Friday, December 31, 2010

Briefing,Karaoke And Shopping

Earlier today,all of us in the B777 conversion class had to submit our reports at the academy frm 8.30am til 11am.After submission,we were free to go home so most of us decided to spend some time together having fun.

So we ended up with the idea of lunch and karaoke at Red Box,Sunway Pyramid.I totally forgot when was the last time I went for karaoke.Seriously,it has been awhile coz singing is sooooo not my thing.It's not my thing coz I don't have a good voice,as simple as that.Hehe.But watching others sing never failed to amuse me.

Lunch at Red Box was not that good,but luckily a few of us including myself managed to grab some lunch at the academy before proceeding to Sunway.Man,those enjoyed singing really had a great time screaming their lungs out on their favourite tunes while I just sat there giggling and laughing to watch their amateur performances.Some got carried away with their songs while some acted as if they were American Idols.Hahaha..It was super fun!

After Red Box,my best guy buddies and I decided to go for some gadget and accessory shopping at Lowyat Plaza.Since I haven't properly introduced my guy friends to Sweetie Pie,I invited Sweetie Pie along to join us at Lowyat Plaza.I was relieved to see that all of them could get along well and shared lots of conversations with each other.All 5 of us basically have the same interest which is our personal electronic gadgets,mainly our 'Apples'.We wondered around the plaza looking for our gadget accessories and ended up having dinner at Kopi Club,where we (or to be specific,Khairul) illegally cracked the passcode for its WiFi connection which was never meant to be used for free!=P 

All of us got so caught up installing and updating our gadgets at the dinner table til the time showed 8pm!Time to head home and each of us ended up bringing home a plastic bag filled with gadget accessories.

It was one hell of a day but we realized that we'll never get a day like this in the future anymore.Sweetie Pie will start working at a new place this Monday,while the remaining 4 of us will make our on way in the blue skies.Sad,sad,sad...=(

The boys.

Christmas In Shanghai,Boxing Day In Melbourne

You know what Christmas and Boxing Day means to me?Discounts and knocked down prices all over the place!!The only thing you're supposed to do is shop til you drop on your knees in exhaustion =P

Last week has been pretty hectic to me.I've been juggling flights and dates with Mr Fiance in between classes.I had no idea how I did it,but I managed to get through it with grace.

A day before Christmas,we departed frm KL to Shanghai with super heavy load of passengers on board.When we reached Shanghai at noon,the outside temperature was already less than 10degrees Celsius so imagine the temperature there at night.But we still proceed with our plan to shop by exploring a new shopping place at a subway station.It was a place where you could get branded stuffs at bargain prices,but I doubt the authenticity of the stuffs.As you all might knew,I never supported piracy and imitations so I ended up not buying that much of stuffs.Just some souvenirs for me to bring back home.My colleagues went crazy bargaining for all sorts of items frm bags to clothes and gadgets.

Hate to say this,but I find it amusing to watch buyers get scolded or called out with names by the seller whenever the seller feels that prices offered by potential buyers are ridiculously low.And note this,I only find it funny if it happens in China.Well,most Chinese sellers can't converse well in English so when tourists bargain for better prices,they will either use calculators or sign language to counter the offers.Some will shout out "You're crazy,you're crazy!This price,no business for me!!".Bargaining with non-English speaking Chinese sellers is the best part of the shopping experience =D

Snapping a moment in between bargains.

I hopped to the Down Under frm the Orient just before Boxing Day.Well,the thing I hate bout this country is the fact that their shops are closed down from business as early as 6pm,except on a Boxing Day.When I reached there,I dozed out til 4pm at noon and it also meant that I didn't have much time left to shop before the shops around town were closed.There were a few shops that extended their business hours due to Boxing Day,so I managed to grab a few favourite stuffs that I normally get for myself in Australia.

Nothing specifically interesting happened while I was in Melbourne but not far frm our hotel,Melbourne's Aquarium was having hammer head sharks in their tanks for a limited time.I'd really love to see those and also some cute penguins in their tuxedos at the aquarium but our stay there wasn't tht long and sufficient enough to explore more of Melbourne.But the nxt time I drop by,I'd definitely visit the aquarium although it'll cost me AUD64 for the entrance fee.

I hope it is not too late to wish you folks a Merry Christmas and keep enjoying your holidays while you're in the festive mood=)

Malaysia VS Indonesia's Suzuki Cup

Malaysia's team really did us proud by doing well in the most recent Suzuki Cup tournament eh?After years of losing,they finally achieved the champion title.Even Ferdinand frm Manchester United congratulated Malaysia's team through his tweet Twitter.That was totally something,wasn't it?

