Friday, February 17, 2012

The Bachelorette Party

Oh yeah.Yesterday was my last night out as a single girl.It so happened that my favourite girls planned a bachelorette party that was magnificent enough to stick in this memory of mine til at least 20-30 years from now!

The mastermind,Ms Pear,reminded me in advance to not make any plans in the evening of 16th February.The exact plan for the evening was not fully laid out but I was asked to meet her up at her place at 7.30pm and proceed to PJ Live Arts together.I was a stranger to PJLA but I was told that all of us will be watching a live sketch performance there.10 points for Ms Pear,coz I've never actually attended any live sketch performances,so it made the whole party much much more special.

The show we were watching was called Projek Disko Baldi in 'LOVE'.As funny as the title may have sounded,the performances from the acts were brilliant!We bursted out laughing from the beginning of the show and all the way til the end!The jokes from most of the scenes in the show were so blunt and dirty,but I totally loved them!

Perfect row of seats!Well done,girls! =D

Projek Disko Baldi in 'Love' featured a combination of short sketches,mainly inspired by love and a few other current issues.The theme of the show fit quite perfectly with the event that we were celebrating.Again,kudos to Ms Pear and the girls! =D There were a few outstanding scenes from the show that I could never forget.One of my favourites was a part when all the boys were an imitation of a K-Pop boy band,led by a singer called 'Thunder'.An original score of song was sang and danced by the boys and guess what the song was about?KIMCHI.Ironic huh?Super funny! =D My second favourite scene was a 60 second sketch on Ombak Rindu,the recent Malay blockbuster.Well,I haven't seen that movie but Projek Disco Baldi's version of Ombak Rindu was so hilarious and extremely dirty! =D And my third favourite scene from the show was a scene of two girls hosting a TV show called 'The PearPet Show' on a TV channel called 'Vagina TV'.So dirty,right?But we cracked so hard and of course,we kept laughing at Pear's face!Hahaha.Imagine Pear's fury =P

The casts of Projek Disko Baldi in 'LOVE'.

Anyway,it is highly recommended that you folks go watch this live sketch performance at PJ Live Arts before it ends on 19th February.You can book your tickets online!It's hell entertaining,cheap,with the duration of 1 hour 30 minutes only.If you need a good laugh and loosen those tight jaws,then this is absolutely perfect for you!

Right after the show ended,we took a few moments hanging out outside the studio to meet and greet the casts of the shows.My favourite cast for that night was none other than the super cute K-Pop singer,Thunder!Or his actual name,Iedil Putra.

With the shy and handsome Iedil Putra.
With Mr Fake-Six-Pack-Abs yet adorable,Tuan Faisal.
Ayna and Bewns with their long adored heartthrob,Redza Minhat.
Posing with the ladies of the hour,Farah Rani and Shamaine Othman.These girls were quite daring on stage,I must say.But brilliant!

So off to BSC's Chillis we went right after we left PJLA.And the girls have prepared some pink,white and black balloons,a beautiful handmade sash and glittery head ring for me,the celebrated bride to-be!Nothing could beat a good potion of meal feeding a hungry stomach with super wonderful friends around to celebrate you =D

Our dinner party was also joined by Ms Nadd and Bewns' fiancee,Sapek.I know,right?A bachelorette party shouldn't include a sesat bachelor,but Sapek has been a very dear friend to all of us.Without him,we could never have our complete group pictures taken =)

As usual,once all of us were gathered,funny and nasty gossips started coming out and we actually had our dinner til Chillis was closed.I could imagine how the staffs might have been cursing us for taking our very own sweet time to finish our dinner =P After dinner,of course,came the camwhoring part.That's just what girls do!

With the EXTREMELY lovely bestie who made it all happen,Ms Pear.Muahhss!
With the adorable tutor who was willing to skip her Friday classes to come all the way to KL from Jengka,Ms Ayna.Muahhss!
With the wonderful newly engaged friend who abandoned her Tutti Frutti in Seremban to come and celebrate me,Ms Bewna.Muahhs!
And finally,with the cheerful cutie who never failed to light up every single occasion she attended,Ms Nadd.Muahhss!

