Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Sick

I'm still in a little shock.I just got the news that I will have to go through a minor ear operation due to my bad ear condition.A little advice here,NEVER EVER travel anywhere by airplanes when you're having a bad flu!Nose blockage will eventually causes ear pain and the pressure of being 35k feet high will only makes it worse.Only God knows how painful your ears will be when the pressure gets higher as the airplane descend to a lower level.Apparently,it has the tendency of rupturing your eardrums too.Well,my admission to Sunway Medical Center will be at 8am tomorrow morning and I'm vaguely stressed about it.I've neither been admitted to a hospital nor going through a scary operation.It's a good thing that tomorrow is a public holiday as my family members are around to support me before and after the procedure.And I'm very grateful to have you around sticking by me when I was sick,Sweetie Pie.You're truly the greatest human being I've ever encountered with in my whole 24 years of life,besides my lovely parents.Pray for my strength and health,folks!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Some people are just doomed to be failures,while some are blessed to be winners.That's the way a person look at other person who might seem troubled. Maybe you've heard the saying, "A bird with a broken wing will never fly as high."But what you don't know is the potential that lies within each and every of us.That is why we should believe in "Don't judge the book by its cover."These beautiful words remind us not to move to judgment quickly, but rather to seek potential even in those many others have given up on.Never ever determine the worth of something or someone based on its appearance.You'll discover that there are more than meets the eye.
In my case,I've continued being judged by one Hamba Allah through my personal appearance(in pictures only),my career(probably from random presumptions),and my family status(again,from mythical presumptions) without even getting to know me.It is hurtful to know that some people still believes in their so-called perfect intuition.I'm not going to try to prove anything about myself here as I am grateful with all the perfection in life that has been blessed to me.As far as I'm concerned,I never hurt anyone directly or indirectly unless you start messing with my life.Words from the wise Lady,start putting more mirrors in your house as it will reflect yourself in angles of imperfection that you might have missed all your life,instead of highlighting others' flaws=)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sick But Happy

The above was quoted from my greatest friend ever.
I'm still sick.And i'll be on medical leave tomorrow.It also means that I'll not be going for my Jakarta trip.The doctor diagnosed me with a flu,sore throat and an 'angry' left ear.Lucky me I was dragged by darling Juares Rizal for a visit to the clinic earlier today before my left ear actually popped.It sounded pretty scary though.Despite being sick,I've managed to complete few tasks that had been on hold for quite some time such as trimming my fringe,taking my license-sized picture,and renewing my license,accompanied by Sweetie Pie.Back to the quote above,it made me realized that the greatest bond between two lovers were basically created on friendship.The bond would just grew stronger,tightened by interests and activities that both parties enjoyed doing together.It could be as silly as arm wrestling(like Sweetie Pie and I just did earlier today on the table while waiting for our dinner to arrive),giving hi-fives to each other when both of you did a great job in achieving something(like Sweetie Pie and I did even when we were only talking through the phone),or even making plans of wearing the same color of attire whenever both of you went out on a date.It might sounded corny but trust me,start doing those silly things (that you normally do with your close friends) with your other half.You'll enjoy each other's company better in no time!
p/s: A date with you never failed to make me smile even after you've sent me home=)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crazy/Drunk Girl On Board

Such a bizarre weekend.Yesterday,there was a shooting and filming going on my flight.On today's flight,another amusing incident happened.We were welcoming passengers from Yangon when we met Miss X.At the beginning,Miss X seemed normal to our naked eyes.Before we took off,she complaint that she was really thirsty so one of my generous colleague gave her a whole big bottle of mineral water instead of a glass.After that,she came into our galley again with her mouth covered as if she were about to throw up,so I quickly showed her way to the lavatory.My colleague sworn,"If she ever dares to puke in my galley,I'm so gonna kill her!".We took off peacefully until it was time to serve lunch.Non of us were in the galley as all of us were busy attending our cabin-full of passengers,but when one of us did,Miss X was caught red-handed taking all of our stocks of dry stores such as packets of Milo,biscuits,peanuts and sweets,putting those in her bag!When my colleague questioned her,she giggled and tried to kiss my colleague on the cheek!After our service ended,three of us started gossiping about Miss X's bizarre behavior.As we were talking,she dashed into the galley in a very drunk-like motion and collapsed on the floor,conscious.I held  her,but she quickly hugged me and started crying in my arms.While crying,she murmured "Mama...papa...".I shot her a weird look and when she looked at me,she started laughing saying "You ladies are beautiful!I love you all!" .My supervisor and I escorted her to her seat and tried to figure her out but she wouldn't release any helpful information,so we monitored her from far.At her seat,we saw her scratching her her head like a crazy person,lying her head on the shoulder of passenger next to her,laughing alone with her skin flushed in red.We decided to strap her to her seat before she started disturbing other passengers other than the one next to her.When we reached KL,we handed crazy Miss X to three airport security guards whom had been waiting at our bay as we landed.Before Miss X's incident,I've dealt with another nut case from Seoul whom purposely dropped her skirt in the cabin while throwing her discs one by one like a Frisbee to passengers around her.I still wonder why girls with no history of mental disorder went nuts on flights.Was it the pressure of being 35,000 feet high up in the air?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