To those who did not follow me on Twitter or Foursquare,you might not have guessed that I actually went to Stadium Putra,Bukit Jalil to watch the game Malaysia against Indonesia last Sunday.It was a spontaneous decision that Sweetie Pie and his friends did,by purchasing tickets for the game.I was included in their spontaneous little plan,of course.

When I was younger,Ayah used to bring us the whole family to Shah Alam stadium for football games on weekends.Those days,in between the year 1996 and 1997,we were die hard fans of the Selangor football team as they were pretty famous and unbeatable.We enjoyed the weekly routine to the stadium and loved watching most of the games.Ayah even bought us matching Selangor jerseys and caps to be worn during the games.So,my last visit to Stadium Putra reminded me on how much I used to enjoy watching hot guys passing and kicking balls around the field.

That Sunday evening,we arrived at the stadium a little later than we planned so it was hard for us to find proper seats with a great view of the field.Man,the stadium was jam packed with fanatic fans!After several minutes of wondering around the stadium looking for empty available seats,we managed to find a few vacant ones but guess where the seats were situated at?At the specific zone where all Indonesian fans were seated at!We had no other better options,so seating among the opponents seemed pretty good to us.We kept a very low profile while seating in between those 'red and white' fans,and were almost unnoticeable.But some Malaysian fans were just being typical Malaysians.They provoked the opponents by doing some nasty annoying stuffs that caused trouble and chaos around the area.When the situation were out of hands,a few policemen came to sort things out.

I'm telling you that I totally freaked out when the opponent fans started bombarding harsh words back to the provoking Malaysians and throwing non-empty mineral water bottles towards the field which hit most of the FRU members on guard by the field.

I had no idea what actually happened but all of a sudden,red thick smoke started spreading into thin air.And I was positive that the smoke was initiated by a Malaysian fan.

The night was one hell of an experience which I do not wish to face anymore.I've imagined bad things that could've happened to us while vulnerably seated at the wrong part of the stadium and the Malaysian team scoring more than one goal.But Alhamdulillah,all of us managed to get out of the stadium in one perfect piece after the game ended..Phewww!!Although the experience was a little scary,it was still enjoyable and fun to do something like it after years of leaving the sight of stadiums and football games.Thanks Sweetie Pie =)

Seating among the opponents wasn't such a good idea.Never ever repeat our mistake,folks!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Drill Day

Little did I know,yesterday was our last day of the 777 course.Sad moments....*sighs*.But before we come to that part,we've had our memorable moments during practical drills.

The list of drills that we went through were smoke drill,door and emergency evacuation drill,slide drill and last but not least wet/pool drill.Drill day was a pretty stress-free day as the important exams have all been seated,so it was time to have some fun!The last time we had these much fun going through all the drills in one day was 6 years ago.Back then,we were flight steward/stewardess trainees at the academy.

First stop was the smoke drill.I'll explain to you folks the process of this drill.It'd always started with each an everyone of us having to fight a fire initiated inside the smoke house using a BCF.After it was completed,the professionals would fill the smoke house with smoke and arranged the interior of the smoke house with obstructions.We were required to enter the dark and smoke filled smoke house 2 by 2 til we found the exit on the opposite side of the smoke house.It was always challenging to walk through the dark and obstructed smoke house,and some of us even got themselves confused when finding the exit.Some took less than 5minutes to escape frm the disaster while some kept going round and round the smoke house,lost their way in finding the exit.The situation portrayed the real situation of an emergency crash where all powers would be shut down automatically and smoke filling the aircraft cabin due to the crash.All you need to do would be staying low,avoiding yourselves frm inhaling too much of toxic smoke and walk your way out of the aircraft cabin.

These were our cheerful morning faces before having to enter the smoke house.

Next stop was the 777 mockup for our door/emergency evacuation drill.This was a drill which all of us hafta brush our emergency command skills by shouting "Emergency,emergency!Heads down,grab ankles and remain seated!" and "Evacuate,evacuate!Release seat belts,leave everything,heels off!Come this way!" as loud as possible.My classmates went hysterical and crazy joking around and laughing when bizarre situations were given by our instructor for us to imply with.One of the craziest situation was all of us were to act as handicapped passengers that chartered the whole flight and suddenly a prepared crash land was about to hit us.Most of us were either leg-less or deaf and dumb,so the operating crews had to think of a way on how to brace us for the crash and how to help us out of the mishap.Like I said earlier,my classmates went crazy acting like total handicaps just to make things more difficult for the operating crews.I just couldn't stopped laughing and holding myself frm taking a visit to the loo,so I stormed out the mockup area straight to the washroom without asking for any permission in mid of the situation.When I came back,most of my classmates were laughing at me as they were assuming that I was either about to vomit,couldn't stand myself frm doing 'big business' at the loo or just plain hysterical!Crazy people!Sheessshhh...