Personally,the night out planned by my favourite girls was the headline of my week!I couldn't ask for a better bachelorette party coz it was amazingly perfect!You girls are the utmost SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS girlfriends I've ever had in my entire life.From the bottom of my heart,I thank you.I just hope that all of you will be reading this post,to know how much I appreciated your efforts and love.You girls made me a very happy bride to-be! =D

This awesome couple's turn to go up on the dais will be in April.Remind me to return the favor,Bewns! ;D

Well,I have approximately a week from now to spend my last fulfilled days as a single girl in town.Not that I'm whining bout it,but it's just kinda sad to leave the singlehood and jump into the doublehood community for the rest of my life.I'm gona terribly miss being single =(

P/S : See you at the mosque next Saturday,my Sweetie Pie =)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lost In Auckland

It wasn't me who was lost,but my freakin' check-in bag!

That midnight when we arrived at Auckland International Airport,only God knew how I felt when my check-in bag was nowhere to be found on and around the conveyer belt!I could sense that it wouldn't appear right at that moment,but I waited for the conveyer belt to make a few rounds anyway.Tears were almost filling my eyes but I toughened up and filed a report on my missing bag at the baggage counter nearby.

As I was filing my report,our company's representative was nowhere at sight to sort things out.I guess he/she was busy handling the departure of an MH flight that midnight back to KL.If a representative was around,I wouldn't have feel that depressed for not receiving my check-in bag as he/she would normally convince you that he/she will try he/she's very best to track the bag down or help you file a claim for the missing bag.True,the baggage counter man was helpful but it wasn't enough to console my shattered heart for not getting my bag.

You know why I freaked out that much when not receiving my bag?Well,I practically chucked everything inside the bag from clothing,to toiletries,makeup,including a beloved LV bag.And to make matters worse,our Auckland trip was scheduled for 3 solid days off there,and will only be coming back to KL on the 4th day!So can you imagine me surviving in a stranger's land for 4 bloody days without the mentioned essentials?!Frankly,I wasn't born with the Jane of The Jungle type of natural beauty.I seriously need all those life-saving skin care products to stay beautiful,and without them,I'd probably look like Tarzan instead of Jane!Greasy out-of-bed hair,oily coarse skin,and of course,clothes-less!

The baggage counter guy promised to call me the morning after on updates of my check-in bag,and so he did,at approximately 11am,New Zealand time.I was still asleep with my makeup on and a borrowed long shirt for me to sleep in.Don't get me wrong though.Most of the girls from the same set of crews offered me potions from their vanity kits for my comfort at night,but I refused to take any,except the shirt coz sleeping in my uniform would be ludicrous!Anyway,the call at 11am the next morning was a good one.They called in with a good news saying that my bag was found!They said that it was found lying at the conveyer belt area after everyone had left.It was as if somebody took the bag by accident and put it back at the area after we had left the airport.

So,3 hours after the call was made,my check-in bag finally arrived at the door of my hotel room.I was so happy and grateful to see it that I could kiss it like I've always kissed my kitty after some time apart!And lucky me,nothing from inside the bag was missing.Alhamdulillah.

Anyway,this Auckland trip was quite productive for me.I went out every single day for coffee at noon,a walk at Albert's Park in the evening,a visit to the art gallery,and hanging out at sports' bar after dinner.I wasn't the usual eat in-movies-sleep type of trip.Oh and did I mention that half of our team were Cabin Crew Nite performers?It was extremely great to actually fly with familiar faces.

Laili,Aliz,Zana and me.Dancers for Cabin Crew Nite 2011.
The inflight supervisor of our AKL trip,Rozana.

My previous trip to Auckland,I flew with a billboard model.This time,I was flying with an ex Miss Malaysia/World 2005 contestant,Bobby.Although we'd just met the moment we entered the briefing room before going onboard the flight,we instantly cliqued like we've been friends like forever.

With Miss Beauty Pageant,Bobby.

Although the human beings traveling on our flight to and from Auckland were so difficult to handle,we managed to get back home safely and stress-free.Well,I have 6 more working days to go before I'll be officially on matrimonial leave.Excited,nervous,scared?Yeah,I have freakin' all of them flowing in my blood right now!

