Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pixel Perfect

As promised,I've captured a few test shots with my new Powershot.Well,I don't really have that artistic-photography-talent that vaguely screaming inside of me,wanting to come out.It's most definitely way below amateur bar,but anyhow here goes...

Some added effects wouldn't hurt,won't it?As I reached Shanghai tomorrow,I'll test the ability of my Powershot even more.Just hope that the shopping outlets around won't try to be so inviting that'll make me deviate my interest =P

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hear Me,Audrey

"I believe in pink.I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.I believe in kissing,kissing a lot.I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracle"
- Audrey Hepburn

And I believe in you,Audrey....

Those words have been inspiring me for years and more years to come.

Audrey Hepburn was a living definition of grace and beauty.She was blessed with softness in her eyes and heart,among the famous humanitarians ever lived.Her talent and beauty was admirable and looked upon by generations after generations.I remembered the first movie of hers I ever watched,not Breakfast at Tiffany's,but Sabrina.I even wondered back then how was it possible that 1 girl could possess all the charms in the world that many dreamt of?Those big alluring eyes,the small framed-face with intriguing smile and the lustrous wavy dark hair...I'd kill myself to just even look like that in 1 day!

I fell in love with her even more after watching Breakfast at Tiffany's.I wished to inherit all of the hats she wore in the movie,and I even named my current kitty,which known as Billy Jean by every single gracedenna.blogspot.com reader,Cat.Well,Billy Jean is merely a commercial nickname for her as her father next door is called Thriller,when actually,everyone at home calls her Cat.Coz I clearly remembered Audrey's line in the movie saying that she didn't have the rights to name the cat that she was taking care of,therefore she called it Cat.

Audrey Hepburn is my personal idol.Not that I knew her during her living years,but I looked up to her as a mentor into becoming a gracious,yet strong young woman.Not to be vain but I've always had the gentleness and gracefulness in me since years that I could remember,but I never possess that strength and toughness.I broke down and cry with only a line of sarcasm,fell into pieces with only a pinch of harshness,and suicidal with a touch of others' skin.Sensitivity is my major weakness.Like I said,the lines above said by Audrey Hepburn was absolutely inspiring,that made me believed and still believing in her.I feel even more connected to her with interests that we generally shared.Some might notice that even my Twitter background is a portrait of her.

You might not wanna care how she was when she lived,but somehow you'll wonder what was she so famous of,when even the new generations still talked bout her.Personally,its a waste of time idolizing someone like Marilyn Monroe when you can idolize a real star,Audrey Hepburn.If I ever have the chance to tell bedtime stories to my children in the future,I'd recite some selfless lines of poems recited by Audrey Hepburn to hers.I'd remind my daughters the importance of having grace,beauty and one big hell of a heart =)

P/s : A few years ago,a very old Japanese couple insisted on taking a picture with me while transiting in Kota Kinabalu.They said I reminded them of their favourite English actress with my big eyes and 'croissant' at the back of my head,which happened to be Audrey Hepburn.I'm positive that I look nothing like her,but the fact that the old Japanese couple saw the resemblance between my idol and I made me feel special =)

"I have learnt how to live.How to be in the world and of the world,and not just to stand aside and watch."
- Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Delighting You Always

Have you folks visited the Canon Roadshow at Midvalley Megamall?

What are you folks waiting for?!Today is the last day of the roadshow and you should totally grab 1 of those vividly charming Canon cameras at discounted prices with special gifts!I also just recently heard that bestie bought 1 for herself there too! =D

Sweetie Pie and I dropped by the center court last Tuesday,with hope that we could find any fetching Ixus to take home,since we are not big fans of dslr cameras.But after attacking a few promoters by the camera counters with questions related to the cameras (performance,quality and effects wise),I fell in love with this pretty young thing :

This Powershot's design is nothing compared to those fashionable Ixus but performance and picture quality wise are equally great as Ixus cameras.It is cute and light,the newest member of the Powershot family.I missed my double screened Samsung terribly though ='( That bloody camera,which lasted for only 6months,was 1 of the precious gifts that Sweetie Pie bought me.

Anyway,you'll get to see the pictures taken with my new pink baby in future entries.At the moment,I have no potential models around to shoot,except for little Billy that is flaunting her huggable furry body resentfully in front of me *rolling eyes*

Friday, March 18, 2011


When we were younger,we were asked by the grown ups on what do we wanna do with life as we grow older.Our famous answers would either be a lawyer,doctor,scientist or teacher.Well,those were the answers that they expected to hear from us,while the truth,hell knows what we wanted to be!In my case,when I answered that I wanted to be a lawyer,my dad said "You're not witty and outspoken enough".After a few years,my answer changed into being a doctor,and again my dad countered "You tu penggeli.You couldn't even hold yourself from vomiting when somebody else was."

Growing up all I've always wanted to be was a star.Well,who doesn't right?Since I suck at singing and dancing is definitely my forte,I've always wished to be a famous gymnast or ballerina.Some never gets it when all I wanted to watch everytime a movie or new series came out was anything musical.From Grease and Rocky Horror to Center Stage,Hair Spray and Get Over It ; I've basically memorized all of the lines and lyrics of the movie soundtracks.My current obsession would be towards Glee =) It was the best news ever when I received an email from the superiors saying that I'll be performing a musical piece with the rest on Cabin Crew Night end of this year,but we'll get to that later since rehearsals will only start commencing this June.

