Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I've never actually believed when most people said that mockingbirds are world's most annoying species of birds ever.I thought woodpeckers ranked the highest,until today.To be specific,this beautiful morning.Woke up fresh and vibrant at Hyatt Regency,ready to doll-up and put that perfect smile on my lips.I was all energized to go for flight until I pushed the balcony sliding doors wide open.There was a flock of mockingbirds sitting on the branches of the trees outside.They were perfectly still and quiet.So I started munching a complimentary apple by the balcony,inhaling fresh morning air.All of a sudden,the birds started chirping and singing noisily.At 1st,it sounded more like  nature's sound of beauty and peace but it got worse.It was so annoying,not even melodious.I felt like shooting them with a short gun like Zooey Deschanel did in Failure To Launch.And now I totally got it why Harper Lee won a Pulitzer Prize by writing a novel titled To Kill A Mockingbird,although it contained nothing related to ways of eliminating an actual mockingbird.As our mini van drove through the highways that led us to the airport slightly after that,even my colleagues were discussing bout how irritating the sound of the mockingbirds outside of our hotel rooms.I guess the name 'mocking-bird' describes it all =)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ice Alert

Ice skating is soo not my field of expertise,although I might be as graceful as a swan (I've been told) when it comes to dancing.I guess roller blading and ice skating are not even slightly similar when it comes to mastering the skills of handling those blades =P
Well,Sweetie Pie took me ice skating in Sunway Pyramid just now after lunch,and it was absolutely my 1st time so try guessing the number of times i fell flat on my F-In ass on the rink just now...3 embarrassing times!And I even crashed my precious pink camera on the ice,now its LCD screen is totally broken ='( Well,I had a fantastic time on the rink just now,that was what matters the most.And Sweetie Pie totally 'enjoyed' being pulled tumbling and rolling on the ice with me as I was such a nasty skater.Great days were always too short to be cherished,and you'd wish that there were 30hours in a day*sighed*..Going back to my coffee/tea and trolleys again tomorrow...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday In Advance,Sweetheart!

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.

The above was quoted from the famous Ms Emily Dickinson.I personally thought that she was right too.Why bother growing old?Grow old in grace with me,Juares Rizal=)
In case you were wondering why was I blabbering bout growing old,well as you folks have been told in my previous entry,darling Juares and I went up to Genting Highlands for a special birthday celebration in advance.The actual birth date of Mr Juares Rizal is on 7th of April but we celebrated early as I'll be frequently away starting tomorrow til my darling's birthday.It was a memorable celebration of hopping on and out of rides at the theme park and a marvelous dinner buffet at the Coffee Terrace.Sweetie Pie couldn't get enough of the stewed venison while I was happily munching on the fresh sashimis at the Coffee Terrace.Great day at Genting,but it didn't end that night.It continued today as we went present hunting for Sweetie Pie.He always wanted a high-spec notebook which could support his engineering workload and projects,so I've decided to buy him one.After an hour of tawaf at Lowyat Plaza,we finally found a perfect Dell notebook for Sweetie Pie.Without further doubts,I purchased the most expensive gift for a boyfriend,yet it worth every penny that I spent.The happy look on Sweetie Pie's face when he got his present was abso-freakin-lutely (my current fave word) priceless.A great boyfriend/bestfriend like him totally deserved it=)
I guess I gotta continue with my laundry and believe me when I say it is as high as a sandcastle.Hehe.I'll be writing again after my Shanghai trip.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Denna's Back In Wonderland

Yeah,you got that right folks..I'm home from my Maldives-Colombo trip,and I'm back in my real Wonderland!Let's catch up with  my activities that you folks might have missed,shall we?=)

19th March 2010
-Sweetie Pie and I went to watch 'Remember Me' at Signature Gardens.It was an abso-freakin-lutely devastating movie as Rob Pattinson died tragically at the end of the movie.Despite all those depressing dramas,the hidden messages that the movie was trying to deliver were totally noted.Grab those caramel popcorns and go watch the movie folks!
p/s : Sweetie Pie shed his precious tears while watching this movie=P

20th March 2010
-Departed from KUL for MLE in the evening,almost the same time as Abg Irwan and Kak Zura's flight back to Dubai.Managed to meet Sweetie Pie for awhile at the arrival hall of KLIA.Later that midnight,my parents went off to Capetown and will be back in another 10days.

