Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Daze

Like I've tweeted a week ago,most of my weekends were occupied with wedding preparations.It might be a little early for preparations but I seriously do no wish to be a bridezilla,bitching on the innocents,when the big day is approaching near.So baby steps,folks.Baby steps.

To those who are tying their knots soon,I hope you lovely birds are aware bout the Promosi Kerja Kahwin 2011 event held at Kompleks Kraf,Jln Conlay KL.The event started last 2days and will end on 6th June.Well,both Sweetie Pie and I went to check out the event earlier today.

It was definitely the right place to be for those who were or still are clueless on where to start with their big days' preparations.From cards,to photography packages,wedding planners and catering,you just name them.Everything was there,and all we had to do was hold out our sweaty palms for dozens of brochures/flyers and business cards shoved to us.

Beautiful samples of wedding cakes lined up by the aisles waiting to be tasted.As well as cute cupcakes and other tempting pastries.1 thing I can bet on is that your eyes will go round 360degrees just to decide which cake you find the most attractive,deserved to be laid on your big day's wedding cake table.It was fun though.

Door gift ideas and samples.

Wedding planners were everywhere across the hall,trying to persuade customers with their so-called great services that they were meant to offer.It was interesting to see so many layouts of different pelamins and gubahan hantaran ideas.From the pricey ones down to the economical ones for couples on tight budgets.Caterers were busy promoting their choices of dishes by serving the visiting customers,but I swear I saw some who were just there to enjoy free food,with no intentions of hiring a caterer what so ever =P

Nothing was decided yet,so both of us ended up heading home with piles of promotion brochures.Perhaps,we'll pay the Kompleks Kraf another visit once minds were made up.After all,the event will go on til 6th June.

I'm so not down with these heavy businesses of planning a wedding.I wish I could just freeze the time and stay like this forever =P

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gigantic Headphones

It was a great Sunday morning when Sweetie Pie and I decided to hangout starting with a breakfast date.My stomach was craving for delicious strips of beef bacons,perhaps with some baked beans,along with fluffy omelette/scrambled eggs and toast so badly!So we decided to visit Levain Boulangerie and Patisserie at Jln Delima,KL.It was told by my colleague that Levain provides great variety of breakfast dishes,and apparently everybody was well aware of that.As we got there,most of the tables were occupied and breakfast was no longer served.Insisted on fulfilling my crave for a plate of yummy breakfast dish,we left the area and headed towards Jln Bukit Bintang.

We totally had no idea of where to sit for a great breakfast until we found First Cup Cafe outside of Sungei Wang Plaza.Their choices of breakfast sets were remarkable,and we just couldn't wait to dig in!

It was our first time there so both Sweetie Pie and I decided to try on their Beef Breakfast Set,as in the image above.Mouth watering eh?

Sweetie Pie busy spreading his slices of toast with butter.

The place was cool and air conditioned and the food was undeniably delicious.Too excited with the food,I accidentally 'splashed' some of the baked beans' gravy towards my cardigan not long after.Crap.
It was one messy accident yet fixable.

After rubbing some ice on the stain,it magically went off.Thank goodness,or I would hafta go home and changed into a new cardigan.Imagine that.

After breakfast,we headed towards Low Yatt Plaza for the usual gadgets/accessory hunt.I wanted a new keyboard protector for my Macbook as the previous transparent protector had turned yellow-ish within 5 months (I suck at taking good care of things) while Sweetie Pie wanted a new cover for his Blackberry.We got our things,yet we still irresponsibly wandered around looking for unnecessary things to buy.Sweetie Pie had always eyed on a Skull Candy gigantic headphone to plugged into his Ipod Touch when we suddenly encountered with a great bargain price for Skull Candy headphones.Without 2nd thoughts,he happily grabbed an all-white one.On the other hand,I saw this colorful Piiq headphone by Sony through a display glass.

