Sunday, October 31, 2010


Definitely a rugby match that was worth watching under the drizzly rain!

Although I got called up for Hyderabad flight slightly later in the evening,I managed to spare some of my time earlier in the afternoon to watch a rugby match between MCOBA (MCKK Old Boys) and the KYSERS (KYS ex-residents).The fact that I was supposed to support MCOBA as my beloved dad is an active member of it (coz he's an old boy,of course) but I went cheering for the opponent instead (coz Sweetie Pie was invited to play for the KYSERS),just made things more intriguing than ever!

Sweetie Pie getting himself ready for the game.
My handsome winger was preparing his wings to fly.
Ooo...I loved it when the guys got rough=P
The guy in the middle facing forward is a close friend of mine,while the 1 on his right in the KYSER jersey is Fahrin Ahmad,the Malaysian celebrity.
The KYSERs lost to MCOBA that day.Tough luck.

As described at the above picture,our Malaysian celebrity Fahrin Ahmad played for the KYSERs.Most of the guys got excited with that fact including myself.But I just didn't have enough guts to walk up to him and snap a picture with him=P Anywhoo,the girl in the pink cap and khaki skirt got some fans on the field too.Suck it,Fahrin Ahmad!What can I say,a girl doesn't need to be a celebrity to get noticed.Right,Sweetie Pie?;;D

The Bollywood Crew

My standby duty of 4days just ended and guess what?I was called up for Hyderabad flight TWICE in a row!As in the same flight pattern,flight number,ETA and ETD time but on different dates.The flights were equally tiring and hectic.An Indian route surprise on the hectic part.Despite the hectic-ness,we managed to find ways to eliminate the crave for a fluffy pillow and a comfy bed.One of the ways was camwhoring on board!Even our technical crews joined the club!

Our leng chai co-pilot.
Fly me home safely,Captain.
The lively MH198 crews.
The sporting supervisor.

In October itself,I've operated a total of 3 Indian flights,including Delhi earlier of the month!I would like to suggest to the company to just include an Indian national flag next to my name on my name tag and declare me as their Bollywood crew,joining the rest who they recruited all the way frm India.At least I'll get my share of the allowances they specifically give to foreign crews every month=P

Thank God there are no more Indian flights for me in the month of November...phewwww!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coach Bag For Sale!

Hey Fashionistas!I'm selling off my cutest little pink Coach bag at a very affordable price!
It's cute and funky.It's unused and in excellent condition.No stains,marks,or odors.
Take a look!

The bag comes complete with its dustbag,Coach booklet and care card.
The dimensions are Length 7.5' Base/12.5' Top, Height 8', Width 3'.
Bag's serial number.
Coach's pink leather hang tag attached.

It's guaranteed to be 100% authentic and no longer sold in Coach stores.Material?It's a combination of canvas and leather.Price?I'm offering it for RM250 only,which is even cheaper than a GUESS bag!So what are you waiting for?Buzz me for details of product or purchase!

Thanks Mister=D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Bowling Date

Today was our first bowling date!Yeayy!But unfortunately I lost at both rounds of the game.Losing to my beloved fiancé....hmm,what the heck!At least we had fun high five-ing each other everytime we striked or spared the pins during the game=D

The lefty bowler in action.
The smiling winner.

Our amateur scores..Haha!

And now,I accidentally brought home Sweetie Pie's stinky socks which I borrowed to bowl just now=P

Shop Alone

Unlike Macaulay Culkin,I wasn't left home alone but I was left to shop Hong Kong.

Don't feel sorry for me,folks,coz I had the best time ever!I'm so used to shopping alone,not just in KL but all over the world.Well,here's the're lucky enough to be assigned flying with more stewardesses (especially around your age) than stewards on the same flight,but under certain circumstances,you'll either be the only 'kaki shopping' or the only rose among thorns on that particular flight.In my case,I was a little bit of both during my Hong Kong trip last 3days.

Lucky me,I knew all the great places to shop at most destinations.And what I really meant by 'great places' would be factory outlets of luxury brands!In Hong Kong,a mall called CityGate Outlets which is filled with outlets of all of my favourite brands which offered their products at markdown prices.To make things better,the mall is situated 10mins far frm our hotel in Hong Kong!

In the shuttle,otw to the mall.

