligopeptides to effortlessly plump and increase the collagen level in the lips. It is Halal and contains zero harmful chemicals to the skin.

Exciting, huh?

Did I mention that there were lucky draws with super expensive prizes too? And Ibu was among the lucky ones to get picked and received a prize! She won a set of treatment products by CL IV. Good for her! :)

Now that I've lived separately from my parents, attending a beauty talk was definitely a great way of spending time (besides shopping and eating out) with Ibu as we shared the same interest. It was beneficial and so much fun! We're so gonna do this again in the nearest future :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lil Bro's Engagement

It seemed like it was only a few years back when I first held my baby brother in my arms for the 1st time, fought with him for a better seat in the car, tried pulling his super short hair when I almost lost an argument, donned the exact same t-shirt like a couple of borias, and attended his graduation/convocation all the way in Auckland. For all I know, he's now happily engaged to the girl of his dreams.

Pasha & Bella

Held at Bukit Mahkota last 28th April, it was a simple yet sweet ceremony attended by close family members and friends. These two engineers (Pasha and Bella) decided to officially take their relationship to the next level by getting engaged and will be tying the big knot at the end of 2012. Alhamdulillah.

Ayah and Uncle Ami, the speaker on our behalf.
Miss Future S.I.L.

The theme color of the ceremony was pink, Asha's most dreaded color of all time. I guess his love for Bella was strong enough to put aside his abhorrence.

I've never seen him THAT nervous his entire life, apart from that night.
S.I.L., Ammal and I
Granny and Mama.
Ibu and Bella, after presenting the engagement ring.
Sweetie Pie, the unofficial photographer.
We're gonna be sisters pretty soon!
"Mama, jangan duduk atas baju Bella!" - Juares.

The best part of the ceremony was of course the buffet and a 'Sweet Treat' table organized by the host! It didn't just excite the kids, but adults with sweet tooth like most of us!

There were cupcakes, candies, marshmallows, fruits-on-sticks to be dipped into yummy chocolate from the choc fountain! For our own convenience, Sweetie PieAmmal, and I sat on the benches near the 'Sweet Treat' table and practically conquered the whole dessert table to ourselves ;P

Honestly, I have not much to say but to welcome Bella, partially into the family. Can't wait for the wedding in December! I love the rush and chaos of being involved in a family member's wedding, just not mine :P

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sapek And Buna's Fairytale Ending

I had my fairytale ending last February. The wedding and princess-like white dress were all I ever dreamed of since I was a little girl. Last 5th May was my good friend, Buna's turn to have hers.

They officially tied the knot as man and wife on 21st April 2012 in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Due to prior engagements with my studies, I couldn't join the rest for a short field trip over the weekend to Kota Bharu. But I managed to make redemptions by attending wedding reception on the groom's side at Dewan PKPS, Shah Alam.

To my surprise, my parents were too, invited to Sapek and Buna's wedding reception, as both Sapek and my dad were buddies. It was a beautiful reception attended by family members and close friends. Apparently, it was also an unexpected chance for both Sweetie Pie and I to bump into our old high school friends from Sekolah Alam Shah. Mostly Sweetie Pie.

Oh, blimey! They even had real gold fishes swimming in large goblets on each table! It wasn't just that. They also had a multi talented and versatile emcee. He happened to speak, sing, dance, and berpantun ver well! He practically hogged the stage and microphone throughout the reception! And I also happened to believe that he had a slight crush on my handsome husband. Just a random female/wife intuition ;P

Ain't that sweet...
Ms Pear in her cute goofy face, enjoying her tepung pelita.
Pear and I.
With the maid of honor, Ms Bulu.
With the celebrated couple...
....and the no-longer-celebrated couple :(

To Sapek and Buna, there are no words that can describe how divine you both are, except...heavenly, celestial, supernal and all other words synonym to divine. Hope to hear 'exciting' news very soon! *Wink wink*

We could only wish to sit on that lovely dais, being congratulated like newlyweds. But it was official, we were mempelai basi. That fast, huh? :(

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've always wished to go back to where it all began. The rebellions, escapes, rise and fall of my academics, friendships, rule-breakings, and more. That one place where I grew up to be the person I am right now, and where I met my true friends that will be treasured for life.

Tunku Kurshiah College.

Hey, look at us on the right! Do we look like pemimpin harapan agama, bangsa dan negara? Maybe we were an exception =P

I've terribly missed those days of all eating together at our dining hall, lazily tossing and turning on our beds when the house games captain shouted it was time for evening jog, marching while playing our band instruments under the hot sun, coming up with all kinds of sickness just to get the warden's permission to go back home, wearing the same green batik kurungs for weekend outings, and finally, hiding under beds and crawling along the corridors with true partners in crime to escape lousy talks and preps. Yeah, I was one naughty high school girl, back in the days. I supposed that Sweetie Pie was quite aware of that fact before he decided to spend his whole life with me =D Seriously, what was the fun of being a nice, skema, rule-abiding student? Glamour, growing up, and greatness could wait, but you could never go back to being 16 or 17 years old.