As much as I wanted to keep myself updated with the latest movies showing,at times I would miss a bunch of good ones due to work.I just recently downloaded a movie called Beastly,starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens.It was an awesome movie and I actually watched it over and over again ever since!Romantic flicks are catnips to a sappy tool like me=)Anyway,in 1 of the scenes,Vanessa Hudgens was seen walking around the city at night time listening to her Ipod while Alex Pettyfer followed her closely behind.The only thing that sticked to this pathetic mind of mine was how enormous the headphone she was putting across her head to listen to her Ipod,and she looked pretty cool in it!It didn't seem tacky at all!

This is not a picture from the scene but just an example on how she looked like with a big headphone.

So back to the story in Low Yatt.When looking at the funky gigantic Sony headphone,it reminded me of Vannesa Hudgens when she was wearing one in Beastly.Jealous with the fact that Sweetie Pie has a new big headphone along with a little desperation to look just as cool as Hudgens,I decided to purchase one without thinking of the consequences that I might hafta bare when traveling with a big headphone that most probably will consume space=P 

It is adorably funky with shades turquoise,pink and yellow.So my kinda thing=D Oh yeah,just got those bangs earlier before wrapping the Sunday date up.And Ms Pear,please do not call me Denna-Bitch-Long-Legs this coming Tuesday,like the last time you did when I had a newly cut bangs a few years ago! 

Did you folks enjoyed your weekends?I personally hope so =)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Coach Bag For Sale!

Since the 1st Coach Bag I sold last year was a hit among my friends,and apparently ended in safe hands of a guy (thank you Getot!),it got me thinking that I should make a garage sale out of my branded items more often!Just to create more ample spaces for my new future stuffs,hehe.

Anyway,the second bag from my personal wardrobe I'm selling today is another Coach handbag.It is a Coach Heritage tote I owned for a year but only worn once!You can see it being worn during my trip to Universal Studios in Singapore last year in October.The rest of its lifetime was spent quietly in its sleeping/dust bag in my closet.

As you can see,it's a brown with white stripes Coach Heritage.Its size is perfect for shopping or students going for their classes as it can fit in a 12 inch and lower size of laptops.It will completely comes with its original Coach dust bag,Coach care cards and Coach hangtag.I am soooooo against piracy,hence you can be assure that this is an authentic/original bag from Coach.

Its exterior and interior are perfectly clean EXCEPT for these minor scuffs that you can see from the images below.It wasn't created by me,perhaps it was due to the age or environmentally damaged.The scuffs can barely be seen as they are pretty minor and not obvious but I'm just trying to be honest here.They are located somewhere at the back of the bag (near the back button) and also around the zipper.Otherwise my Coach bag,which can be yours,is as good as new!

Get this bag as an addition to spice up your handbag collections!I'm only selling it for RM320 (negotiable) which is simply a great price for an authentic Coach bag.Plus,it was only used once!

View from the top.
View from the back.
Another view of the front part.
View of the inside.Gorgeously lined with tattershall design.

Contact me if you're interested!Through email,Twitter,FaceBook or shout box...I'm flexible! =D

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CCN 1st Official Meeting

Cabin Crew Night is going West End!!

Ever heard of The West End in London?Well,it is an area in central London where the famous and glamourous commercial West End theatre located at.Along with New York's Broadway theatre,West End theatre is considered to represent the highest level of commercial theatre in the English speaking world.Seeing a West End show is a common tourist activity in London,as Ayah and Ibu normally do during their visits to London.I definitely ate my heart out everytime I heard of their experience watching shows such as Mamma Mia or Cats at The West End as I've never been there.

So,it's time to bring West End to KL as we (Cabin Crew Night performers) will be performing a number of well known songs from the West End during Cabin Crew Night.Our aim is to mesmerize the audience with our routines of dances along with the costumes singing the songs as if the audience are really having a blast seeing a West End show in London.No harm of being optimistic right?After all,we are hiring a great Malaysian choreographer to lead us during rehearsals for this purpose.Not to forget,that we also have a team of old time performers among the cabin crew ourselves as well as experienced technical teams.