Although most of my colleagues decided to 'bertapa' in their hotel rooms,it didn't stop me frm going shopping alone.I took my own sweet time to hop frm 1 outlet to another without worrying that others might got tired and planning to go back.CityGate Outlets was just as amazing as Rinku Outlets that I went to in Osaka.

Wonder what I bought there?Well,not that much since I didn't change that much of Hong Kong dollars.But my most precious purchase was definitely this pair of Calvin Klein Jeans!

Don't stare at my bootie,coz I ain't got any=P

Ok folks,til my next entry!Toodles!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Veg And Eggs

It was a single nightstop trip and just before we headed back to KL as paxing crews,we had a long 3hour transit in Kuching.So all of us decided to hangout at Coffee Bean's for continuous flow of coffee and zests of juicy gossips.

While all of us girls were so deep into our conversation bout beauty and marriage,a Chinese lady interrupted our conversation by telling us her beauty secrets of staying young and healthy.Such an eavesdropper,yet I was glad that she came and joined our little book club coz she definitely has tonnes of useful tips=D

Madam Michelle is a Sarawakian housewife blessed with 3 children when she was only 20.Her skin is almost flawless and even at the age of 44,there were hardly any wrinkles around her face.To look young,she advised us to consume eggs every single morning for breakfast.She's also a half vegetarian,she eats meat only twice in a week.We were also told that besides making your skin glows frm within,vegetables will also reverse our aging process and increase our patience level.You know what they say....meat eaters are most likely to be more impatient than vegetarians.

There were so many other stuffs that we shared during our group discussion when finally Madam Michelle had to say goodbye to us and left for her flight.But we definitely managed to capture that special moment with her.

From left : The shorty with a huge ego,the lovely supervisor,the future vegan,the beautiful Madam Michelle.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Perfect Finish

Every girl dreams of that perfect veil like finishing on their perfectly done make up,and of course,a good powder can do that job.Regardless,if its a fine loose powder,compact powder foundation,or compact pressed powder.Well,if you gorgeous ladies out there ask me,I prefer a smooth compact pressed powder to be dabbed on top of my foundation layer.

As most people around me are aware of,I'm not fan of Korean products,never will be.I despise everything single Korean made products which include makeup stuffs,electronic gadgets and even their celebrities!(Its a true fact that Korean girls are addicted to plastic surgery even as early as the age of 16!So physically,they are fake mannequins).

For those who have read yesterday's entry,you might came across the fact that I was looking for a new compact pressed powder.My old La Prairie compact pressed powder was depleting and I was told by the makeup promoter girl at La Prairie that they didn't have any refill for my powder.I'd hafta buy the whole thing,as in the compact case and the powder itself again at the price of RM300.I was like "Whoa!Does that mean I hafta pay RM300 every month just for a face powder?"..Well,now way,Jose!So goodbye La Prairie and hello Laneige!=)

How cuter can compact case be?The front part of the casing slides up like Blackberry Torch and the inside is filled with a translucent luxurious fine powder,along with its soft powder puff underneath it.It is called Laneige Sliding Pact Ex White Plus Renew complete with SPF 35 PA+++.It slides and fit on your skin,leaving your skin bright all day without darkening effect.It makes your skin glow as if it is from within.

After purchasing it yesterday,I officially tested it earlier today.And it was magnificent!Even after hours of  waiting for my car to be washed and vacuumed,the powder stayed on my skin like a bestfriend,coz it didn't just protect me frm the harmful UV rays,but it also kept all sorts of shine at bay.

BEFORE I started the day with activities,
AFTER my off day chores were completed,still no differences even without a slight of touch up.

This miracle powder only cost RM132!An absolute bargain!But just now,after minutes of Google-ing on the internet,I just realized that Laneige is a Korean brand!Just to double check the ugly truth,I browsed through the face powder packaging box and saw the words "Made in Korea"!Urghh...I guess I just hafta make Laneige an exception frm my hatred towards Korean products.Hey,don't judge me!I have my reasons for hating Korean products,100% based on experiences.