This was one of the situations when 'passengers' panicked during a ditching emergency by wrestling and pushing the operating crews away.It looked more like they were playing American football,weren't they?=)

The favourite of all drills came next,the slide drill!Yeay!!Most of us loved jumping down the slide as we were no longer allowed to go down the playground slides.Well,for those who never had a clue what the slides were for,slides would automatically deployed during a crash landing and doors were opened in the emergency armed mode.All passengers and crews must go down the slides to escape.

I wonder if we would still be smiling such way after going down the slides during a real crash landing situation =P

The last drill of the day,which was our least favourite drill was the wet/pool drill.It was such a shame that I didn't get to capture any kodak moments during the drill as we were all busy surviving in our yellow life jackets in the pool.Swimming and floating using the life jackets in our uniforms was seriously tough,no joking matter.Remember there was  an incident where a fishing boat capsized at the Straits of Malacca and one of the fishermen survived after 15hours of floating in the sea?I don't know he did it,but I sure respected his sea survival skills!

It was a wrap for the day after the wet drill.It was hard to say goodbye after seeing each other every day in class for almost 3weeks now,but at the same time we just couldn't wait to invade the blue skies again.The blue skies is where we all belong.But just as I left the parking space at the basement,while driving my way out the academy compound,there was a loud BOOM sound and my car swerved to the left and went out of control!I drove it to an available parking space nearby and saw that my left tyre was completely punctured!Luckily,most of my classmates were still around the academy area so most of them saw me trying to change the tyre on their way out.Most of them stopped and helped out.I don't know what I'd do without them.One of them even said it was their first attempt of changing a 4WD car's tyre but still,guys are totally meant to change tyres while ladies should just sit by the curb and wait=P

To Khairul,Nizam,Fahmi,Hairi,Zamri,Getot and guys are the best!My Nautica was totally in good hands=)

It was an unfortunate tragedy,but overall,I had a great day.The day ended with Sweetie Pie coming by to get my Nautica a new spare tyre at the nearest workshop,then later to Sushi Zanmai at Sunway Pyramid for some delicious sushis at tea time.After all I've gone through in one day,I retired for bed at 9 last night.Man,I was exhausted!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wet Run

Hey folks!It's lunch time on a cloudy beautiful Friday.Well,as most of you might know that ladies will get extra rest and free time on Fridays while the Muslim gentlemen go for their prayers.So,that's why I'm here blogging right now =)

Just like to share our 'wet run' experience last two days during our service procedure course.Ok,basically 'wet run' is a term used for practical session on service procedure.Why 'wet'?Because there were real food and beverages served during our practical,catered by our company's sky caterer.

This is how a 'wet run' is organized.A few crews will be assigned as the operating crew while the rest will act as passengers on board.The unlucky operating crews will lay out their duties as per procedure according to their working positions,as if it is a real flight.The 'wet run' is performed from the start where all passengers (non-operating crews) boarded and seated in the mock up (aircraft model),to services on ground and inflight,til the end of flight when we finally land.

Still can't imagine it?

I'll share some pictures here...FYI,official photographer of that day was yours truly =)

Boarding of 'passengers'...
Pre-departure services...
After take-off : Cocktail service...
...followed by serving of our signature satay...

Then the pre-plated appetizer and main course dish...
...and finally the serving coffee/tea and dessert.

The food were mouth-watering,weren't they?I didn't get to taste much as I was wondering around the cabin snapping pictures but I bet they tasted similar like those we served on board.The operating crews performed well during our wet run and despite the hectic-ness,they still managed to have some fun in the galley while preparing food for us.


I hope you folks got a better picture on how our wet run was performed with the images above.We made perfect practices to deliver the best to our customers.

