Monday, December 26, 2011

On Christmas Eve

While everyone was out doing last minute Christmas shopping,or some putting on their Santa hats or reindeer horns for fun,and others were gathered by the table for their Christmas Eve's family dinner,my sweet little doctor friend,Yaya,got herself hitched to the love of her life.And I was there to witness the moment.

The beautiful bride.

Actually,there wasn't much to elaborate here.Zack and Yaya have known each other and been together for so long,and everyone around had always knew that they would end up together.Years and years of tough long distance relationship,but still,they made it through.I'm more than impressed =)

Match made higher than heaven.

It was an intimate little solemnization ceremony back at the bride's beautiful place in Bangi,attended by relatives,neighbours and friends.With only a single lafaz,Yaya was legally married to Zack.It was a magical and breathtaking moment for both of them.Again,like I said,there wasn't much to describe here.They're just so divine!

So,just enjoy the pictures taken here.

Yaya's dad did the honor of menikahkan (crap!I have no idea what it stands for in English!) her own daughter to Zack.

Upacara membatalkan air sembahyang.

Lovely,lovely couple.

With the invited Fightersz.

And,lastly,what's a wedding without both of us? ;D

To Zack and Yaya,good luck in embarking into a whole different new life with each other.Keep the relationship even stronger than before and hope to hear very good news from both of you in a month or two (?) from now =D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012's Resolution - Being Lovely

It's 15 days away til the major life changing countdown.I've managed to make a hell of a list on resolutions for the shiny new year...and they all went down to..

Less of Hilton,More of Hepburn

The word lovely is subjective.Therefore,I'll break down the major contents of loveliness,according to none other than my personal role model,Audrey Hepburn.Well,she didn't actually classify herself as a lovely woman,as she was way too modest to admit that,but others (including myself,of course) see her as the irreplaceable golden lovely girl.

It would be naive to think that I could ever be exactly identical to the wise,elegant,and beautiful Audrey Hepburn as we were all born different and live in a different world now.But there are no harms of projecting her greatest attributes for the future generation (particularly mine and your daughters/granddaughters) to seek and look upon as examples.Clearly,I can't rely on the girls splashed across the pages in Mangga or URTV (most probably posing next to the pool) to hold up our feminine honor and reputation.I'm obliged to alter some of my character measurements to be a qualified role model,while hoping for my fellow sisters out there to join in.And may we all together be LOVELY =)

In order to achieve the target of loveliness,here are the key points that I need to work on :

*Believe others come first
- listen effectively,and keep your mouth shut.Know the right time to talk.
- practice empathicalism (like Hepburn did in Funny Face)
- respect wishes and personal choices of others.

*Impeccable in appearance and generous with smile
- consider that it is rude to go out in home attire and unmade face.
- feel graceful with good body language and posture.
- have positivity that my smile will be returned.

*Be gracious and kind
- assume the best of people (even if I know that person dislikes me).
- give and accept compliments genuinely.
- offer a helping hand to those who are in need.
- believe that manners are fabulous and class is sexy.

*Have a balanced life with values intact
- never too busy for my family,loved ones,friends and pets (Cat & Polly ;D).
- prioritize and keep things simple and untangled.
- passionate about everything I do.

Phew!One heck of a list huh?

I'll try my very best to ace all of the above like I've always aced my Japanese language tests back in high school (coz that was the only subject I adored).I might not have problems on getting some done,coz they might be strong natural values inside of me,perhaps a matter of improvising them.But as for the rest that I don't really have,I'll obtain them little by little til I finally learnt,loved and lived with them.

It is such a shame that a woman of class,charm,style and heart like Audrey Hepburn no longer existed to watch the world continue to lose its luster as outspoken,bitchy,self-centered,and snobby women rule the streets,homes and work place.She'll just die again! = P I hope it is still possible for young women,including myself, to maintain traditional virtues in this modern world,irregardless of their status.

So,'being lovely' is my big resolution for the new year.What are yours? =)

P/S: Miss Hilton,you could have dressed like Holly Golightly in a spread,but you're not even close to being lovely like Miss Hepburn.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cleansing Goodness

Tuesday night,an off day night after long hours of flying for the past few days.

It is a pleasure being home,doing absolutely nothing but my Macbook on the lap,and comfortably cozy in my jammies.If I have a sister,I would have organized a pillow talk session or a mini slumber party in the room,doing each other's nails or talk about boys.Too bad the only sibling I have is a football watching,Playstation worshiping,and anime loving younger brother,who's peuw peuw-ing on the jerky controller in front of the big flat screen.

Fortunately,I have YOU,adorable readers,to talk and share girly informations with tonight!Well,technically.And totally one sided,I must say =P

So,pretty ladies!Put on those jammies and join me on my royal bed..

Excuse the clarity.It was taken via Macbook's webcam.

Since the early of my existence til now,I've always dreamed of having doll-like features and complexion.As I looked at my Barbie dolls,I wished that I would grow up looking like them; big eyes,full lips,lustrous hair,lanky figures,long toned legs and flawless porcelain complexion.I mean who doesn't?Apparently,my wish never came true,but Alhamdulillah.At least I grew up looking decent enough to capture a dreamy Ken's heart (that's you Sweetie Pie ;D)!

Anyway,we are who we are,no matter how we look like.We are blessed with unique features of our own for reasons we won't know,or eventually will know.We shall not change any tiny bit of them,but of course,we can always enhance the beauty or overcome the flaws naturally,into getting them to look absolutely stunning.Enhancing and improving the 'canvas' are indirect ways of showing gratitude to our Mighty Creator for what we have now.