MH Girl

I'm caught in the middle.Today is my second day of not feeling well,and second day of a continuous turnaround flights.One more to go tomorrow.This flu and fever are killing me but at the same time I don't have the heart to take a medical leave and stay at home on a Sunday,letting some poor crew who's probably on standby to take over my duty.Something surprising happened today.I didn't realize I was one of the selected crews to go for today's flight,and apparently today's flight was a little special.There was a shoot going on our flight and it'd be screened on 8tv.Well,long story short,it was a shoot for a travel show and all of my crews were notified with this matter including myself,except that I was too ignorant to check on my MH mails=P Things went well but I was too busy focusing on my precious business class passengers' needs,instead of the camera.Despite being sick,I totally had fun today.Camera or no camera,an MH crew will always deliver Malaysian Hospitality that everyone can be proud of=)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Smelly Billie

*She sleeps like there's no tomorrow*

Okay,let me introduce you the little cutie above.She's Billie Jean,my cute,smelly little friend.Her favourite activities at home are sleeping and eating.Sometimes,she even chases me around the house,but ONLY because I'm holding food on a plate and she can smell it from hundred yards away.Today she did the darnedest thing a cat could possibly did.She pooped in my car!This evening,I went to pick Ibu up at Sec9 and decided to bring Billie along for an evening drive.She loves car rides.Just right before we reached home,something stinked badly from behind.Ibu thought it was a smell from around the neighborhood.I bet you can definitely guess what happened,right?Well,when we reached home,she shot me her cute guilty look and purred as if she was saying sorry.My car did smell terrible but I could never be angry at that little furry friend of mine=)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Back,Babydolls!

Dubai has extremely changed and developed since the last time I went there,and it was only 2 years ago!I bet the Arabians must be damn proud of their tallest building in the world,the mighty Burj Khalifa.But honestly,I can still proudly brag bout our Petronas Twin Towers to any random foreigners all over the continent who literally compares Burj Khalifa to our Twin Towers.Besides,twins means TWO as in DOUBLE,get it?=DBut I was absolutely blown off by the new mall that was attached to the Burj Khalifa.An indoor theme park,an aquarium(similar to our Aquaria),a waterfall,Lafayette Gallery,all of my favourite shopping outlets(I really mean ALL),and a cinema under one hell of a big roof,how cooler can the mall be,right?Emirates Mall and Deira City Centre used to be my favourite Dubai hangout spots,but now its the Dubai Mall,baby!=DOverall,I had a great 1 whole week in Dubai.Thanks to my hilarious bunch of crews I was working with.You guys were such a sport!


p/s: thank u so much for sending me off and picking me up from the airport,Sweetie Pie=)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Someone Like You

I feel like I'm searching
Looking always for someone,
someone to love,
someone who loves me back,
someone who wants to be with the real me,
the me that no one but he will know,
someone who will allow me to know him,
someone who calls just to say hello,
someone to comfort and to hold,
someone who respects and cares for me,
someone who will tell me when something is bothering him,
someone that can make me laugh even on the worst of days,
someone who's face lights up every time I enter the room,
someone like you.