So folks,book a ticket with us and you'll some of these familiar cheerful faces on board.Last but not least,experience our Malaysian Hospitality =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

RMC's Old Boys' Weekend

High school year was the most memorable phase in my life.I became a better a person,fell in and out of love (more than once),created strong bonds of friendship with my current girlfriends,tried new outrageous things,broke a few rules and met Sweetie Pie =).I loved high school but at the same time,I'm extremely glad it was over too.Staying with 600 other girls under 1 roof was pretty tough =P

Yesterday was an old boys' weekend event at Sweetie Pie's former high school.I've been to a few all boys schools but I was curious in knowing the environment that he used to be surrounded with and living in.So I took the opportunity of being invited to the event to get a closer view on his previous stage of life.

There were not much differences with the environment that I used to live in during my teenage years,except the facilities there were wayyyyy older than those at my school.The tradition and way of living were pretty much the same,except that girls never really hurt their juniors physically.

This was 'hell' conducted by the old boys towards the newbies.
The reunion of batch 9902.
The dynamic duo.

Every single corner of Sweetie Pie's school reminded me of my own former school back in Seremban,but like I said,mine with better facilities.Hehe.Sweetie Pie and friends showed me around the school compound including their bunks,dining hall and cafeteria,classes as well as their nasty toilets!Ewwhhh.......We watched a few games which involved the old boys playing against the present RMC boys before we ended our visit in the evening.The rugby game was dope,but I almost fell asleep out at the field due to exhaustion.Well,at least now I got visions planted in my head on how,what and why Sweetie Pie is the man he is now.The perfect man that I wanna spend the rest of my life with =)

God I should definitely go visit my former high school someday.It has been too long.....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

B777 Weekdays

Man,I felt like the weekdays were super longgggggg!!!But finally it was over.Time to enjoy my well planned weekends.Well,almost well planned =P

This morning,Ayah just arrived back from Paris.We picked him up at the airport and now we're already in Muar,visiting my dear granny!I really missed granny and cutie Polly.While in Paris,none of us slipped out of Ayah's mind so everyone received presents frm him.For his one and only lovely daughter a.k.a. watashi,Ayah bought a beautiful pink Louis Vuitton bandeau as an accessory to be tied around my neck or my LV bag.It is a gorgeous silk bandeau and I love it!It might not be as fancy as Ibu's present but it is definitely something I never owned=)Most importantly,I missed Ayah's presence at home so it's a relief to have him back.

Anyway,you folks might wanna know how my classes at the academy went on.So far,things went well and most of the time in the class was awesome.I have pretty funny and sporting classmates,great instructor (although she could be a little out of place at times),and interesting topics to learn and brush up our rusty brains.

At class.....
In front of the pc at CBT room...
At the B747 Fist Class mock up..
...and the business class mock up.

Pretty happening,huh?=D

Our class schedule is pretty tight and we'll start invading the blue skies back again on 22nd Dec.Can't wait for that!I'm so tired of getting up early in the morning,EVERY single morning throughout the course and I'm waiting in anticipation for it to be over very soon.

I'll keep you guys updated every week and I hope everyone will have an enjoyable weekend.Toodles!=D

Friday, December 3, 2010

Games Vs Books

First of all,before I started blabbering bout nonsenses that might or might not catch your attention,I would like to express my deepest condolences to the family of an ex colleague.An ex colleague of mine just recently passed away,involved in a car crash in Penang.Sweet,I'll always remember you as someone whom once knocked on my hotel room door,to pass me a takeout just because I didn't pick up your calls.You didn't want me to starve all alone in the room while being sick.Rest in peace,dear friend ='(

Back to the main idea of this entry.

As you all know,I just got a new iPhone 4 for my birthday.And I'm chronically addicted to the game applications at the iTunes store.Boy,the games are all super cool and addictive!No wonder the new generations hardly read!!Once an iPhone is in hand,the books go back to the shelves,ready to collect dust.In my case,there are 3 books =P

While waiting for the cinema theater to be vacant...
...and while waiting for the orders to arrive.

I just couldn't put my phone down!!

At times I wonder,how can we embrace the interest of reading various materials in all of us parallel to our interest towards application and video games?I seriously have no idea!I wish that all of us could be more like the Caucasians or Japanese.Their passion towards reading and gaming are totally balanced!They have iPhones/iPods/iPads and PSPs but never seem to leave their books behind.Well,apparently they do,but after they have finished reading it.I guess they enjoy the pleasure of reading them,but not keeping them.

So far,I don't think those 'Minggu Membaca' or book fairs at PWTC plans are working that much.I personally think that reading interest comes frm home.I love reading coz my dad used to buy me all those fancy hard covered fairy tale books when I was younger.I'm crazy bout pretty stuffs,so if the cover of the books are fancy and pretty,I'll definitely read it.So that was basically how my dad made me hooked to books.He's a reader himself too.

