Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I received the most surprising compliment from my boyfriend tonight..
Surprising,yet brilliantly flattering..
He said "TKCians are like Louis Vuittons"
Want me to elaborate more on that?
His words were approximately like this "...classy,full of quality,pioneers,and unique in every single way..developing each day like there are so much rooms for improvement..nothing compares to the big L and V,exactly like TKC..."
Refused to believe it?Why don't you ask him...=)
I was too overwhelmed by the compliment when I almost put the statement up as my Facebook status!Considering the fact that a lot of my girl friends in my Facebook friends' list were from different various schools,I've decided not to as it would be totally unfair to them.Louis Vuitton stands on its own without having to compete with others,so do I;;)

Friday, May 21, 2010


Life has been pretty fair towards me.Despite the craziness of continuous flights that I've been scheduled for,work loads were superbly light.5days in a row assigned in Business Class,yet there was nothing to do.Perhaps nobody fancied travelling in Business Class anymore,due to the economical crisis.It's a fabulous week!Just got bck frm Down Under early this morning and I have absolutely no complains=)
The weather was great there.I had too much sleep,too much reading,too much coffee,a little shopping and sufficient amount of time alone at Borders reading books while sipping a cup of Gloria Jean and walking around the streets.

But there's nothing like home..

Seeing my cute furry friend welcoming me home at the door just made my heart melt like butter on a toast.As soon as I appeared to be online on ym,my sweet bestie buzzed me saying Hello,and filled me in with juicy morning gossips.And I love you for that=)As for my Sweetie Pie,he called as soon as I reached home and being sweet as always,he asked all those usual while-you-were-away questions and filled me in with his own interesting stories too.Like i said,there's nowhere in this world can be compared to your home.So warm,welcoming and surrounded by loving people who look forward to seeing you after you've been away.
Well,the reason I'm here updating my blog now is mainly bcoz I'm waiting for my new Glee episode to be fully downloaded.I can see that the Torrent notification is popping out saying it is 100% complete!Yeay!I'm super excited to watch it,so folks,I'm outta here!~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movies and Sundays

Remember those nights when you were so terrified to fall asleep coz the visions of Freddy Krueger creeping into your nightmares kept haunting you?When I was little,I love watching horror movies and A Nightmare On Elm Street was one of my favourites,apart frm Exorcist and It.Today,I realized that I'm no longer that little girl who used to love horror movies.Sweetie Pie took me for a movie date earlier just now and we watched the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.It scared the hell out of me and I actually asked my darling "Sekarang dah pukul bape?Lambat lagi ke movie ni habis?" while covering myself with Signature's duvet!I think we were the only 2 people in that cinema who screamed our lungs out everytime Freddy Krueger came into picture.Pretty lame huh?=P
Life has been pretty exhausting lately.I've been working 5-6days in a row,up to 12hours per day.Tomorrow's gonna be a start of another line up of continuous flights.I wish I could have more Sundays like today,where I can go chillaxing with my darling Sweetheart or lovely parents at our favourite spots.God I missed my 4months break before I was promoted with a permanent position in my company....Laying around at home lazily,reading books,swiping my credit card at my favourite stores in Pavilion,endless dates with darling Sweetheart,and trips to Muar on weekends..*sighed*
Well,life sure goes on.Even darling Juares is getting tired of driving back and forth frm Setiawangsa to Kelana Jaya every single weekday to work.I guess we just don't have the rights to complain.Earning is part of a boring cycle in life.You just hafta bear with it.Without money,then how am I supposed to fulfill my urge to shop for my so-called basic human needs such as a new Anya Hindmarch bag,right??Sweetie Pie,if you're reading this,please do not roll your annoyingly lovely light brown eyes!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Skin and Bones

I lost another freakin' kilogram!Urgh!
I've completely stuffed myself with late night suppers,tonnes of sugar and dairy products,eat-then-sleep regime,yet I still lost weight!Did I mention 1kg per week??!
I bet I have no flesh left!I only weigh 46kg and I am 168cm tall!
I am extremely happy,spiritually and physically..
I have no stress...well,except while I'm on board of any Indian/Middle-East sectors..
I have more than enough sleep...
But why am I still losing so much weight?
And now I can't even be cruel or mean towards people that pisses me off or I'll give them a reason to call me a Skinny Bitch!