So girls,empty your compact powder cases and replace it with this!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

What are the things that they enjoy doing when two besties meet up on a lovely afternoon?Probably catching up of things that they have missed out including gossips about an insignificant girl who is consistently bitching about 1of them,having a long lunch sitting by the sushi's conveyor belt,sipping favourite frappucinos at Starbucks after meters of  walking around the shopping mall looking for a perfect pressed powder at makeup counters or perhaps camwhoring at random places in order to treasure the moments(or just simply being vain) of hanging out together.

Well,Ms Peachy Pear and I did all of the above just now,at 2 different venues!=)

Well here are the evidences frm the last part mentioned in the paragraph above..

At was 1st time at Sushi Zanmai,and it was her 1st time trying those tasty smoked salmon.

Jakun-ness revealed.Due to no parking space left at all parking zones in Midvalley,we had no choice but to park the car at the premier zone.But it was totally worth it.
"You have definitely found your soulmate coz this line right here,it's  pretty damn clear!"..Palm reader in da house,y'all!=)

Now,who says that being a girl is helluva nightmare and complicated?=P

Typhoon Megi

Above was a picture of us at Kaohsiung's Ambassador Hotel lobby.The flowers behind was pretty nice huh?=)

Anyway,have you guys heard of those deathly rough winds that just hit Philippines recently?It left trails of destruction and more than 10000 Filipinos were miserably homeless.That typhoon called Megi (which sounded delicious coz I kept imagining a bowl of Tomyam maggi mee) was still pathetically on the hunt for more innocent victims to 'swallow' and  it was reported to be heading towards Taiwan and China.

When our flight was heading to Kaohsiung,Taiwan 2days ago,the captain had warned us that turbulence will consistently 'rock our tiny world' as we'd be flying across the Philippines' airspace.Well,after an hour of cruising time,it turned out that the old man was right.The seatbelt sign kept flashing on and off,sudden jerks kept testing our ability to balance ourselves while attending passengers in the cabin and the rocking totally kept the sleeping passengers in deeper lullabies.At times,the turbulence went wild that caused our trays and jugs 'flying' all over the place!The same terrible condition happened when we were flying bck home too.The typhoon caused our arrival time to be slightly delayed.It was pretty scary,but hey,free roller coaster rides on MH86/87=)

I just hope that the typhoon will soon leave us all alone.We've had enough trouble dealing with destructions.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Til' Death

Remember the fatal Delima Express tragedy that happened at Rembau,on a beautiful evening of 10th October?Well,the tragedy was definitely unforgettable as it took away so many innocent souls tragically.

Many might not be aware of this,but besides our local Malaysians,there were also 3 Myanmar nationals killed in the horrible accident.And one of them was on my flight frm Kul to Yangon yesterday.....

A Myanmar cargo man was analyzing the casket which contained the victim's dead body as soon as we arrived at Yangon International Airport.

But in a casket,at the cargo area of course....

We were told by the traffic staffs that the other 2 victims were flown to Yangon not long after the accident,except for the 3rd body which went through an autopsy procedure bck at our local hospital.

Actually,that wasn't my first flight which carried a a dead body in the cargo.Earlier in 2006,as I was working in business class to a destination I couldn't recall,I noticed a female Chinese passenger seated there with red teary eyes and splotchy face.She refused to have anything that I offered,frm wet towels to beverages and food.Being an empathetic and concerned human being,I couldn't help myself frm asking her what was bothering her.She explained to me that her father just passed away and his body was in a casket at our cargo.She was 'bringing' him home for a proper funeral at their hometown(which I still can't recall).I bet I would've reacted the same way if I was in her shoes.

Death is absolutely the most devastating thing to deal with,even just by looking at some random victim's casket.While we're still living in this temporary world,we shall cherish each other,hoping there'll be no regrets in the future.Enjoy your week folks.Taiwan flight waiting for me tomorrow...*sighs*

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bright Stained Puckers

Hey gorgeous ladies!Lets make a bold statement by tinting your pouty puckers in bright colors such as orange and red!Ditch all your pink,brown and nude shade of lip tints.Instead,highlight your puckers with a delicious chili red or a juicy bright orange shade.Bright pouts are definitely in again!

Just recently experimented those bright colors on my puckers to work,and I really turned lotsa heads as I walked past a few crowds at the airport.No kidding!

