Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pop Icons

Do you remember the days when teenage pop icons used to be our muses?Remember how influential Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera could be back then?We listened and danced to their songs,we adored how they looked like in their music videos and we tend to daydream bout boys we didn't even know just because Britney sang "You tell me you're in love with you can't take your pretty eyes away from me..." or Mandy sang "..I'm craving for you,I'm missing you like candy...".This probably applied to my fellow girlfriends all over the world out  there,definitely not the guys.

Back then,I was crazy bout MTV!That was the only channel I clicked to whenever I was home during the monthly overnight outings or school holidays.Britney,Mandy Moore and Christina were my inspiration,their songs made me go through my abnormal teenage life at the boarding school memorably.Not forgetting the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync as well.Hehe.Well,time flies.The only thing that connects me with my teenage days that was long gone now is Glee!

Last Tuesday on Glee's 2nd episode of Season 2,it was all bout Britney Spears.Britney mania baby!Well,just like they said in the episode,Britney inspired them as they grew up listening to songs frm Britney.All I can say is that our parents or Tun Dr Mahathir could be the greatest role models in our lives while growing up,but pop icons that we used to adore will just remain in our rusty minds even after 10-20 years.See how influential and powerful they can be?Wanna bring back those sweet memories of yours being a young dreamy girl?Watch those clips I provided below.Maybe you might consider weaving those pigtails and putting on those pink gym bras again;;D


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Restless Night

I won't be able to sleep well tonight.There are so many things on my mind!

Firstly,little Billie has been admitted to the animal clinic for almost 3days now.While I was away,Ibu and Ayah decided to send Billie to the vet to be neutered.I was totally against the idea of getting her neutered as I would love to see her giving birth to cute lil kitties in future,but unfortunately,my parents' love towards Billie are totally indivisible.But as I got home just now,my parents told me the bad news that I wished I never heard of ='(

Ok,I'm taking a deep breath before I can continue the story bout Billie....

Damn...Tears have started filling my eyes.....='(

So the bad news was that it took them 2hours in the operation room to go through with Billie's neutering process yesterday.2hours was freakin' abnormal!The doctor couldn't operate her as her uterus was nowhere to be found!They searched all over for her uterus and Ibu even mentioned that they even took out her kidney and other organs just to look for the uterus thoroughly.Poor lil baby.I bet she must be dealing with the pain right now,all alone in her cage at the clinic.I wonder what really happened to her when she was younger before we met her at our porch.Now I'm missing her even more ='( If anything were to happen to her,I'm so gonna put all the blame on my parents!Urghh!

Secondly,both Sweetie Pie and I just had our first fight as an engaged couple yesterday.I was just so freakin' mad at him that made me ignored his texts and calls today.I hate fighting with him as I'll get lonely for not talking to him all day long but he disappointed me by being such an irresponsible partner!If you're reading this,which I know you eventually will,I just wanna say I hate the fact that I love you so much,and being angry to you hurts me a lot.Call me after reading this,and don't forget to handle those tickets situation.

I'll try to get some sleep now,wishing that things will be better tomorrow...

Scary But True

Hey folks!Been away for a fun 4days trip.Got to fly with the best peeps in town!=D

Well,anyway,tonight I would like to share with you a fun scary fact bout a creature called POLONG!Call me a city girl or backdated but I've seriously never heard of anything called polong!

But the word does sounds scary,don't you think?

At first I thought it is something similar to Sundel Bolong (an Indonesian lady ghost,with a whole at the back of her body whom seek for revenge of her death) but looks like Polong is totally a different creature.

On flight earlier this evening,a supervisor of mine told me a story of an encounter with polong.Her brother used to be a technician whose job scope was mainly focused on fixing the highway lamp posts.One night,when her brother was on duty with his co-worker,he saw a fireball passing through the sky ahead of them.Her brother said to his co-worker "Let's make a wish!It's a shooting star!" excitedly,but his co-worker just remained silent.When they were done with their job,both of them head back to their station in Bangi and while driving back,he asked his co-worker "Why did you looked so scared and said nothing back there?Was there anything wrong?".His co-worker replied "It wasn't a shooting star back there,you idiot!It was polong!" in horror.