Anyway,good night folks! =)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Menu

My parents and I went for the dinner reception's food testing last week at Dewan Seri Endon.The dishes from the menu we chose were fantastic!Or at least to my taste buds :P

So to my lovely blog followers who'll be attending my wedding reception,here goes the list of food that will be served in the domes,right in front of your eyes,that night :


Nasi Hujan Panas
Ayam Bamia
Opor Daging
Udang Kerisik
Fillet Ikan Masak Herba Itali
Kerabu Mangga
Dalca Sayur-Sayuran

Dessert & Drink

Tapai Ice-Cream
Iced Cold Blue Lime

I just hope the butterflies in my stomach won't go too crazy that night,or I'll end up eating none of the food listed above!My enormous appetite needs to be accommodated,even in a tight fitting wedding dress!

The Invitation

I guess I haven't been revealing that much of my wedding preparations on blog posts.Most probably because some part of me still believe in surprises.OR...maybe I just don't like others to put on too much expectations on how my wedding ceremony is gonna turn out to be.

So lets skip the heavy and focus on a lighter and more fun part of the whole preparation: invitation card distributions!Yeah,I'm talking about going the distances to distribute wedding invitation cards =)

Last Monday,my parents,Sweetie Pie (who voluntarily joined at the last minute) and I went for a 24hour trip to Johor to personally invite important relatives and close friends to attend the big coming ceremony.I guess it has always been a tradition for certain Malay families to deliver this grand gesture of handing the invitation cards personally to those invited.No stamps needed.

We started the journey as early as 7.30am and of course,without further delay,I comfortably went back to sleep at the back seat.Not a morning person and never will be.

The moment I opened my eyes,we were at Kulai Jaya,driving into the parking lot of Johor Premium Outlet.Talking bout diversion of plan!

It was nothing compared to Bicester Village,Foxtown,McArthur Glen's or Rinku Outlets,but I'm proud to at least have something such as Johor Premium Outlets in our country.Good for the tourism industry =) Well,it might not be as good,but still,we managed to burn a little hole in our pockets within an hour of touring the entire area.

When we finally arrived Johor Bahru,we made a few stops at the lovely homes of uncles and aunts living in Johor Bahru.Having to explain every single details of both ceremonies (solemnization and reception) from the theme,to venue,and time,I was actually glad that most of them seemed pretty excited to attend the events,even if they have to travel a thousand miles away from Johor.Seeing their overwhelming enthusiasm just made me wanna skip a week and jump right up to 25th February!

And finally,after years of visiting Johor Bahru,managed to drop by the famous Singgah Selalu Restaurant!Huge variety of food offered there and your eyes could go juling just by looking at the menu!But as usual,when the mind got fickle,I'd stick to the basic and ordered my all time favourite,chicken rice.

Our 24hour trip to the South turned out to be a successful one.Targets achieved!

There will be more posts coming up,mostly on preps approaching the big day.So stay tuned people!Goodnite!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Pink-White Outburst

PINK and WHITE!Let me just say that it is the greatest color combination in the entire universe!!At least t my universe =D

Last weekend was the official gathering for flashmobbies of MH Flashmob KLIA at Pavilion,KL.It has been almost a month since we last see each other,so it was time to enjoy each other's company and lepas rindu!

The organizers of the event (yerp,that's both of you,Kak Oja and Jijid) came up with awesome ideas including the theme color,prizes and awards,activities and venues,which everyone agreed with and enjoyed.At first,all of us met up at Ben's Restaurant to catch up,order some drinks and review the latest version of the official video of the flashmob.A few giggles later,we continued the party at Red Box Plus,where everyone started showing their true talents in singing,except myself,of course =)

Mr Taliban sesat (Sweetie Pie),Iqa,Izyan,me,and Kak Oja.

Things started off well with most of them singing their favourite warm-up songs until.....a few hours and drinks later.I didn't know what got into them.Perhaps,it was the drinks we drank or the dinner buffet we ate,but things got slightly crazier than before.Well,some started singing and dancing right in front of the karaoke screen,some initiated role playing,and some also started wearing irrelevant head gears!

