Saturday, March 24, 2012

Black,White And Glamour

Alright,so I've been extremely busy with wifey duties and an enormous transition in my career path that's gonna take place very soon,but those won't stop my persistence from blogging here =)

So I'm gonna continue from where I've left you folks off.

I absolutely adore the combination of colors black and white.The combination is significant to yin and yang,good and evil,old classic film,elegance,and of course,Chanel ;)

Despite my undying possessive admiration towards the color pink,black and white were chosen as the official theme color of my wedding reception.At least I wouldn't hafta hear complaints from both Ayah and Pasha on how ridiculous they'd look in pink baju Melayu.But of course,we weren't totally off the hook.They both managed to force themselves into their pink baju Melayu for my solemnization ceremony ;P

So as most of you might already knew,the wedding reception was held on the same day of the solemnization ceremony.10 hours later,to be exact.There wasn't much time for us to prepare ourselves and relax within those 10 hours,coz time seemed to be very jealous of us on that day.Everything went so fast that I hardly got time to catch a breath!

After lunching at the Sultan Salahuddin Aziz Shah mosque's compound,we went back home to change and stash a few more necessary items in our overnight bags,then headed straight to Dewan Sri Endon to check-in at the apartment provided and rooms rented by my parents.I just threw the overnight bag and got myself ready for the reception rehearsal with the emcees,band,technicians,flower girls and singers.Trust me when I said that the rehearsal didn't actually go well.Everyhing I've planned and had in mind months before my reception had to altered due to 'obscure' protocols.I was so frustrated with the changes that hafta be made and the end of the ceremony,my reception was gona be just exactly like other Malay wedding receptions,filled with protocols and stereotypical orders/gestures/movements.Boooring!

Too frustrated,I went away from the venue and got myself ready for the night.It was almost 6pm anyway,and my kind and sweet makeup artist,KuYee,was already waiting at the apartment with his curlers,hairdryer and makeup brushes.Such dedication!

By 7.30pm,those involved in the ceremony had swarmed the apartment to get ready.My beloved flower girls and bridesmaid were out at the living hall,getting their makeup done by another makeup artist,the photographers were wandering around looking for moments and objects to be captured on camera,Sweetie Pie and his best man were talking non-stop in our room trying to cheer things up while putting on their tuxedos and I was fidgeting like hell while KuYee was slapping my face with makeup and curling my hair with a hot thong.By 8.30pm,we were all ready to hit the hall's big doors!

While checking my reflection in the mirror at the apartment,Bak the photographer snapped this.

So I told my invited friends and colleagues to dress up 'GLAMOUR' for my wedding reception,and to my surprise,they really did!Before we marched into the hall,we were told to standby in the waiting room at 1st floor to wait for the VIPs' arrival.Not long after,the usherer gave a thumbs up and down the spiral steps we went.

The setup of our dais on the hall's big stage.

As we were marching into the hall after given the queue,another glitch happened to appear.I specifically picked a classic tune from 1 of the soundtracks of Man In The Iron Mask movie coz it was slow,sweet and calming.But what did I get?An annoyingly repeating short version of the track!It stopped at 1 part of the track and repeated back from the start 3 times like a broken vinyl record!While walking down the aisle,deep in my heart,I was swearing and cursing the sound technician who made it go wrong!As a classy bride,I just hafta continue walking with Sweetie Pie holding my hands next to me,and bare with the error,til we were finally up at the dais.

Us,walking down the aisle and our wedding cake.Love the flower icing details.
During the renjis ceremony,right after the opening speech by the emcees and doa recital.Above was the picture Papa and Mama (Sweetie Pie's parents) giving their bless on us.

Another glitch during the ceremony?ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!It was my hair this time!

As much I hated to admit this,but I gotta agree to KuYee that I did (and still do) have stubborn straight hair.Even after being set up and sprayed with cans of hairspray,once they hit an air conditioned room,they would just go flat and out of place.And that was what happened during the ceremony!My fringe kept falling across my forehead!

Ok,I sucked up the hair part and tried to enjoy the rest of the ceremony.Amazingly,I did have a great time,especially during dinner,coz I got to dine at the high table and enjoy the show.The performers I specially assigned to sing at my wedding reception were magnificent!Hazrul 'Jejai' sang 'Sedetik Lebih' by Anuar Zain beautifully and Iqa sang 'Mencintaimu' her heart out wonderfully!They were just awesome,and extremely great friends too!

Well,the ceremony didn't just end after the cake cutting ceremony and Thank You speech from Ayah.There was also a surprise performance from Sweetie Pie!Okay,I wasn't THAT surprised coz I already knew that he was gonna sing for me that night,except that I have no clue on what song he was gonna sing and how good his voice really was.So,JENG JENG JENG!Once the emcee announced that Sweetie Pie would be singing,accompanied by the live band,it was quite shocking.It was daring of him to actually sing with a live band than a minus one.