That was how the subject raised.I innocently asked my supervisor "What is polong?".At first,she was a little shocked that I didn't know bout it,but then she explained what was it all bout.

According to Ms Supervisor,polong is created by human,mostly men,through the blood of a dead person whom was killed.The blood will be dropped into a long neck bottle and it will be chanted using black magic.After a week or two,a polong is created and the owner has to feed it with his own little piece of meat frm his finger.Most polong are used to harm someone especially when the owner has wicked intentions towards them.When a polong is sent,it will be in a fireball form which is visible to others,but you're not supposed to say anything bout it if you ever encountered with it!

Enough bout polongs as it already gives the chill to my spines!

Anyway,before I go,here are a few snaps frm my most recent trip with my set of happening crews while paxing on the airbus back to KL.Please do not dream of any polongs after reading my entry tonight,aite? =D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hola Baby Canon!

Ayah's birthday is just around the corner.He has been so determined of owning a dslr camera since few months back.He has been going around to camera outlets and photo shops surveying various dslr prices.So,Ibu,Sweetie Pie and I decided to combine forces and buy Ayah a dslr for his coming birthday.His favourite pick is Canon EOS 550D,so that was we got him!=D

Earlier today,Ibu and I went camera hunting at Gardens Midvalley to get the best deal of Ayah's favourite dslr.We finally found the most reasonable price for Canon EOS 550D Kit 2 package at Foto Flash (the camera shop next to Papa Rich).Well,if I'm not mistaken,1 of my best buddies owned the exact dslr and the pictures she took were undeniably outstanding.So without any unnecessary doubts,we purchased the camera,hoping that Ayah will love the 3 of us even  more after he received the camera!Perhaps another LV or a new phone for my birthday,Ayah?*wink wink*;;D

My parents are leaving for Pahang tomorrow for Ayah's company's family day,so I was guessing that he might want a dslr to be brought along to capture all  sorts of pictures during the occasion.Without hesitation,we presented Ayah's precious birthday present after he got bck frm work earlier this evening,although his birthday is not due til 2 more weekends.I've never seen Ayah so thrilled when receiving a birthday present,not til just now,coz most of the presents he got in the previous years were things like golf equipments or shopping vouchers.This time it was a dslr camera that he always wanted to own!It was great seeing him so happy throughout the evening snapping pictures of us,things around the house and of course our dear baby kitty with his new dslr.He just kept playing with the setting of the camera while reading its manual.

Ayah with his new dslr.Panjangnye la lens tu =P

Picture snapped using the new dslr.And of course,featuring the unpaid models of the house=D

Anyway,my Glee and HIMYM mania is on again!!The 1st episode of the new season of both series were out and I've watched them!Gonna expect more sauciness and dramas in the new season,especially Glee.Urgghh...Can't wait for the whole season to end!My iTunes is definitely back in business,filled with Glee songs!Yeayy!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

"They asked me how I knew
My true love was true
Oh, I of course replied
Something here inside cannot be denied ....

Do any evergreen old songs remind you of your childhood days?The music you listened through the radio when you traveled in the car?

I was on standby duty at KLIA earlier this evening for 3hours and I spent most of the time munching all sorts of food at the cafeteria.I normally didn't get the chance to watch CSI on AXN as it tend to clash with my flying time,so just now I totally 'qada' my TV time of watching CSI at the cafe while waiting for any vacant flights.

On the aired CSI series,there was a scene where this boy named Kip sang a duet of my all time favourite evergreen song with his girlfriend on a reality TV show.The song was called "Smoke gets in your eyes".It brought back so much of my childhood memories as I frequently heard of this song when growing up.

Lucky me,I was not called up for any flight just now.The song sticked in my tiny head until now and I couldn't stop singing it over and over again.Ibu heard me and I bet she almost threw up in her own mouth listening to my unpleasant mocking bird-like voice when finally she said "Kalau Along tak nyanyi lagi sedap rasanye...Just let The Platters sing it,ok?"