Our beloved TKC is moving to Enstek city soon, and last 1st May was our last Old Girls' Association (OGA) Day on TKC's original school grounds (where we all spent our teenage years), at Jalan Tunku Kurshiah, near Bukit Merbah, in Seremban. Both Nadd and I didn't wanna miss the chance of saying goodbye to the old faithful buildings of TKC that we have both vandalized and loved at the same time, so off to Seremban we went on Labour Day. It was also my chance to show my husband, Sweetie Pie, where his beloved wife had been spreading her naughty wings before becoming the person he's married to :)

The three of us arrived at TKC's grounds that morning with no intentions of taking part in any of the OGA's activities. We just wanted to walk down memory lane, remembering what was good, and forgetting what was bad while we were students of TKC.

1 C, my first class there.
1 K, Nadd's first class. Glad I wasn't in hers or we would've been little devils since day one.
The brass instruments on display at the Form 1 lounge.
Magnolia, the dorm where Nadd and I were given warnings, one after another, for singing out too loud after lights were out.
The corridor where Pear and I used to crawl along to avoid being seen by the wardens =P
Our beloved Yellow House, Siti Zawiah. God, I wished the house was in a different color. Like Pink, for instance =P
Signing the house' guestbook. Not that I was important or anything.
Oh and we bumped into another fellow house member, Dira, right in front of Siti Zawiah. Dira and Mamai were watching a basketball match between old girls and the present girls.
Dahlia. The dorm where both Nadd and I were constantly visited by Pear. To study. As if!

We decided to stay til noon and had our lunch at TKC's dining hall for the last time. In has been 10 years since I last got into a queue at the dining hall to get my meal there. Well, it used to be dishes on a tray but that day, it was dishes on a plate. But one thing remained, Negeri Sembilan's signature dishes. Spicy and berlemak. God, I missed those, eventhough I was and will always be spicy-food intolerant.

With Sweetie Pie at the dining hall.

Before heading home, our last stop was Dewan Budiman. The legendary hall where all good and bad memories treasured. One of the best would be having our annual well-knowned English Drama Competition here. Students from other boarding schools such as MCKK, SDAR, KYS, STJ, as well as family members and friends would come to witness the grand event every year. Back then, TKC girls were known for their creativity and hardwork in putting a great and memorable show for the guests to remember and admire. How I missed running around behind and on the stage with costumes and props, just to win the competition every year. And we actually did. The Fightersz (our batch name) of 9802 won the junior category in 1999, and overall champion for the next 3 consecutive years (2000-2002). Something that we could definitely be proud of for a life time =)

Bubbly Nadd!
The staircase couple.
Friends forever,babe!
We'll miss ya, Dewan Budiman!

Then, it was time to say goodbye to our old faithful college. I wished that the could just cut off the whole college grounds and paste them at Enstek='( TKC will never be the same again, and that just hurts so bad ='( Okay enough bout TKC or I'm gonna start tearing up. Til then folks!

The Complete Clan

At last, a big important test just ended earlier this afternoon! I couldn't do anything else (including blogging) when I had this huge heavy burden in my head that made me shivered with even just the thought of it. It was over, for now. And finally, I could peacefully sit down facing my Macbook and do what I love most :)

There have been a few major events happening for the past couple of weeks. I'll try my very best to update every single of the event briefly to you folks in each blog post, so keep coming alright?

All I've been talking bout and wanting was a tablet as a portable medium that I could use for my studies and research purposes.Apparently, it was Sweetie Pie who planted the idea of me needing a tablet when I was actually pretty happy with just my faithful old Macbook and iPhone. So, it wasn't entirely my fault for being a demanding wife, asking for expensive presents from my new husband =)

When stocks of the New iPad finally arrived last two weeks at Machines store at Gardens, Midvalley, Sweetie Pie took me there on the 1st day of the stocks' arrival. We tried comparing the specs between iPad 2 and the New iPad and of course, the New iPad is way more revolutionary and advanced, compared to iPad 2. It was designed to connect to fast data network up to 4G LTE, with a built in 5mp iSight camera and breathtaking retina display. Superb, huh?

I didn't wanna make any vast decision that I might regretted later, so I wondered around the store searching for answers. Whether I should or should not let my big hearted husband purchase the amazing New iPad for me. While searching for the indefinite answer, people kept swarming the helpers of Machines, asking for the New iPad. One by one, they queued at the counter to pay for their iPad purchase. I got really anxious, and the store helper, wasn't helping at all! She said "We only have a few more new iPads left. Would you like to have one?". I immediately said "Get me one 16GB, white, Wifi + 4G iPad, please?". Damn it, Ms Machines Helper! Seriously, it was my technology-social climber alter ego saying! The next thing I knew, I was also, queueing in the line with the rest of the iPad purchasers =P

Fortunately, I didn't have any regrets making that huge decision. The New iPad worth every of Sweetie Pie's penny.

I even purchased a special casing which can be turned into a cute dottie sling bag for it :D

Such a cutie. Well, now I can proudly call myself the ULTIMATE APPLE GIRL! My iPod Classic 80GB, iPhone 4, New iPad, and Macbook White all in a row, a complete clan. I hope won't be tempted to buy the ridiculously expensive Apple TV in future or anything =P