23rd March 2010
-Arrived from CMB at approximately 7.45am.Was so glad to be home but at the same time,Sweetie Pie was squeezing his brains answering his 1st final semester's paper.He did pretty well though and took me out for a grad night shoe and tie hunting at Pavilion.It was a great and successful shopping day as we managed to buy both stuffs within Sweetie Pie's budget.Both were too happy with the success so we started dancing in the middle of Pavilion near the grand entrance.Sweetie Pie spun me around in so-called pirouettes while all the eyes of confused anonymous were staring at us.Great day=)

24th March 2010
-Creating this entry while discussing with Sweetie Pie on what to wear later in the morning as Sweetie Pie is taking me to Genting.Yeay!!Billie Jean is suffering a little disorientation for my parents' nonexistence at home,but she'll be fine after being bribed with a couple of chicken chunks.Wait for tomorrow's newsflash folks!=)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yes,I Still Play With Dolls :)

Few weeks ago,I remembered asking darling Juares to come along with me to Isetan KLCC as they were having a great members' day sale.I was particularly aiming for 2 collector's edition of Bella and Edward from Twilight Barbie dolls,but for some reason,we diverted our plan and didn't drop by KLCC at all.Apparently,even at the age of 24,I still love collecting dolls especially Barbie.I've started playing with Barbies since I was 4years old and developed the interest of collecting it since then.My parents even bought me my own Barbie playhouse,white Ferrari car,swimming pool and a Barbie mountain bike to complete my dolls' needs.Haha.Those stuffs are still carefully kept in a big trunk in my store room,including 10 dolls.
To my surprise,these babies arrived at my door step few hours ago all the way from US : 

These are the collector's edition of Bella and Edward Barbie dolls from the movie Twilight that I was aiming for during the Isetan's members' sale!My darling Juares bought it for me,and I bet it was from ebay!Such a perfect gift,thank you sweetheart.I'm loving all the gifts you've given me=)I'm so happy.......

Tough Week With Great Endings

Last week was pretty tough but I couldn't be happier to be safe and soundly home now.Most importantly to the arms of my beloved ones=)Last week was tough because I had to juggle and deal with all sorts of craziness at one time.1st on the list was homesickness.I never realized that I could actually suffer from this 'disease' after being sent away for boarding school during the peak of my teenage years from '98-'02 and gone through an endless journey of hotel-hopping experience since '04-Present.Thank you Sweetie Pie for calling me every single day and listened to my sober cries.There's nobody better than you.2nd on the list was illness.Had a terrible flu,nose bleed on flight,and subtle fever throughout the trip.3rd on the list was the unbearable heavy load of passengers on almost all of our sectors throughout the 6day-trip.Thank you Mr Anil for placing me in business class on most of the days,you have no idea how much it helped.4th on the list was the death of my sweet Wan Nong.Not gonna elaborate more on that.Finally,the trip was over yesterday and definitely NOT looking forward to going for another long trip this weekend='(
Despite all the shits that happened last week,pretty amazing things slipped in too.Got a call for another job offer for an event next month.Eventhough I might not be able to accept the offer,it never fails to make me feel good to receive job offers for grand events with tempting payments.As for my other half,he received 2 job offers for his practical and successfully nailed an interview.Really proud of him,I bet his family are too.Well,just like he said,the quarter half of 2010 has been pretty awesome for both of us.Hopefully it continues til the end of the year.Gonna go and watch Glee now,probably be dancing with the tunes as well,so catch up with you folks later...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Girls and Apples

Girls are like
apples on trees. The best
ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach for
the good ones because they are afraid
of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they
just get the rotten apples from the ground
that aren't as good, but easy. So the apples
at the top think something is wrong with
them, when in reality, they're AMAZING.
They just have to wait for the right
boy to come along, the one
who's brave enough
to climb
all the way
to the top
of the tree.

*p/s : I've been 'plucked' by the bravest boy in the universe,how bout you?:)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Hair Evolution

Just got my hair colored in a honey brown shade at the salon and added some length to it too.
Pretty cool huh?;D
*p/s : excuse the clarity level of the picture.Pda cameras sucks!And note the heart necklace I was wearing.It was my adorable Vals' Day gift from darling Juares.Totally heart it!;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hey Fashionistas!

Divas and fashionistas out there!Here's a great news!I'm having a wardrobe clearance sale,and hope you folks will drop by this blog during your free time!The items are absolutely fabulous and most of it are no longer in stores,which is great,right?=)
All items' prices are negotiable and delivery can be made by collecting it anywhere around KL/Klang Valley,or Poslaju.Postage is absolutely on the house!I would like to clear my wardrobe as I would like to make more rooms/spaces for new stuffs.You guys have no idea how ridiculous my wardrobe looks like now,more like a tropical forest of clothes and accessories!Even my cat Billie Jean can get totally lost in there(if ever I let her go near my closet)!So feel free to drop by this blog and get yourself one of those exclusive pieces!=D

*These are only few items from the selection of clearance for your preview=)*