Once the music started,I immediately recognized the opening of the song,it was 'Gadisku',popular in the 80s sang by Amy Search!Okay,so my husband was sweet.Deal with it! =D 

The song goes like this :

Seri mewangi bagai disiram selautan kasturi
Terindah padamu kerna tak pernah meminta selain cinta
Dialah gadisku (selalu) selama-lamanya

Tak peduli kata orang terhadap dirinya
Aku tahu dia gadisku
Tak peduli nista yang terlempar padaku
Dia tahu dia gadisku

Cinta kan bermakna jika sama saling memahami
Cintaku bercahaya jika disulami cinta suci

Halfway through the song,not wanting to be a flattered-wife-doing-nothing-on-the-dais loser,I got up to Sweetie Pie and kissed his cheek on the stage while he was singing,without actually realizing the effect I put on him.He got distracted with the kiss and suddenly lost the lyrics in his head!It wasn't just that.At the end of the song,he tried to reach for the high note but failed miserably!Poor thing.Everyone in the hall laughed horribly,including myself! =D

Putting aside the terrible sound Sweetie Pie made at the end of the song,he was truly an awesome and sweet husband for throwing his voice out at his own wedding.He wasn't scared of humiliation and criticism,just wanted the wedding reception to be a memorable one.But he received recognitions from all the guests for being such a rockstar.Well,that's my guy! =D

I haven't got the chance to express my utmost gratitude to my parents,brother,grandma,aunts uncles and cousins,close friends (you guys know who you are) and those involved (designer,makeup artist,performers) on this blog for making the night happened.Without you,the wedding would be a total failure.I love you guys so much.Your help and efforts will be repaid by The One and only,up there.

Well,more official pictures of the wedding reception will be posted as soon as I got my hands on them from the photographers.So at the moment,just enjoy whatever that I'm posting temporarily.I'll be posting about the wedding gifts and my new home on this blog very soon.Take care!

The pictures are courtesies of Bakri Hafiz Hisham,Shah Zainal and Azuha Mamat.Also thanks to Faridzul Anuar.
You guys are such amazing talented young photographers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

With A Single Lafaz......

Yerp,last 25th February 2012,with a single lafaz,I was officially married to the guy of my dreams =) I'm still getting the hang of being called 'Puan' (I know right?Nothing can top being a 'Cik') ,but so far married life had been treating me well.Well enough to overcome the fear of losing my single hood freedom.

Let me take you back to the day before our solemnization ceremony was held.

That Friday morning of 24th February,I finally received the dress for my solemnization ceremony,so that afternoon,off we (Ibu and I) went to the nearest Ariani outlet to get myself a matching hijab for the dress.Not that my designer,Oscar Jeprey hadn't offered himself to create a matching veil for the dress using the same material given by me,but I refused to let him prepare them for me.In my head,I've always imagined not being a stereotypical bride who wears a matching veil,and perhaps a tiara on the head for her solemnization ceremony,so I decided to ditch both veil and tiara.I went for a simpler approach.A matching chiffon hijab with a flower corsage (designed by Oscar Jeprey) tucked at the side of my ridiculously tiny head.The helpful and friendly staffs at Ariani made it possible for me to get that perfect hijab which coordinated with that weird color of my dress.

In the evening,cousins,Aunts and friends started swarming our home to assist us with the process of completing the whole look of our 800 door gifts.The gift was a silver egg holder in a box,neatly tied with a silver ribbon.So the tasks were to unwrap the box,put in an egg (telur pindang)with a few loose white and beige pearls into the holder (and box),and tie back the ribbon neatly around the box.Imagine repeating the tasks for 800 empty egg holders!The extra hands came in handy and the whole process only took approximately 7 hours to be completed.

While others were busy with telur pindangs in their hands,Hanna (my bridesmaid),Fatin (Hanna's little sister),Nadd (the other bestie),GeeGee (cousin) and I went to Maju Junction to collect my hantaran trays decorated with fresh flowers and wedding reception dress right after dinner.But what's a wedding without glitches.The first,and perhaps the worst glitch that I had to go through with was that my beloved bridesmaid couldn't fit into her dress!Partly,it was my fault that I was so confident with Hanna's new measurement since she mentioned that she had lost some weight.But when I tried to zip her up in her brand new ivory bridesmaid dress,the zip when up just half way!I almost cried hopelessly but I remained calm like I've always been throughout the wedding preps.Trust me,the word 'bridezilla' never existed in my dictionary.

After making a few attempts of persuading Leng,Oscar's friend cum Creative Director assistant to help us altering the dress,we still failed horrendously.Leng needed to fully utilize her time with the setting up of our dais for the reception in the evening at the hall,so she couldn't afford to waste any of her precious time on the dress.When Plan A failed,I quickly jumped into Plan B and decided to rent a nice white dress from the boutique for Hanna to wear at the reception.The former bridesmaid's dress was passed to Nadd since she was there helping out and fit the dress perfectly.I didn't want the dress to go to waste so I added the number of my flower girls =)

I ended the eve of my wedding day by going to bed at 2 in the morning,and woke up 5 hours later to get ready for the big day!Imagine my exhaustion! =(

That beautiful Saturday morning went off without a hitch,except for the part when none of us remembered bringing along the cushions for the bride,groom and Ayah to sit on during the solemnization ceremony at the mosque and Pasha had to drive all the way back to Bukit Jelutong from Sultan Salahuddin Aziz Shah mosque to pick the cushions up.Another minor glitch I must say,but everyone played a part into stalling the Imam to proceed with the ritual before the cushions arrived.The wait was nerve wrecking that I could just passed out!Lucky that I didn't.Pheww!

After a single lafaz from Sweetie Pie at approximately 11am,we were legally pronounced as man and wife.What a relief! =)

All guests were invited to have lunch with us at the mosque compound not long after.The day was sunny and bright,absolutely perfect for the ceremony.Well,I'm gona leave you folks here and continue with the next episode of journey through my wedding on the next post.Next post will be on the wedding reception at Dewan Sri Endon,after I'm back from Sydney.So stay tuned!Good night! =)