Well,whaddaya know.I'm a proud-flying-high flight stewardess for almost 7years now with the same friggin' company.I guess we'll never get to predict what lies ahead of us.All I can say is that I was lucky enough to have found an amazing dream job at the age of 19.While others were still struggling to look for that perfect career,I've gained such precious possession in terms of experience and the never ending world exploration.Explore la sangat kan,when all I ever did was actually a never-ending-shopping.Hehe!=P

So the other day,my bestie came up to me for advice on what to do with her precious life.I must say that she has pretty intriguing options to choose from,but it is only a matter of choosing the right one.She has an enormous talent in writing,unlike myself,so I suggested her to be a writer.Who knows she could be the next J.K.Rowling or Sophie Kinsella in future,then I could immediately suggest myself to be the manager that sets her appointments with various publishers!=D

Note that next-JK Rowling face on the left =D
After 6-long-hours of career crisis discussion,I sure deserved that big size-of-my-head pink rose from her =D

Not just her though.Both Mr Fiance and baby brother are still looking for that perfect career to pursue on permanently.Not that I know much bout engineering,but it seems that they are not quite satisfied with the positions they are holding at the moment.No matter what all of these darlings of mine are pursuing in the future,I'll just pray for the best of their undertakings.

To those who are experiencing the same situation,my advice would be take it slow and do what your heart desires.Hopefully its not robbing or taking over the world =P

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hot Summer in Perth

Unlike my previous trips to Perth,this time I'd to endure with the humidity and extreme hot weather  in Perth.It wasn't as bad as summer in Dubai but they were getting there.

Putting aside the climate,it was one of the most enjoyable Perth trip I've ever experienced.Light load of passengers with the opportunity to rest as a deadhead crew on the 777 all the way up to Perth,marvelous set of crew members and to finally get to see the whole sight of Perth on the Hop On and Off Tour Bus,but we'll get to that later.

A scary experience occurred to us right after we arrived in Perth on the lovely evening of 26th February.After arriving,the whole bunch of us decided to get some dinner before hitting the beds.As humid the weather was that evening,we still decided to take a brisk evening walk with full stomachs along the empty streets of Perth.You know how Australia is when sunlight is no longer at sight,shops will all be closed with little signs of people wandering around.Not long after,we heard loud noises ahead of us,as if they were people quarreling and fighting.Our guess was right.There was a number of male youngsters fighting with each other in the middle of the road,while the girls at the side of the road were either screaming of yelling,trying to break the fight!It was something I've never seen before!It seemed to me that the group of youngsters were divided into two clans (which was white and black),and they were against each other.Racism alert!People walking around stopped by the curb of the road to witness the scene and they all (including us) gasped when 1 of the white boys fell hard on the ground and stopped moving after being attacked viciously by a black one.Without further thoughts,I quickly took my camera out and snapped a picture of the crime scene without realizing that the camera flash was in ON mode!Yikes!

You might wanna click on this image to zoom in.

Seeing a white bright flash,the group of blacks started making a quick movement towards us and the only word that came out of my mouth was "Uh-oh!".Panic started hitting on us and we slowly took a few paces back.The black guys dashed pass us,when we realized it wasn't my flash that alerted them after all!Two really tall big sized policemen in bicycles were chasing after them from the opposite side of where we were standing.Unlucky for the youngsters,there were another two backups that stood not far behind us,exactly at the direction where the blacks were running towards.All of them were told to remain silent and keep still while the big guys made a thorough search on their bodies.It amazed me on how obedient the young criminals were towards the policemen's orders.The chaos didn't end there,after a few paramedics attended the still body that lay on the ground,1 of guys frm the white clan got really upset and went towards the arrested black guys.We didn't stay to witness what happened next as we were too terrified of the tragedy that just happened right under our noses.All we could think of was reaching the hotel safely.

The next sunny day,two other girls and I decided to take a tour around the city on the Hop On and Off bus.Our Plan A was to visit the Caversham Wildlife Park outside of Perth and take pictures with our little furry friends,the koala bears and kangaroos,but the weather was horrible and we could actually suffered heat stroke by exposing ourselves too much under the hot sizzling sun.So we ended up sticking to Plan B which was hoping from point A to point B,including some shopping at the Harbour Town Factory Outlet stores.

Before reaching Harbour Town,we dropped by a few places that was worth seeing such as the Barrack Street Jetty,the Bell Tower,and Kings Park Botanic Garden.The places were magnificent,with great views of the whole city!

When we finally reached Harbour Town,of course we did what all girls do best,SHOPPING!We seriously shopped til we dropped and ran out of Aussie dollars.I spent all of my dollars on my favourite brand outlet,Forever New!We don't have its outlet in Malaysia,so I only get to see its' darling lines of clothing whenever I visit Africa and Aussie.According to Asha,they just recently opened an outlet in Auckland too.Yeay!!No girls' can resist the temptation of Forever New,seriously!

After Perth,we spent a night in Kota Kinabalu.Nothing much to tell,as I spent the whole day hibernating in the hotel room as if it was winter in KK.Heh =D

Well,I guess that was it,folks.Hoping I won't bump into a bunch of gangsters on the streets again on my next trip to Perth =P You folks have a great weekend!<<--same old line