Our first official meeting held at the academy was quite short,simple and straight to the point of our main goal for the event.With a little ice breaking session and recap of the previous performances that we did,everyone was satisfied with the whole concept and idea for the event,although no date and venue was fixed at the moment.They remained a question mark.

All I can say is that I'm really thrilled for the first rehearsal to commence in June and the outcome after everything has been perfectly bind together.Will update you folks more on the progress of our Cabin Crew Night and hope you folks are as  excited as I am too!Have a great day dear ones!

With a fellow dancer and dear friend,Melanie.

P/S: A special shoutout to 1 of my dearest cousins,Kak Maryam and her baby Aqil!It's a great feeling knowing that a family member supports you.Hope to see you guys during Raya!Muahxx!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Milford Sound/Piopiotahi

My most fave pic that Ayah took throughout our Aotearoa trip.Daddy's little girl =)

Piopiotahi.Funny as it might sounds in Maori,it is a famous tourist attraction especially nature and picturesque scenery lovers.There is hardly any people living there as they are no facilities and accommodation there.Not even a traffic light.The nearest town from Milford Sound will be Te Anau which is 2hours away.

We departed from Queenstown,driving our rental car as early as 8 in the morning on our 2nd last day in Queenstown.The journey took approximately 3hours and half to reach Milford Sound.There was neither motorway nor a highway throughout the journey except long winding  1 lane roads.Upon reaching Milford Sound,we could see waterfalls,river banks and splendid sights of nature outside.It was mesmerizing.

We arrived Milford Sound just on time for our nature cruise with Real Journeys on a big cruise called Milford Mariner.

It was a 2hour sightseeing cruise with specialist nature guides on board.We received a close up experience of Milford Sound's rainforest,soaring rock walls and wildlife such as dolphins,seals and penguins.Sadly,not the penguins that day.They might have been hibernating somewhere around the fiords coz not even their sulphur-yellow eyebrows were seen ='( Dolphins were everywhere,happily racing with our cruise while there were adorable seals doing back strokes by the rookery.Didn't snap any pictures of them though,and now I'm regretting it.

The views were breathtaking.

Milford Sound was truly unique and awe inspiring location.Going on a Milford Sound sightseeing cruise was 1 of the must-do experiences in New Zealand that we managed to achieve.

The next day,it was time to leave Queenstown.Not just Queenstown,our flight departing for KUL was due on the same evening from Auckland.

The Mill House-our little cabin at Queenstown.
The last 2 pictures taken at Queenstown.

It was a memorable trip to Aotearoa.All of us had the best of times,all thanks to Ayah for being such a generous gentlemen funding our expenses there.Well,he's planning another trip next year,not to sure bout the destination though.All I know is that I can't wait to pack my bags again and leave the our miserable haunting daily routines,also known as responsibilities.

I guess this would be my last entry on New Zealand,so hope you folks are prepared and 'thrilled' to read bout the usual stuffs going on in my life in the coming entries =P Til then folks!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shotover Jet

On the same of arrival into Queenstown,we didn't just hang around the town doing nothing.We went up to Bob's Peak via gondola for remarkable views overlooking Queenstown.At the peak,we dined,snapped some pictures and inhaled the fresh cold air surrounding it.There were also activities such as bungy jump,paragliding and luge ride but we did none of those.Bungy and paragliding was too thrilling and extreme for us (except Pasha coz he successfully did it not long ago) while luge riding didn't interest us coz we've already done it in Rotorua.

After we've had enough of the views,we went down and drove to Shotover River for a thrilling jet boat ride called Shotover Jet.It was a breathtaking unique ride through dramatic and narrow canyons while holding on tight for the  exhilarating full 360degrees spins made by the boat driver.It was the most awesome experience we've ever had riding on a jet boat,although we were freaking wet due to the splashing of cold water from the river.

The view of the river canyons was fantastic.
Two gentlemen yang sgt over =P
Before the ride started.We were fully equipped with wet proof jackets and life vests.
Revving up the engine.
The fantastic 360degrees spin!