Oopps! =P

The First Visit

For the first time ever,my future mother in law came to visit my parents and I in Bkt Jelutong,S.Alam.Throughout the day,I felt so restless and anxious of what is gonna happen later in the evening.Alas,it turned out great!Alhamdulillah....Now I can finally sleep peacefully every single night knowing that everything will be just fine in the future.

It is soo important to me that my parents can actually get along with Sweetie Pie's family members.I wasn't worried bout Ayah's relationship with Papa (Sweetie Pie's dad) coz they seemed to be really fond of each other during our engagement.I bet it must be the marine and navy thingy.It was the ladies that I was really worried bout,and I'm guessing you know who they were =P But my concerns are all gone now..

Oh I hated it when they started to spill out our baby stories!My pacifier and I to be specific =P

Good night,folks! =)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Girls and Cats

Have you ever watched the movie "Over Her Dead Body" starring Paul Rudd and Eva Longoria,mainly bout this vet (Paul Rudd) whom recently lost his fiancée due to an accident happened on their wedding day?Well,there was this one scene in the movie where the vet started going out with various girls in order to move on after years of his fiancée's death,a first date with a cat person.While they were walking,they broke the ice with a discussion bout cat and dog person.I couldn't recall the exact script of that scene but it went something like :

Girl : You're a vet right?So do you prefer girls who love dogs or cats? :)
Vet : Well,I  hafta say a dog person.Girls who love cats seemed to be a little crazy to me.
Girl : *Making face*
Vet : *Noticed the reaction* So how many cats do you have?
Girl : Three

People make all sorts of stereotypical comments bout cat-loving girls.And most people will relate animal hoarders to a cat-loving person.I strictly DISAPPROVE this presumption and definitely CONDEMN HOARDING ANIMALS.Its the cruelest thing a man can do to animals!And I strongly oppose people looking the other way when they hear of a hoarding situation,or dismissing a hoarder as 'just a crazy cat lady'.That's just harsh!

Anyway,back to the "crazy cat lady" term that people tend to misjudge.It should come to no surprise that the cat is world's favourite pet.Dog lovers may object but cats are easier to house than dogs.They are easily content with food,water,and bed,hence it's allowed for Muslims to adopt cats as pets.Relationship between men and cat may have been gone,way back,but not with the ladies.Cats can be simplified as girls' best friend besides diamonds,coz having a furry friend at home may reduce stress.Cats are suitable mainly for workaholic single ladies.

So why are we labeled as crazy and lonely as soon as you heard that we owned a cat/cats?Such an unfair judgement coz even a dog owner could be crazy or lonely!I can name several famous celebrities who are most definitely neither crazy nor lonely,who are devoted to their cats such as Cameron Diaz,AnnaLynne McCord,and Zooey Deschanel.

What I'm trying to say right here is please leave us the cat-loving ladies alone!Attitude or sanity does not measured based on the pet that a person choose to adopt.If you're crazy,you're just plain crazy even without a pet around.

Do I even look crazy to you?oh,maybe a little in this pic=P

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hontou Ni?

I woke up this morning and I found this little creature,on the floor,at the hall,waiting for someone to give her a bear hug..I had no idea why she needed one....*rolling eyes*

Anyway,like I said in my previous entry,earlier today was my movie date with Sweetie Pie.It has been seriously awhile since we last went to watch any movies at the cinema.Kononnye pencen tengok movie during Ramadhan month.Our pick of the day was Cats and Dogs 2.You know how much we both love animals so any movie relating to any of these cute little creatures will definitely be watched by us.I've watched the first movie of Cats and Dogs,so the sequel was totally a yes-yes movie to have a peek on.It wasn't bad at all.There was this 1 little chatty informant pigeon named Seamus in that movie which was freakin' hilarious!

Sadly,I've just misplaced my Maxis broadband somewhere around the house few weeks ago.I seriously had no idea where I put it,therefore I've searched for it at every single corner of the house,but still luck wasn't on my side.The only suspect I have that might took the broadband and placed it elsewhere was that creature in the picture above!So,after the movie,we went to Maxis service center and reported the incident.To my surprise,they requested for RM100 for the lost of the modem and RM400 if I planned to end their broadband service!I was like "Hontou ni?!".Actually 60% in me wanted to end their service since I do have a fixed streamyx internet line at home but thinking of how useful that RM400 could be if I spent it on makeup or shoes instead of giving it to Maxis,I decided to continue subscribing their broadband service.Pffttt..I swear I'll keep my new broadband modem somewhere unreachable for my little kitty!