Recently,I've just discovered the true beauty of cleansing.I've always considered cleansing as the most vital part in our beauty regime,so did toning and moisturizing.But have you ever wondered how the results of a clean,beautiful,fresh,zit-less skin like shown on TV commercials or as promised on the label of cleansing products can be achieved?Well,after 11 years of cleansing my face with various cleansers,I finally got it.A desired result,which varies (less oily/no acnes/more moisture),can be achieved by soaking your face skin wet with warm water.Before,while,and after cleansing your face skin.

I've been suffering skin congestion,practically with teeny weeny oil seeds and zits,all my life.They would be  gone after a session of facial treatment and would make their grand comeback a month after that.They were too stubborn to leave my face skin alone!I could always make monthly visits to the beauty salon to get rid of them,but at the same time,I would create 1001 reasons to avoid the visits.I'm a major bum when it comes to hair and beauty salon visits,and I'm very sure most of you are already aware of that =P

So,my miracle two-word solution was warm water.All this while,I've never considered on cleansing my face with warm water to complement the facial cleanser until this particular article in a magazine suggested that we steamed our faces before lathering the skin with cleanser.And the skin were to be steamed again before the toning and moisturizing process began.Of course steaming would consume so much of our precious little time in the morning and evening,so I took the initiative to substitute steaming with soaking my face wet in warm water up to 10 times (until the skin felt dewy) before and after cleansing.

I've skipped toning the face skin for almost 5 years now and replaced it with serum application instead.Well,it wasn't an original idea of a beauty regime,I totally copied Jessica Alba's secret to beautiful skin which mentioned the skipping of toning process =P So right after rinsing the cleanser off with luke warm water (until the skin were dewy),it was advised to put on your beauty products (not makeup!) immediately on your skin as everything could easily be absorbed into the skin.

Just follow the steps above,and I can promise you that you'll achieve the desired result better than before.As easy as that eh? 

Well,it is really up to the individual to create their own method of skin caring,but as long as you open up the pores before cleansing and close them back after (at least before putting on makeup),you're good to go.Proper cleansing,toning and moisturizing will also help your makeup to stay beautifully longer.Since I've managed to overcome the impurity problems on my facial skin with the right method of cleansing,the only flaw left to fix would be the fine lines and dark circles under my BIG GUNDU EYES.Oh just don't ask me what 'gundu' means and how to erase those nasty fine lines and dark circles.I don't have a freakin' slight idea!

Until the next beauty secret to be shared,good night lovely readers! =)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Books And Shoes

As  much as I love to catch up with my never ending issue of lacking of sleep and shopping craves during nightstops,I do fancy clicking on stranger channels,beyond similar from those we have on Astro.Sometimes it's fascinating to get to watch unfamiliar TV programs,regardless if they're old or new.

Earlier yesterday,1 of the episodes of Spin City viewed at Australia's GO! channel caught my attention,and made me burst into laughter!I hope you guys still remember Spin City and its main star,Michael J. Fox (the Back To The Future guy yang tak berape cukup tinggi tu?Ring any bells?).There was this part when a family was having dinner and invited MJ Fox along as he was the employer of the daughter.

Daughter : Mom,dad..I wanna move out.I wanna live on my own in the city.
*Dad freaked out*
Dad         : What?But why?!You want a bigger room?You'll get gran's another few years!
*Old granny looked confused but continued eating anyway*
*Audience at the studio laughed*
Daughter : Hey,help me out here!
*Daughter nudged MJ Fox who was very into the food served on the table*
MJ Fox    : What?Oh,right...More salt,Gran?
*Old granny looked confused again but took the salt anyway*
*Audience in the studio laughed*
Daughter : No!That was not what I meant!

Well,I found the scene very amusing as there were so much miscommunications involved there.Daughter wanted freedom,but daddy thought he wasn't providing enough.Daughter wanted her boss to back her up,but boss was too focused on dinner served and decided to help reduce the number of granny's living years.How hysterical!

So,the point I was trying to stress out here,that not everyone could understand each individual's needs.Like my vital need for good,entertaining books just as much as I need designer bags and shoes filling my closet.Some got it (like my parents and fiance) but some just didn't (like most of my fellow colleagues).

Although my most recent stay at Down Under was extremely short,I made a point to be an early riser,just to make time for book hunting before our wakeup call for flight at noon.When it's almost Christmas,good books will be released sparingly throughout the month.I would normally take the excellent opportunity to stock up my collection of books for my routine reading pleasure.Well,my crew members could hardly understand that and thought I was insane for sacrificing the rest time I had to get a few bloody books.

Lately,I've been seriously obsessed with self-help,relationship,style and beauty hand books.On the way back to KUL,flying as a dead head crew,I spent the whole 6 cruising hours digging my nose into the new books I purchased.

The books were too interesting that made the inflight headphone given meant for the IFE remained untouched.

While others just couldn't get how my feminine complicated brain worked,Sweetie Pie and Asha definitely got me.I've never received that many pair of shoes on a birthday before!Only 2 pairs of them,but both were super lovely!Not just some shoes,they were ballet flats (my absolute favourite type) from Stuart Weitzman and Coach =D

A girl like me couldn't ask for better presents.Thanks a bunch,guys!

Anyway,I've gotten over the birthday excitement and moving on as a 26 year old bum.Only the notorious wedding jitters have started creeping into my nerves slowly.Hope I'll make it through these last 2 months =P

That's all for now,folks.Have fun in the 1st week of December! =D