I'm not ready to leave for Dubai tonight.But I guess I still have to,duty calls.I'm feeling slightly feverish,my throat is soring,and my heart feels heavy.It has been like 5 months since the last time I went for a long trip which requires me to drag my big check-in bag along.The only thing that lightens me up is the fact that Little Juju is tagging along,yeay!Well,Little Juju is a bunny plushie that Sweetie Pie bought for me as a replacement of himself,to be tagged along during my nightstops all over the world.Looks like I'll be celebrating our 5th monthiversary with Little Juju in Dubai,Sweetheart=(I'm gonna go pack my stuffs,so folks,I'll see ya in 1 week from now.Visitor Restaurant,Jumeirah beach,and Emirates Mall,here I come!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Petrosains Rocks!

Ok,don't you dare to laugh!I know Petrosains has been opened for like 12-13 years,but the idea of visiting it just slipped out of my mind everytime I was in KLCC,not that I wasn't interested in exploring it though.And you folks probably assumed that I'd prefer to circle around Suria KLCC more than taking a peek at a science discovery center.So for a 1st timer at Petrosains,that magnificent innovative place totally blew off my mind!It has fun rides,mind and physical challenging games,breath-taking props and backdrops.I was actually frightened of a stupid rapping T-Rex with the size bigger than my car!I really had fun in there.Did I gain more knowledge by visiting Petrosains?Absolutely not,coz I was too busy playing around with their interactive tools and snapping pictures!Hehe!=D

*Busy being spaceman and spacewoman at the SPACE concourse*

*This is actually the big-headed rapping T-Rex I was scared of*

*Start counting the laps I overtook you,Mr Arres*

*Mirror,mirror on the wall,who's the cutest couple of them all?*

*Arres,as cunning as a sabertooth tiger : Ok,platform man!Let's fire that expensive Petronas oil!*

After our batteries of energy were running low,we hopped to Pavilion and watch the hilarious Old Dogs.That was before we hafta rush back to Uniten for Sweetie Pie's quarter final's match.Congrats Roma!You guys did it to the semis!Sorry I fell asleep in the car while you were playing in the rain,Beavy.You know how rainy days never failed to mellow me down=P

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spot The Differences

*Arres and Denna's heads and hands were alligned to the same direction*

*Arres and Denna's pictures taken while feeding themselves*

*Arres and Denna's legs were crossed,wearing turqoise Raya garments*

*Arres and Denna were trying on shoes,pictures taken frm their back angles*

This is just something silly that I wanna post about.See,even in pictures,my darling Juares and I posed in a similar way without picture being captured at the same venue or the same time.We are such an adorable soulmates,aren't we?(I totally understand if most of you are throwing up in your mouths while browsing through this post.Peace!=D)



And that is what I believe in.Folks,there are things that you want and things that you need in your life.Things that you want are not necessarily the things that you need,and the things that you need are most probably the last things you want.Stay true to yourself,and you'll most likely to get everything you ever dream of having or becoming.
At the moment,I'm in need of going shopping!!It has been months that I've been buying things that I need but not what I want.Not to brag bout this matter,but it seemed that everytime I found something delightful to buy,my loved ones ended up buying it for me.For instance,my classic Versace handbag and Louis Vuitton sunnies from my parents,my super-white Fossil watch from darling Juares,and perfumes from almost everybody.They left me nothing to buy on my own,only my necessities!I'm sorry if it sounded like I wasn't being grateful,but this is what I'm gonna get,the disease of craving to shop out of nowhere!But I still love you guys so much=D..Dubai trip is around the corner,and nobody,I really mean NOBODY,can stop me from unleashing my crave there.

*Here is an example of something that I WANT,a Coach Poppy bag.

*And this is what I NEED,a Coast London prom dress.

Saturday, January 2, 2010



Hey,it's finally 2010!Resolutions?Neah,don't ask me,I absolutely have none.Probably fly more and earn more,also being ultimately grateful every minute of the day to The One and only up there that never got tired of blessing me with good health,happiness and fortune not only in 2009,but all my life.I spent a quality time with my Sweetie Pie all day on the 1st day of New Year hunting for a lavender colored kebaya in Ampang Park,delicious lunch at Great Eastern Mall,and also watching Avatar at Pavillion.Overall,I had a good peek of start in 2010,hoping all of you do too!

*A date with Juares Rizal never gets dull.Loved him in 2009,and will faithfully loves him in 2010 too.