And before going home,we fed our dear stomachs with sushi!Never got enough of sushis,although those were what I ate in Japan for the past few days =) And this was the amount of plates of sushis that we consumed for dinner just now :

Jolap kan kami? =D

Faces of satisfied customers.

Anyhoo,I won't be updating this blog til next week.Another trip to go folks,eat all the raya kuihs and dishes during the weekends at open houses for me!Til then! =D

Friday, September 17, 2010

The 1st Open House

The 1st Raya open house which I got the chance to attend was at my fiancé's parents' lovely home.Yeayy!!I was so thrilled when Aunty Asiah (Sweetie Pie's mom) told me that they decided to organize a kenduri doa selamat / Raya open house on Hari Malaysia which fell on 16th September a.k.a. my off day from flight!=) Well usually,I didn't get to attend any  open houses that I was invited to every single year due to work factor.And it's a depressing fact that I hafta face,but I'm glad that I was present at the most anticipated open house event of this Syawal.Mainly around to 'wallop' all those scrumptious food served on the buffet table!Haha!Hey,I totally deserved a great meal after all those sweat prickling all over my face due to the hard work I contributed!=P

It was my 1st round =D

I never knew that Sweetie Pie has such a big family on his mom's side!There was once when 6 cars full of his aunties,uncles and cousins ambushed the house all at the same time!Pheww!!*wiping sweat on the forehead* But I was guessing that it could be fun having big families though.At least your house would be filled with laughter,kecohness,and loud voices during family gathering events such as Raya or weddings.

Anyway,I arrived at Sweetie Pie's house at noon and went home at almost 10pm.Honestly it was really really tiring,and there were times I felt like sitting at 1 corner of the house and doze off.But the will of making an eminent impression to the eyes of my in-laws was so much stronger than resting my eyes and muscles,so I eventually gathered the strength I have to go through the day impeccably.

Being interviewed by a group of Sweetie Pie's aunts.

Showing my not-so-great kitchen skills.

Girl talk session with lovely Kak Ra.

Now its time to make my royal entrance into the bedroom and get the rest I need.Tomorrow is movie date day with Sweetie Pie.Yeehaaawww!! =D

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nihon E Youkoso!

Just returned frm the beautiful land of the rising sun...Minasan,konbanwa! =D

I got the chance to fly with my two lovely batchmates on this particular 4days trip.And it was remarkable!Hoorayy!It was remarkable for 2 reasons :

Firstly,because I've always have the heart for Japan.I love their culture,traditions and signatures which include their yummy cuisine,famous big-eyed anime characters,cute small furnitures and extreme street fashion.Everytime after my visit to Japan ended,I'd undergo Japan-sick instead of homesick.For real,folks!Felt like misplacing my passport so that I could stay there longer.

Secondly,our company had just recently been extra generous to place us crews nightstopping in Osaka at a hotel veryyyyy near to 1 of the BIGGEST factory outlet mall!Just name any luxury brand that you want,everything's there!From Ferragamo,Gucci and Dior to GAP,Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs!I bet you could imagine how crazy I became just by looking at those stores right in front of my eyes offering knockout prices!

Unfortunately,I've overspent my salary for Raya necessities so there were only few Yens left for me to splurge in Osaka.I could only afford to buy Ralph Lauren shirts,1 for Sweetie Pie and 1 for myself.The balance of small change of Yens I spent on Japanese makeup products at the drug store.Hehe.

This time around,I managed to capture a few Japan moments with my crew members,unlike my previous visits to Japan.So take a peek!