By putting on a bright sheen of color on your lips,it eventually brightens your face complexion and sharpen your beautiful features.You'll also appear to be fearless and confident!Try on a bright lip color with pearly or watery shine effect.Stay away frm matte lip colors,it will only add up years to your actual age. 

So what are you ladies waiting for?Go grab one of those bright colored sticks at the nearest makeup counter.A bright future is waiting for you=)

The Hottie Is Back!

I've figuratively swallowed a number of Clarinase last night due to the 'free flow' of runny nose,so I was apparently up at 8am this morning!Me,waking up at 8am in the morning,during an off day...that was unusual!Well,basically when you consumed Clarinase,you'd be drowsy after a few moments of swallowing it down your trachea and the next thing you know,you'd already sail in a very deep sleep.A four to  five hours of sleep was sufficient enough to get you wide awake and active in the morning.

Like I'm experiencing right now!

The day seemed to be starting off like the usual except that I got a call frm my agent few moments ago regarding an event job that I obviously can't accept (coz my flying roster for this month is super hectic!) and most importantly,after two long weeks,I finally got to see a cute sweet face waiting to be fed as soon as I got off my bed!Yes,the furry little hottie is back!!

Still looking adorable,even with the ugly stitch marks at her abdomen.

She had fully recovered frm her unnecessary operation and she's all good,back in her plumpy furry figure again!My parents and I took her bck frm the vet last night and she was all excited and happy to be home.As soon as she reached home,she went jumping up and down the stairs,rolling on the cold marble floor and chasing a little baby cockroach she found under the bed (actually it was the baby cockroach that chased her).

I'm just so thrilled of having Ms Billie back home!=)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lucky Trip To Delhi

Another Delhi flight for me this year,how delightful...NOT!!

My departure for Delhi was two days ago.I've packed my instant soup sachets,Maggi cups,and cereal bars into my overnight trolley bag,with the intention of 'camping' in my hotel room in Delhi.Do you know why we always camp-in at our hotel rooms at destinations such as Delhi?Coz the moment we stepped our two feet in Delhi,most of the time we were all drained out of energy after a 5hour and half 'walk' on board to Delhi.You folks had no idea how nasty and terrible the Indian passengers could be!The moment they sat on their allocated seats,they thought that they were kings and queens of MH190/191 and everybody would hafta bow to them,expecting to be served like a royalty.If they requested for a special meal request such as an Asian Vegetarian Meal (AVML) on board that flight,but the food didn't look as if it could kick their ENORMOUS taste buds,they would simply asked for an exchange with the delicious lobster stated on the menu,without considering the fact that other passengers might not get their share of lobster.True story...

So anyway,I was assigned to work in business class on our way up to Delhi and guess who was on board?My favourite ex-minister,Dato Seri Shahidan Kassim!Everytime he came on board Malaysia Airlines,all of us would be rewarded by the end of the flight especially if he got the right treatment he wanted from all of us throughout his journey.As for this time,each of us received INR1,500 to be spent in Delhi!See how generous Dato Seri could be?=D

Our intention of camping in our own hotel rooms was cancelled.The day after our arrival,we went out shopping!You might be surprised with the things we could get in Delhi with INR1,500.Hehe.Luckily I packed up a pair of jeans and tee with matching flats to go out,but without a handbag.

With my girls at the hotel lobby.
A poor little girl was knocking on our cab's window shield asking for money and food.
At tourists' favourite spot,the Sarojini Market.
"Where the hell did they go?Luckily I have my mango drink with me"
"No size?Lets go to the opposite shop!"
Police were scattered at places with tourists,extra security during the commonwealth games period.

We departed frm Delhi bck to KL as early as 1am in the morning earlier today,and we brought some of our Commonwealth games' athletes bck home on our flight safely.The flight was less tiring,but still I ended up being unconscious on my bed frm 12noon to 4.30pm just now.Hehe.Well,it was a hell of a trip!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What Makes This Blogger Tick?

How would you define your style?
My style goes across the spectrum.From girly summer dresses to sporty tees and jeans.

Obsessed with....
Designer handbags and dresses.

Must-haves when you are on the go?
My notebook and phone,a pair of jeans and ballet flats,and a good book.

Favourite scent?
Lancome's Tresor In Love.

Can't live without....
My parents.

My secret to staying beautiful is....
Pampering my face with a mild face mask every single day and keep smiling =)

Most extravagant buy?
A Dell notebook for my fiancé on his last birthday.