Okay...Perhaps I'm just overreacting...

I've been warned by the Grooming Dept to gain more weight over and over again as my BMI kept highlighting me being underweight.But I should put upon all these on the bright side..What's the bright side of being skinny?I bet there are lotss..
But one thing for sure,I kept getting these weird compliments from fellow crews and passengers on my flights.They kept saying I have a beautiful European-Asian feature.You wana know why I think those compliments were weird?Coz before I recently lost weight,people would say I'm a mix parentage of Pakistani and Malay,Arabian and Malay and even 'Anak Mami'..When I was on a 2nd date with my Sweetie Pie,he told me that he couldn't even tell what kind of mixture that I have in my blood.In fact,he was the 1 who was assumed to be a Eurasian once by a receptionist at Jardin Smith's,while waiting for my interview in the room to end.And now,by living with only skin and bones,I've been called a Eurasian.
Honestly,Europeans need to soften their arrogant/cocky look with less dramatic makeup or perhaps more smile on their faces..That is the reason why I never fancied on how they look like.Sure those cheekbones and jaws are appealing as ever,but it doesn't make you look warm and approachable enough.Unlike us,Malaysians=)
Enough bout my skeleton figure,I better refill my Glee dose before I head for another flight tomorrow afternoon.Nightstopping back to back..The packing and unpacking part are sure the hardest..

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Ibu's Day

Despite the fact that she never cooked for me since forever,she is still the greatest human being ever existed in my life.She's tremendously cool,understanding,loving,hates gardening and cooking,a total fashionista,and my icon..She dresses as good as she her house cleaning skills.She can be very annoying at times,but which mother doesn't?I bet most children have this vision of running away from home,hoping that their mothers will start crying and resenting all the words that come out from their mouths and wanting them to come right back home.Wait a second....I totally did that!=D
Mothers are sensitive human beings that crave for their children's love and care.They feel insecure most of the time,especially when their children have grown mature and go their separate ways.They fear of being neglected and alone.They wana be surrounded by their children,if possible 24/7.It's hard to get to the core of a mother's heart,but once you're in,you'll be glad you're not at the surface anymore.
So anyway,I hope all mothers around the world are having such a great time being celebrated by their beloved children.I love you,Ibu....forever and always...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fashion 101

I should be awake in another 3hours for my flight,but here I am,trying to share my teeny-weeny knowledge on fashion.I wouldn't have came up with this idea of entry til I realized that some of my colleagues/friends had been asking me bout what to wear,not to wear,great products or how to pull off a look,continuously.Ok,I'm not really an image consultant but if you ladies feel like my suggestions are acceptable,then you are most welcome to apply it on yourself,for the sake of enhancing whichever area that needs to be improved.

I know that there are phrases such as "Affordable Fashion","Beauty on a Budget" and "Steal the Look" which had been created to make people buy craps and junks in order to look absolutely fabulous in their own way.Ladies,listen carefully; it's true that you can look stunning as hell on items that you don't really need to splurge on,but are you truly satisfied deep inside?Expensive branded garments and accessories last til you're no longer that particular size of figure while cheap ones will only last,lets say,for a year or two.There's nothing wrong with buying affordable-no-brand stuffs,but it only applies on your garments as in top and bottom,not including your inner ones.If you're on a budget,you may get yourself any fancy top or bottom that you wish to wear at any cost,but NOT your inner garments,shoes,bags and watches!Splurge on these 4 basic necessities coz  you won't regret it.The reason I'm saying this is bcoz these 4 essentials will effect your image as a WHOLE.Try putting on cheap inner garments without any wires around your bra cup and see what will happen to your precious 'assets' in a year.Walk in those colorful/cute stilettos with no brands around the shopping mall/office in more than 2hours and how do your ankles/toes(especially the tiniest ones)/calves will end up feel like.As for bags/purses and watches,they never failed to complete the whole look of a fashionable girl,and that's the only reason why I was saying that they were something necessary to splurge on.And lastly,never ever wear BLACK,unless you're mourning on someone's death.Light up your life and live it with colors that will cheer your mood all the time!=)