Eye on Osaka

See that building behind us?That's the Rinku Factory Outlet Mall I told you bout earlier

Never knew that my name is a luxury shoe brand in Japan=P

Green tea ice cream crave

2nd day of jalan-jalan cari makan

Despite those sweet smiles I put on my face for the camera,I had a tough time on flight dealing with nasty supervisors.To be specific 2 idiotic nasty supervisors!I just didn't understand how was it even possible that a person could entertain him/herself by seeing others struggling and suffering due to the veto power that was applied.Most of you preached bout forgiveness,respecting each other,setting no boundaries between 2 individuals with different status and level of power,but you did the opposite..*sighed* I hope I won't get any more chances of flying with you both.Nada!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Once Upon A Raya

Hey folks!I know it has been almost a week since I last wrote an entry,so before its too late,I would like to take this opportunity to wish all Muslims nationwide 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR BATIN!' =)

I bet most of you had been enjoying your ketupat and rendang besides knocking your relatives' house door all over the country in your glamorous 'lip lap lip lap' baju raya =) As for myself,I've been miserably missing Ramadhan.I've gone through the early days of Syawal with lotsa tears running down my cheeks,and I do really mean a lot!Such a melodramatic fool..

I've always known as being the softy among my family members and friends.Like Jude Law said in 'The Holiday',"I'm a major weeper!".Since the 1st day of Syawal,I weeped watching those sorrowful Raya adverts on TV,while watching Raya telemovies (specifically on this drama starred by Rosyam Nor about a big hearted drug addict whom tragically died in the end),while reciting surah Yassin at atuk's grave and last but not least when listening to Raya songs on the radio in the car.

Don't get me wrong.It's not that I didn't enjoy my Raya at all.There were moments of laughter that were memorable while I was at my hometown celebrating Raya.

Ain't that Raya cake too pretty to be eaten?

Banyaknye dapat lemang....

Granny and I after visiting arwah atuk's grave on 2nd Raya

Mr Baby the total cutie

Makan,jangan tak makan,makcik & pakcik oii!

This Raya is quite special than other years of Raya as I get to celebrate it as somebody's fiancée!Yeayy!=) Well anyway,I hope you folks will continue enjoying your Syawal to the maximum.But just a reminder,overdose consumption of rendang will harm your little stomach,so berpada-pada la ye? =D

P/S : Feel free to invite me to any of your open houses.Hehe!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kerongkong Ache

Today was the last day for my parents and I to break our fast in KL.As for tomorrow,my cousins and I've planned to have our last buka puasa before Raya at granny's house in Muar.Yeayy!!

Sakura Fuji Restaurant was our choice of venue for berbuka earlier just now.We felt like filling our stomachs with some teppanyaki,miso soup,tempura and those delicious so-called ABC,Fuji Snow,as dessert.While waiting for Maghrib to break our fast,we had the chance to walk around Plaza Masalam and like we always expected every year,every single thing was already on 50% discount,such as songkok,baju kurung for ladies and baju melayu for gentlemen!I bet the sellers would like to clear their stocks before Raya,so they wanted everything to go,even if they were sold at bargain prices.Ayah generously offered himself to buy me few more baju Raya,and being the evil opportunist daughter as I always were,I made Ayah buy me 2 new baju kurungs=P Did you folks noticed that baju kurung made of English cotton eventually became so popular this year?Those baju kurung cotton were all over the place,with different colors and patterns!I didn't wana feel left out with the cotton trend for this year's Raya so those were what I asked Ayah to buy for me.Hehe.Thank you,Ayah=)

Anyway,we ordered a Teppanyaki combination set which included ice cream as dessert.Ayah pushed his bowl of chocolate chip ice cream to me immediately as it arrived.I asked him "Why are you pushing your ice cream bowl to me?You don't wana have it?".Then ayah replied "I have kerongkongek"..Both Ibu and I looked at each other with confused looks and said "HUH?!"

Haha!Despite those serious expression that he put on 24/7 on his face,Ayah can be spontaneously funny at times.We hardly get his jokes in seconds after he told it,but after registering it to our brains,we'll find it funny in a brilliant way.In case some of you didn't get what he meant by 'kerongkongek' just now,it was supposed to be 'kerongkong ache' as in sore throat.It was simply too bizarre for Ibu and I to register that word in our brains.After few minutes of thinking,then only we both laughed to that joke,and ourselves for that matter.So after berbuka,we dragged Ayah to the nearest clinic to get a cure for his terrible kerongkong ache.