I had no idea what they were doing,but apparently,there was a Playboy Bunny in da house!
Then this one..another unexplainable scenario.A camera man with a pink cowboy hat and an emotional singer =P
That same cowboy started making a one-man show in front of the screen.
And then it was the organizer's turn to show her moves...
And we were crowned with flower rings on our heads,tokens for the newly weds to-be.

Karaoke was never my thing so Sweetie Pie enjoyed hogging the mic more than I did.I didn't even touch the mic,to be exact,even after I've been persuaded to do so.But it was the outrageous company that I enjoyed the most.They were all so lively and sporting!We had no regrets of leaving the wedding errands' running routine for a few hours of indescribable fun.

But it was such a shame that both Sweetie Pie and I had to leave party early as we have major plans with the family the morning after.After we left,the party went even crazier and wilder as more came to join the crowd at room 53 at Red Box.Wondering why I said that?Just view these pictures..

They were hilarious,aren't they?They had seizures and major fit as soon as they grab hold of the mic!Definitely looking forward to attending more of the crazy parties that they'll be organizing in the nearest future.I want to experience the feeling getting seizures too! =P

Sunday, February 5, 2012

KLIA Flash Mob - The Official Video

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Imagine a crowded yet quiet Saturday afternoon at the arrival hall of an international airport,where you could see family members,friends,tourists,and airport staffs walking around like a routine.Among those hustling crowd,a young man was waiting to serenade his love,with a guitar strapped around him.As soon as he saw a glimpse of a petite fair-skinned beauty,happily hopping towards the arrival hall's automatic door,pulling her trolley bag,he slowly ran towards her.Unfortunately,the joy of approaching his love was killed by a fierce-looking airport security guard when he suddenly shouted 'STOP!'.The tranquility at that arrival hall was obviously disrupted with the man's voice.

You would definitely get to witness the suspense of the opening scene described above if you happened to be at KL International Airport (international arrival hall) on Saturday,13th January 2012,at approximately 1.45pm.After the word 'STOP' was heard,vastly echoing the big hall,the truth was finally revealed.Themed 'Missing You',a flash mob choreographed by the famous Pat Ibrahim took place with its opening song,'I Miss You Much'.With much grace and passion by the performers,as well as the sporting cheering crowd around the hall,the flash mob went on and on continuously with different songs of different languages.'I Miss You Much' was followed by a Malay song 'Istana Menanti',where a broken hearted man could be seen suffering in pain at the edges of the hall,not knowing that he was also one the mob performers.Right after 'Istana Menanti',all of a sudden you could see that the broken hearted man was no longer in pain as his Indian sweetheart came walking out of the arrival hall's automatic door!Too happy to finally see each other,they started dancing and singing to the a famous Hindi tune 'Aankhen Khuli'.

How would you react to such performances if they happened right in front of your eyes?Would you sing and dance along to the familiar tunes?Would you immediately pull out your fancy cameras,video cameras or mobile phones to record the whole entertaining performance?Or would you walk away and muttered 'Like I care!' under your breath?

My third and last guess of reaction was unlikely to be possible.

Witnessing the moments with my own big bare eyes,people who simply happened to be around while the performance took place at the arrival hall actually reacted positively and supportingly.Most took out their cameras while the rest danced and sang along.It was utterly the most magical moment that could ever happened at a busy international airport such as KLIA,as well as a proud moment for Malaysians all over the world.

Find it hard to believe?Check out this awesome official video of the flash mob,and I can guarantee that you'll definitely feel an unexplainable feeling after watching it ;)

Proud to be a Malaysian after watching those eye candies in Malaysia Airlines' signature uniform shaking their hips to 'Signed,Sealed,and Delivered',already?I bet you are,just like the rest of us who have watched the flash mob live at KLIA and on Youtube.The performances by young and old individuals were breath taking and splendidly moving.The concept of a flash mob in general might not be original and new to most of us,but the idea of the themed flash mob organized by Malaysia Airlines was fresh,original and of course,new.Who wouldn't want to be entertained by extremely entertaining group of people while going through their boring routine of working or waiting?