Fashion examples(take note of the areas I've highlighted for you ladies to splurge on):

Top : Disney's Sleeping Beauty - RM89
Denim mini skirt : Miss Selfridge - RM129
Grey cardigan : Zara - RM79
White wedges : Charles & Keith - RM149
Watch : Guess - RM 359
Bracelet  : Aldo - RM69
Bag : Tous - RM2k++

Dress : United Colors of Benetton - RM179
Grey cardigan : Zara - RM79
Butterfly necklace : Axxes - RM49
Sunnies : Louis Vuitton - RM2k++
Black flats: Bebe - RM150
Bag : Versace - RM2k++

Cap : Reebok - RM49
White top : Topshop - RM69
Skirt : MNG - RM129
Bag : Louis Vuitton - RM4k++
Sneakers(not in picture) : Elle - RM179

Red tee : Disneyland Hong Kong - RM60
Skirt : MNG - RM129
Headband : Diva - RM15
Black flats : Bebe - RM150
Bag : Coach - RM3.5k

A mixture of steal and splurge will  do no harm to you,but remember to always splurge on the 4 essentials!Good Luck!=)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The most hilarious thing happened on my flight yesterday.A bunch of half drunk 'Desperate Housewives' (or that was what we called them) danced for us when we touched down in KL late in the evening.They were a few vibrant and perky chinese ladies who boarded on our economy class,back frm their hols.Well,my sv who was working in business class with me simply entertained them with some jokes and his well-stirred cocktails while cruising on our way bck to KL.They had a lot of fun giggling and laughing their lungs out which actually disturbed a few rows of other passengers around them.But at the end of the day when we finally landed,as they disembarked the aircraft,the 'Desperate Housewives' stopped at the business class zone and 1 of them said "We wld like to express some gratitude to the business class crews!5,6,7,8!!Ahaaa...ahaa...ahaaa!!"..They actually danced a well practiced routine in front of us!My sv's jaw dropped and his eyes popped out like he was actually watching a strip pole dance.I have to admit that the routine was pretty seductive and sexy and when it ended,I clapped saying "Yeay!!".At least somebody acknowledged their effort=D
So my last day of standby just ended today with no calls.Thnk God for that.Early tomorrow morning,I'll be visited by a few paramedics for a medical checkup at home.How I hate those needles that will poke into my veins.Is it necessary to go through all these procedures just because you bought a new house and want to be insured?Sheeesshhhh!
Moms' Day is just around the corner.I'm pretty excited myself coz I've splurged on presents for my 2 beloved ladies in my life.Well,I'm not so sure if I actually 'love' the other 1,but I'm pretty positive that I like her=)They haven't received any of my presents yet,but I hope they will love them.If I have all the money in the world,I would have bought the whole Coach store,coz they totally deserved  it.Especially Datin Mastura Hj Ahmad,you're my heart and soul.Not to forget,1 of my college batchmates too deserve to celebrate Moms' Day coz she just recently delivered a gorgeous creature in this world.Congratulations Hood and Nik!
I better get going since my sweetie Billie is 'crying' for my attention.She has started pressing the keys on my notebook's keyboard.Such an IT savvy!Urgh!

A wedding that we went to last Saturday.They are Sweetie Pie's friends and rowing team mates,so I don't really know them,but a pretty cool couple though.Congrats again!=)