So folks,take good care of yourself and your health.We don't want anybody to be sick and leave all those delicious food and kuih raya for the healthy ones to enjoy it,do we?And enjoy your last day of puasa tomorrow!

Patience Is Virtue

To all Muslims,hang on there!Insyaallah,there are only 2 more days to go til Syawal comes barging in!I'm tremendously sad,still wishing that I could go through Ramadhan more than just 1 month,yet excited to experience the merriment of Syawal/Hari Raya!

Just got back frm Hong Kong and Borneo.God,I love domestic flights when approaching festive season!I could really feel the anxiety that all of the Malaysian passengers were going through especially Muslims/Malay as soon as they board the aircraft with their little toddlers and other family members to go bck to their hometowns for Raya.Everyone was so cheerful with big smiles on their faces,hoping that they'd have an enjoyable flight bck to their hometowns and when they reached there,their loved ones wld be waiting for them to celebrate Raya together.Raya songs kept playing on the aircraft audio system while passengers were boarding/takeoff and landing/disembarking frm the aircraft.Dates/kurma were given out to every each of passengers when it was almost time for breaking of fast.Hmmm....I'm so gonna miss all that when Ramadhan finally ends this week='(

Putting aside the joyful moments on flight during Ramadhan,there are few 'stuffs' that I won't ever gonna miss.Asians are best known as being temperamental and sensitive,hence Malays are not excluded frm those in their personality.During this sacred Ramadhan month,they often use fasting as an excuse to be difficult and cranky most of the time.They just can't accept any faultiness or their face will go all red and smoke will come out frm their ears in a jiff like those we've seen in cartoons=P Their level of patience is lower than the ground and it gets worse as they go 35,000 feet above sea level,on flight to be specific.We,flight attendants hafta bear with all their nonsense as if none of us are actually fasting like they are too!

Dramas on domestic flights while silence on international flights.The 1st time ever,our flight frm Hong Kong was full with empty unoccupied seats.There were 2 passengers in business class and 12 in economy!I felt like putting up a disco ball at the ceiling of the cabin and throw a party!=D Due to the no work load factor,the treatment given to economy class passengers were equal as the business class passengers,minus the extra delicious food and spacious seat.As for us crew members,this was how we killed our time on a 3hour flight of super little passengers :

Camwhoring to the maximum and taking naps!Well actually,not all of us,only those in the pictures of course=P

When in Kota Kinabalu,I took the opportunity to explore and experience the hassles and excitement that the people in Borneo were having in preparing themselves for Syawal,which is just around the corner.Both my supervisor and I decided to visit a flea market near our hotel as soon as we touched down in Kinabalu.The flea market was flooded with people trying to get their desired items at bargain prices.Most of the stuffs there were cheap and my supervisor ended up buying brooches for baju kurung and baju melayu for all of his family members.They were cute and pretty too,especially those made frm sea shells and the orient original pearls.

After shopping,both of us decided to grab a bite for supper and hangout for a little while.So 1 of us recommended this little open aired place at the heart of Kinabalu town.We were enjoying our supper while a live band was playing on the stage at the center.Damn,the singers were good!They entertained us well with popular songs frm the 90's that made everyone there sang along to the tune.I am so gonna go there again,whenever I reach Kinabalu in the nearest future.The food was great too.

Muka orang2 yg terus keluar and tak mandi balik frm flight=P

And this was how my sahur looked like for the past few days,American breakfast set frm room service=)

As usual,I had a blast on the trips I went to,thanks to the team of crews that I was flying with.I just had my sahur few minutes ago and I'm thinking of putting this cute bloated tummy of mine to rest now.Have a great day,folks!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chillis Millis

I've finally fulfilled my craving towards food at Chillis!

Just couldn't decide which one should I eat as the appetizer coz all of them were main courses!