The surprise flash mob certainly gave a certain impact towards those who have watched it live or on Youtube,especially Malaysians.The flash mob spread positive messages and vibes to all over the continent.How did I know this?Well,firstly,the videos (official and unofficial) were shared by 70% of Malaysians on Facebook and Twitter.Secondly,comments were exchanged among fellow Malaysians about the videos,and trust me when I say,most of them were so entertained by performers of the flash mob that they actually watched them over and over again.I simply did that too =P

It wasn't only the young generations who enjoyed the performances of the flash mob,but older generations as well.As you can see,the whole idea of the mob targeted audiences not only from different races,but as well as different stages of age.'Rindu',which came out to be the sixth track of song from the flash mob created a heart warming scenario when four women (slightly older) were standing by the metal bar at the arrival hall,patiently waiting for their husbands,sons or nephews to come out of the arrival hall's automatic door,singing their heart out.As soon as the men came out,they joyfully ran towards them,embraced them in public,and started dancing and singing together.Like I mentioned before,the scenario was heart warming and hilarious!I definitely can't picture myself doing such thing no matter how much I've missed a long gone traveling husband/father =P

Most of us Malaysians were pretty amazed with the whole idea of the flash mob.It perfectly described us Malaysians as a country which different races of citizens harmoniously blend together to make things work.I believe tourists and foreigners who witnessed the false mob live at KLIA or watched them on Youtube could finally get it why we kept mentioning '1 Malaysia'.Wonderful job,Malaysia Airlines!Credits also have to go to those men and women behind the scenes of the flash mob,such as the producers and choreographer.

The only thing left to be said here is that,I couldn't imagine a better flash mob to be performed at our world renowned airport,KLIA =)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Fire Alarm

How often do you come across a fire alarm warning at hotels you're staying in,and they happen to be real,not just another planned stupid drill?

Well,I've experienced them TWICE.Once was a warning alarm due to earthquake in Jakarta and recently a fire alarm in Auckland.Man,was I in shock when the front desk confirmed to me that the triggered alarm wasn't a drill.

It was 9am in the morning,and of course,I was still in my comfy PJs,when the fire alarm triggered.The annoying sound was expectedly loud that could stop the heart from beating due to panic.As I opened my hotel room door,a Chinese girl opposite my room came out to assess the condition as well.She immediately understood me when I said,"It's for real",to her.Both of us took our valuables and walked towards the emergency staircase.On the way,the captain and co-pilot from the same set joined us.

I remembered going down the narrow staircase from 11th floor til we finally reached the ground floor.Imagine the exhaustion we suffered!The hotel staffs gathered us at an open space next to the hotel building.To my surprise,three fire trucks were already at sight by the time we got out of the hotel building.So efficient!

As I stood at the open space,there were a few familiar faces,mainly cabin and technical crews from the company.Funny to actually see them in out-of-bed hairdos and sleeping attires!Well,they probably thought of the same thing when they saw me there =P It was a shame that I left my camera in the hotel room or I would have snapped a few funny pictures during the event.

After a few 30 to 45 minutes of thorough checks at the hotel,the group of efficient firemen left the building,and we were allowed to head back to our rooms.Too bad there were no live actions to witness but I was grateful and happy that we were safe from any life threatening dangers.Nobody told us the real cause of the fire alarm warning.

When reaching the hotel room,I continued where I left off.Sleep.

Above is a picture of Jeen and I,at Auckland International Airport.We have been friends for almost 4 years now.The first time I met him,he said I looked like 1 of those Barbie dolls that his sister would play with,and he never stopped calling me 'Barbie doll' ever since.You might wonder where you've seen this handsome Chinese lad before you viewed the picture above.Well,you may have passed the enormous billboard with his face on it like a thousand times by now,out of KLIA towards KL.Yerp,he's even a bigger star than myself.Not a Youtube,but a billboard model!

Anyway,I'm off to Auckland again next week.Keeping my fingers crossed that no more fire alarm will be activated so early in the morning again this time!