After the half an hour jet boat ride,I could barely feel my legs on the ground when getting out of the bout.My knees were shaking and face muscles were cramped due to the cold wind that had been slapping my face throughout the speedy ride.The next time I'm in Queenstown,Shotover Jet is a must for me to get on as the experience was unforgettable!

The Town of Queens

After the graduation ceremony,it was time to say goodbye to Auckland and say Hello to Queenstown of the South!

We left for ZQN flying on JQ.It was my first time on a low cost carrier and it wasn't a bad experience at all.Don't get me wrong though.I would be delighted to fly on Air Asia or JetStar once in a awhile but why trouble myself traveling on a low cost carrier when I can fly on our national carrier free of charge or just by paying 25% off the full fare?

Unfortunately,once we stepped into the JetStar's A320 to Queenstown that morning,Ibu went telling a stewardess on that flight that her daughter a.k.a. moi is a proud flying stewardess as well.She even added for which airline I'm currently flying for.Dang!Keeping a low profile flying on another's airline seemed to be out of hand now.As I made my way to the lavatory while cruising towards Queenstown,it seemed like the news had been contagiously spread among the cabin crews on that flight and they stopped me by the galley to ask more.I knew that they were just being friendly by engaging a conversation with a passenger that most certainly has something in common to talk about (coz I did it all the time too),but I couldn't help myself from being flattered especially when they labelled me as being 'attractive' and 'polite' which matches the criteria of being a cabin crew.What can I say.I was just doing the honor of bringing the brand of my country wherever I go so that nobody could question it =)

I read my book throughout the flight while Sweetie Pie was busy catching up with his sleep.

No doubt it was a horrible view =P

After 2hours of flight,we finally landed at Queenstown.I'm telling you that you've never seen beauty til you get your eyes on Queenstown.Queenstown is built around an inlet called Queenstown Bay on a long thin lake formed by glacial process,Lake Wakatipu.I know right?All of us loved to make fun of the name too.We concluded that the people living around 'selalu kena tipu'.Haha!=D Anyway,the town has spectacular views of nearby mountains.We were totally mesmerized.

Queenstown was not that big so we could practically walked around the little town on our 2 feets and covered the whole the shopping area within an hour or 2.There was an alley full of duty free shops,including 1 little Louis Vuitton boutique,called Queenstown Mall.

The stuffs they were selling there were so much cheaper than those selling in Auckland or Rotorua,and amazingly the shops there were opened up to 8pm!That was quite rare for countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

With Cookie Time's furry little mascot.
Fetching head gears I must say =D

We loitered around the town til it was late and managed to drop by Hell's Pizza for dinner and supermarket for some groceries before heading back to our little cabin at Pinewood.Stay tune for more interesting activities we did on the South!

The Convocation

The most anticipated day of the Year 2011 finally came.It was Pasha's convocation day,the main reason why all of us went through the hassle of taking a week off,just to be there in Auckland.He's now officially a graduate from the University of Auckland.Yeay!=D

That morning of the big day,all of us woke up early to dress extra smart for the occasion.The ceremony took place at Auckland's City Hall,not far from the apartment we lived in.It was drizzling outside but we still decided on walking towards the destination.Pasha had to be at the City Hall slightly earlier than the rest of us as the graduates were to march together in their graduation robes outside the hall towards the entrance.It was fortunate that the ceremony started of with engineering graduates,then followed by law and arts graduates at noon.

The seats in City Hall were comfy enough to doze off while the people on stage including the Chancellor were giving speeches,but of course we didn't have the guts to do that.It was just a nasty thought =P 

After the hatting ceremony ended,we headed to the photo booth outside for a professional portrait of the graduate along with his family.The portrait taken was a little too formal and skema for me so I won't be putting it up in this entry.Instead,you folks can view the informal pictures of us taken with the graduate in a purple robe.

The white grad teddy was a gift from both Sweetie Pie and I...
....while the brown teddy is the official graduation teddy of the University.Pretty cute huh?

Last but not least,CONGRATULATIONS for making it happen,Bro!I bet your future will be as bright as the background color in the picture above,no doubt bout that!=D