Until I find a way to get tired of the game applications on my iPhone,you folks shld totally stack some materials to read everyday.For cheap original materials,hit the Amcorp Mall and directly to Book Xcess.Don't try to ignore the importance of reading =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Apple Girl

This morning,I've just reported sick for the 4th time this year.My PMS side effects were and still are killing me brutally.Stomach cramps,muscle and back name it!I just didn't think that I could manage to neither smile nor stand properly during flight,so I decided to take a day off.

Anyway,I've just realized that I haven't updated you folks with the birthday presents that I received frm my loved ones.Well,its a little too late no,but who cares,coz I'm still enjoying my new presents.A Coach and two freakin' cool Apples!I'll leave it to you folks to guess who gave those presents =)

A complete elaboration on those two Apples :

My 1st Apple is......


A beautiful 2010 version of Macbook White!

I was totally blown off by its widescreen resolution and graphic display the moment I switched it on.I was never a Macbook user before,so it took me some time to get used to its functions and keys.But after a week,I got the hang of using it.The built-in battery was told to be lasting up to 10hours per charge,but through my 1 week of experience using it,it could only last for 4hours on active usage.Still within the satisfaction limit.Mine was bought frm the United States,but if you folks would love to own 1 of this hottie,you can get it here at the Apple stores for RM3299.Seriously,it'll worth every penny of yours!

My 2nd Apple is....

Well,another hot stuff I can say...coz it was sold out here like hot cakes.....

The super awesome Iphone 4!

Again,I was never an Iphone user before,although I've been constantly using pdas,but now I don't think I can ever go back to using normal or pda phones again.This hottie is a miracle and a dream come true once you grab a whole of it!If you're a fan of heavy bulky phones like myself,Iphone 4 is definitely the smart phone for you.This phone can do almost everything tht you wish to do.Take great pictures,play games,surf the internet,send a text message or call,or run the applications and switch between them instantly without slowing down the performance!The retina LCD display is gorgeous with the highest resolution a phone can ever have,so far.I know this hottie is totally on demand in Malaysia but you can always grab 1 at The States,Hong Kong,Singapore and a few more other countries for lower prices.

I was never known as the girl who knows how to take care of her precious valuables well.So as I got these hotties on my birthday last week,I quickly equipped those hotties with protective covers and shields.Trust me,if I didn't do it quick enough,my Macbook will be grey instead of white within 1 month and my Iphone 4's glass screen will crack in no time.Now that I've got them covered,both hotties are looking good in pink,my favourite stain;;)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back To School - Part 2

For the past 2days,I was back in the academy for my annual safety class.To those who might not now,cabin crews hafta renew their flying license every year.It is the DCA's requirement that we hafta undergo a refresher class followed by an assessment exam before we get to renew our license.During classes,they are all sorts of practical drills that are mandatory for us to go through such as jumping down the slides frm an aircraft mockup for a fake emergency evacuation,swimming drill for sea survival,and smoke drill for escaping fire emergencies.But it it not compulsory to complete every single drill in a year.

As for this year,it was vital for to jump down the emergency slides and make our way through a confined area filled with smoke.I remember blogging bout last year's safety class and I totally have some new pictures taken during this year's safety class for you folks.Check them out! =D

First day in class.
In our 'offshore' overalls before jumping down the slides.
Revising at the breakfast table on the 2nd day of class.
After nailing the exam with full marks.Hoorayy!!

You might be viewing more pictures of me in office attires than my beloved green kebaya uniform in future entries coz I'll be sitting for a 3week Boeing 777 class in the academy next month.Definitely not something I look forward to,but I guess they just need some sweeties around 'decorating' the academy instead of having them all up in the skies.So hafta gladly fulfill the company's wishes =P

Anyway,I have another class to go tomorrow which is called Crew Resource Management(CRM) conducted by our technical crews.I'm pretty positive it is gonna be a boring one unless some cabin crews started arguing with the technical crews on matters that they won't bring up during flight.Or else I might just sneakily plug in the Ipod into my ears throughout the session.Problem solved.Hehehe.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

It Was Her Birthday!

Her as in ME!