Most treasured possession?
My Habib diamond engagement ring.

Currently,I have my eyes on....
Louis Vuitton's Sofia Coppola monogram bag.

Who is your style icon?
Jessica Lowndes.

Favourite holiday destination?

A song you love?
Smoke gets in your eyes by The Platters.

Most memorable moment?
When I was on a second date with Sweetie Pie..crazy shits happened including our first kiss =)

Who makes you laugh?
Sweetie Pie nee my fiancé.He's hilarious!

You pamper yourself by....
Going shopping and lots of sleep.

Who inspire you most in life?
My dad.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Still flying all over the continent,with a loving successful  husband and a cute kid waiting patiently for me bck home.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Evil Sister

I am so freakin' mad!!!!!!

I just realized that 1 of my aunts was bad-mouthing bout my beloved dear father on Facebook,at her status!What kind of sister is she?!

I understand that she might feel intimidated with Ayah's accomplishments throughout the years but she has no rights to bad-mouth bout him on Facebook!That is such an immature act!Please grow up dear Aunty,coz you've been living for almost half a century and please learn to respect the elder ones and brace yourself for other people's happiness.

To Ayah,you're the greatest gift that the Almighty God has been blessed me with.I love you with all my heart and Happy Birthday,Dato' Ahmad Othman..*virtually hugs Ayah*=)

To dear evil aunt,suck it up!You're worth nothing to our family!

Black Magic Woman

Like Santana sang....

"She's got me so blind I can't see; 
But she's a Black Magic Woman and 
she's trying to make a devil out of me"
Even in this modern era,it's hard to believe that some people still uses black magic to get things their way.How do I know?Good question folks.

Recently,two of Ibu's close friends went through an epic of trauma where their husbands cheated and still are cheating on them.Both their husbands are known for their looks,thick pocket full of notes,and friendliness.After more than 10years of marriage and a number of children,out of the blue they decided to cheat to on their loyal loving wives.

Yeah,at first their wives thought that they cheated on them due to lust and temptation they couldn't avoid from young seductive maidens around them.Plus,people said that a man's life starts at the age 40.You've heard of that,don't you?But the deeper their investigations got into their husbands' cases,they found out that both ladies who are having affairs with their hubbies are desperate ugly ladies.One of them is a divorcée with 3 children and another one is a spinster at her late 30s.

What made the wives suspected that their husbands were and still are under black magic spells?1st of  all,the ladies tht they are having affairs with are even uglier the wives,yet the hubbies kept saying the differences between the ladies and the wives out loud.It was something like this, "Tengoklah badan awak tu!Tak cantik mcm badan si *****!" or "Awak ni tak  pandai masak macam si *****!".See how hurtful their comments could be?

The ladies were suspected to put their spells in their cooking.Even before they have love affairs with the ladies,they were fed with all sorts of delicious cooking.Even the wives knew bout it but suspected nothing yet.Apparently,both ladies were also friends with the wives through simple connections,and I bet it was just a tactic they used to get close to the hubbies.The wives also told Ibu tht their hubbies spent thousands of cash for the desperate ladies.1 of them received a  new BMW car while the other 1 was given a fully furnished condominium in Haratamas worth half a million.The wives at home got nothing but tears,watching their husbands cheating on them without guilt.The hubbies hardly came home and totally abandoned their work.Well,Ayah should know better coz both of the husbands work for Ayah.

Sad to say,that both used to be nice husbands and gentlemen are now totally blinded by the 2 desperate ladies whom practice black magic.That's just so wrong!!

Ladies,before you become so desperately in need of a companion til you can actually think of putting of a black magic spell on some poor lady's husband,you should see yourself in the mirror and spot your flaws.If its the attitude,work on it!And if it's physical wise,well I guess you ladies are aware of what to do.Do not be jealous of other people's happiness!Happiness is something that you hafta earn,not just by sitting down and pray for it to come rolling down at your feet.And black magic is definitely not the ticket out of your miserable life.You'll be burnt in hell for practicing it,ladies!

Just watched Nona earlier on the foootage of Dato' Dr Sheikh Muszaphar and Dr  Halina's big wedding reception that will be held tonight at PICC.Aren't they simply the most beautiful couple in Malaysia so far?