Despite the long queue of people wanting to break their fast at the place,which was Chillis,I managed to get a table today!Been trying to get a bite of those delicious Old Timer and lamb shoulder marinated with Chillis' special sauce since before Ramadhan!After 2 attempts frm 2 different weeks,success finally sided me!Haha!

And now,I don't think I even need to wake up for sahur coz I'm as full as a goog..
Those food at Chillis really tickled my taste buds.

Alhamdulillah =D

Byebye Cleo ='(

I'm in a state of EXTREME devastation!!

One of Cleo Magazine's feature editor literally emailed me to inform that I was selected to be featured in a page of Cleo Magazine November issue!!For God sake folks,its Cleo Magazine,a magazine I've been reading since the 1st issue when I was in high school!

The feature writer wrote in her email that she discovered my portfolio and details through a talent source and would like to offer me the job of being featured in November's issue,where I have to pose next to a car.She also requested for recent pictures of mine for her personal and client's reference.A great offer,right?

But why am I devastated right now?

Coz I'm not gonna be available on the date of the shoot,that's why!!

How sad.Can you imagine the feeling that I hafta deal with right now?I hafta humbly decline a great offer just because I'm away,out of Malaysia,on duty.I've rejected Cleo's offer once back in 2005,and now I hafta do it all over again.A truly depressing moment...*sighs*

Friday, September 3, 2010


You are officially classified as a metrosexual if :

* you walk past Calvin Klein or Armani Exchange and you feel like you just hafta check out their new range of jeans and shirts.

* you get your haircuts from A Cut Above or Razor Edge.To be specific,only professional hairstylists can touch your hair.

* you go to pharmacies regularly to replenish your depleting skin care products especially facial foams and moisturizers.

* you can't help yourself frm getting a glimpse of your perfect reflection when you encounter with mirrors.

* you requested for a slim fit tailor made baju melayu  for Raya frm your tailor.

p/s : the last point is applicable to this particular Hamba Allah =D

Metrosexual is a new name for something quite old,men with taste and style who practically know bout fashion,art,and culture(regardless if they're urban or classic).Some people might think metrosexuals are gays,but most of them are actually the opposite,as straight as an arrow.Nowadays,men are concern over their looks and aesthetic as much as women.And I'm telling you,these metrosexuals are everywhere!

I went for the last Raya shopping(for this year) with Sweetie Pie earlier today coz he needed to add more shirts into his closet,mainly for this coming Raya.I totally had enough purchases for Raya,so I came out to be the innocent bystander,no devil horns on my head with the extreme urge to splurge.

First stop was Topman.Sweetie Pie tried on 5 shirts but in the end he simply said "None of them really hit my fashion taste buds"..Pfftt!Talking bout a male diva here...

The bystander just innocently camwhored by the fitting room.

Oh actually,our 1st stop was Cotton On,my mistake=P..But Sweetie Pie didn't try on any of the shirts coz he said that most of them looked like pyjamas.Or was it me who said that?Hmmm...Never mind,but next stop after Topman was Zara.Apparently,Zara was crowded like sardines in a can,particularly at men's section!The ladies' section was merely empty.I looked around the men's section and I could tell that most of them there were metrosexuals just by looking at the way they dressed,the way they looked at themselves in the big mirror outside the fitting room and the choice of garments they picked for themselves.Some of them lingered around the section alone,while some in groups.I was too fascinated with these metrosexuals til I could find myself admiring them,including Sweetie Pie of course.

Well,my job as the bystander was done as soon as Sweetie Pie found 2 perfect shirts for himself there at Zara.We headed bck to Shah Alam for berbuka with my parents at Famous Thai,Masalam Plaza.Traffic was tremendously horrible these days,and I seriously had no idea why.It took us almost 2hours to travel frm 1Utama to Shah Alam.

Well,I hope you folks are utterly prepared for Raya,in terms of Raya cookies,outfits and other necessities,or else you should head to the nearest shopping mall and grab the stuffs while they're on discounts!The mega sale is not due up to 16th September but most stores are no longer participating after the weekends.So good luck with the preparations!=)

FYI,I called my Sweetie Pie "beaver" bcoz of his 2 cute front teeth.Found this adorable tee at 1 of the stores earlier.What a match!=D