Yeay I'm finally a quarter Century old!!Not supposed to be excited on that fact,but aging is a blessing.We hafta get through it no matter what,so might as well we face it with gratitude.Age in grace folks,age in grace =)

On the 19th,I had to be on duty in Taipei,so Sweetie Pie decided to take me on an advanced birthday outing earlier this week.Yeah,I know,I know..The trip to Universal Studios Singapore was an advanced birthday celebration/outing as well,but what can I say.The guy loves me that much for organizing 2 birthday outings ;D

As a start for the day,I was taken out for lunch at an exquisite Japanese restaurant called Kampachi at Equatorial Hotel,KL.I'm an addict and the biggest fan of Japanese food so sushi never failed my empty hungry stomach.I had a Sushi Lunch set and it was fantastic!

After lunch,we headed to Pavilion for movie session.Sweetie Pie bought a Gold Class ticket at GSC to watch Skyline.The seats,the snacks and everything else were great except......

the movie itself!!It started well,with all those aliens abducting people all over Miami and the war began between human race and the extraterrestrials.But the ending sucked to death!Words frm the wise folks,don't go watching Skyline!After that,we went window shopping around Pavilion and there was a Winter Wonderland outside of Pavilion!

Not to boast,but my birthday outfit was completely new frm head to toe.It proved how much I was looking forward to celebrating my birthday.Hehe=D Dress by Jaspal,Longchamp Gatsby bag in Citrine by Longchamp,and Ferragamo Varina flats in brown.

The day was 90% perfecto!=D

The McShaker Tale

Hey peeps!Before I start with this entry,I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all Muslims around the world.To Hajj pilgrims,please come home safely,bck to the arms of your loved ones.

I've been quiet lately..I think you folks noticed that.Not that I don't have anything to blog about.I just couldn't find the time!!To  make matters worse,my beloved Google Chrome just recently crashed,infected by a virus contributed by Sweetie Pie through his bloody pen drive!Uninstalling and installing wouldn't help!So for  the time being,I'm stucked with Internet Explorer til my Macbook arrives.Opppsss!!We'll get to the Macbook part in a future entry=P

Recently,I've been pretty hormonal for no reason.I've been a delicate cry baby most of the time,and I didn't even understand why.To prove the abnormality of my hormones,let me tell you a story which happened earlier in the evening.

Heard of the yummy McShaker Fries?I bet you're familiar with it.

The McShaker fries came with all sorts of flavor through the years frm barbeque to seaweed,cheese and spicy seasoning.But barbeque has always been my favourite and it was introduced again earlier this week!

I was longing to taste those delicious barbeque coated fries to just melt in my mouth in every single bite,so I decided to head to the nearest McDonalds (which was in SS15,Subang) and grab a few large bags of  the McShaker fries after I got bck frm flight earlier this week (I was working on Hari Raya Aidiladha while the rest of my family members were happily gathering in Muar=( ).I went to the drive thru lane an ordered 3 large McShaker fries.After receiving it,I drove bck to Shah Alam.While stopping at red light by the junctions,I couldn't help myself frm peeking into the paper bag full of fries when I realized that they didn't give me the barbeque seasoning packets for each large fries!!I was so furious til I actually dropped a few tears.I switched my route to the opposite way heading bck to McDonalds although I was almost reaching Shah Alam.

As I got to the drive thru counter,the McD attendant still recognized me and asked what went wrong.I told him I didn't get even 1 seasoning for my 3 large fries purchase in a melodramatic sad face.He asked me to proceed to nxt window while he got in contact with the attendants at the nxt window saying "Wey,korang ni tak patut la!xbagi dia seasoning lansung!dia dtg blk tau!"

At the next counter,they've already packed 3 paper bags with seasonings in it and apologized (more than once) to me.Deep inside I felt like saying "Buat la keje betul-betul,jangan asyik nk mengorat perempuan je!"

Well,that was my McShaker moments =)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter Sonata

Yerp,that's right.It was winter in Seoul.It was friggin' 2 Degrees Celsius there,and I almost couldn't feel my ears everytime the wind blew.

The thing I do best during winters,or to be specific,when visiting countries during their winter time,is the hotel room.Hehe!=D

Although nothing interesting happened while I was in Seoul,coz I absolutely have no interest in exploring South Korea,getting to know their people or culture,pretty bizarre/awful things kept happening on my flights to Incheon or bck frm Incheon.Ever since I started flying back in 2004.

Crazy psychopathic Koreans.

Well,I promise I'll tell you folks those bizarre stories as soon as I've recovered frm extreme exhaustion,coz I have another flight to go tonight!Can you believe these people at rostering department??

I'll leave this entry with a picture of myself with these two handsome Commanders=)