When I told Sweetie Pie bout it,he simply replied, "The media hasn't seen us yet.They might be the most beautiful far...".Hahaha!Sweetie Pie's capability of being vain tickles me in the stomach at times.Whatever it is,I wish all the happiness in the world to this lovely couple.To black magic practitioners,stay away from this couple or other happily married guys.You're just disgusting!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore!

Yesterday was a hell of a Wednesday!Since I'd be home doing God knows what I'd be doing throughout the week,Sweetie Pie decided to take me on an advanced birthday treat to...wait for it...UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE!It was awesommmmeeeee!!But the journey to Universal Studios wasn't tht awesome as we expected,so here the story goes..

We pumped up our gas pedal at 6am in the morning frm KL to JB.The journey was pleasant until we actually reached JB.Little did I know,Sweetie Pie didn't even know the way to Larkin bus station!Don't ask me,Baby!I might have been raised in JB,but I'm not a true Johorian,I'm definitely the clueless one.He started calling all of his JB friends to ask for the way,well some were pretty informative but some were not.When we finally reached Larkin station,there was no such thing as an RM24 bus that goes directly to Sentosa Island,as we have been told!Whoever spitted out that wrong info,you're so gonna get it frm me!Anyway,we ended up taking an RM3.30 bus to Queen Street,Singapore.I'm telling you,it was such a hassle!Luckily we met a nice Samaritan named Pak Manan on that bus who guided us our way through.As soon as we reached Queen Street,he picked us the right cab which was willing to drive us directly to Sentosa Island with a very reasonable fare.Thanks,Pak Manan.We will always remember you=D

So there we were,finally reaching Universal Studios Singapore safely at approximately 11.45am.Yessss!!

Everything there was magical!We were like 3year old kids whom just went on our first trip to the funfair,the exact same reaction on our faces when we first reached Hong Kong Disneyland few months back too.Haha.What could we say,we still love amusement parks even at the age of 25 =D

Most of the rides there were thrilling and fun,definitely better than those at Hong Kong Disneyland.Our favourites were definitely the indoor roller coaster ride of Mummy Returns,the river boat ride of The Jurassic Park,and the Camera,Live,Action studio experience.The rest was ok,but not as great as those mentioned.The most disappointing part was that the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster ride was closed,due to some maintenance purposes.This morning Ibu told me that previously,one of the riders of the Battlestar Galactica roller coaster complaint that his safety harness was loose and he felt like he almost fell out of ride.So,I guess it explained why it was closed after all.

See that awesome roller coaster maze behind me?That was the Battlestar Galactica ride!Such a shame that it was closed right?
Sweetie Pie wishing it was opened.
Next to the awesome ride of Mummy Returns.

The Lost World of awesomeness!

About food,there were so many food courts around but our favourite would be the Drive-In Diner.The burger and fries were good and the environment was fabulous!It made you feel like you were at a diner back in the 70's/80's where the Pink Ladies and T-Birds of Grease would dance around!

Besides food and interesting rides,what else could be found at Universal Studios?Hmmm....the movie characters of course!

What else could be found at the streets of Hollywood of Universal Studio?The movie sets!

Lady cop on duty.Watch out!
Marilyn Monroe much?
Stupid colorful alien at Sci-Fi city attacked us!
Hollywood Boulevard

After too much shopping and spending our Singapore dollars,we finally headed back to Queen Street to take a bus back to JB.A warning : Cab drivers of Singapore are just as horrible as cab drivers in Malaysia.Most of them are liars!I'm too lazy to elaborate on that.No wonder Pak Manan advised us to pick the right cab in Singapore so that we wouldn't get conned.At Queen Street,we coincidently took the wrong bus back to Larkin.We picked the transit bus which happened to stop at all bus stops around Singapore instead of the bus that went directly to Woodland checkpoint then to Larkin station.So it took us 2hours frm Queen Street bck to Larkin.We were such bummers...*sighed*

Overall,our Wednesday of the week came out to be a memorable and tiring one.We had a blast and most importantly,I had a great advanced birthday experience.Thank you so freakin' much,Sweetie Pie!Next on the list,Universal Studios Osaka or LA!Well,probably when we already have tonnes of money saved =P