Friday, September 28, 2012

Pointe Break

Oh yeah!Above are definitely my two wobbly feet in my dirty yet precious pointe shoes :D

As you might know, I'm craaaazy and highly passionate about ballet. Or dancing, in general. I'm not gonna talk bout ballet in this post but specifically bout pointe work.

Pointe work is not for every one. Even if you're blessed with arched feet and strong ankles, that doesn't mean you're cut out for pointe work. Pointe work is an evolution and extension of years (or less) of ballet training. And being able to go en pointe is considered as the biggest accomplishment a ballerina can achieve. Well, besides getting accepted to a great ballet company, promoted to principle, and having to dance Swan Lake every single night, of course ;D

Anyway, getting your first pointe shoes to proceed with pointe works is most probably the highlight in every ballerina's dancing life. Like having your first boyfriend or falling in love for the first time. But bear in mind that a new pair of pointe shoes is not like getting a newly purchased ballerina flats. A new pair of pointe shoes is completely 'naked' and you gotta accessorize it with ribbons and elastic bands. Besides being naked, it is also as hard as a wooden clog, so breaking them in with all sorts of preferred methods will be another mission that a ballerina needs to accomplish.

The moment I get a new pointe shoes (at the moment is from Sansha, but definitely going to upgrade it soon), the first thing I'll do is what I consider the toughest job ever, sewing the ribbons. I'm obviously not the best sewer and the only time I'll ever touch a needle and thread is when I need to complete my pointe shoes with ribbons.

Now you guys get what I mean when I said I'm not a good sewer? But a ballerina gotta do what she gotta do, you know. No matter how tedious or ugly the hand work is. Next, after you've sewn the ribbons on both shoes, you hafta sew the elastic band for a better support of your ankles while dancing.

After all the sewing jobs are done, it is time to break your pointe shoes in. First, you need break the shanks according to your natural feet arch. Some might bend the shanks at the door frame but I prefer the conventional way, using my hands.

First, I'll separate the lining from the base as it'll be so much easier to bend them. Do not be afraid to make your shoes look ugly, they're meant to be one to fit your sole like gloves. Keep bending the shank every time before you put your shoes til it properly supports your arch. Next it to break the shoes box.

Some might spritz water across the shoe box to soften the box but I prefer to go on demi pointes several times to break the box, as well as stepping on the box with one leg with pressure. I love my shoes so I do not intend to make any permanent damages to them. 

Once I'm done with all the process, I'll start warming with the shoes up with pointe exercises before I actually dance in them. Breaking into pointe shoes is not as easy as breaking into your new pair of Aldo's. They need time to perfectly serve your soles, but once they're broken in, you'll feel like leaving the house and walking down the streets with your pointe shoes on! Coz they're just simply more comfy than a normal pair of shoes. And also, you'll get to do this......

........dancing gracefully on your toes! God I love dancing en pointe!

So that's all for now folks! If you love ballet and beauty like I do, keep coming back to this blog :) Toddles!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Bells in Syawal

Along and Abg Kidzrol's wedding at Selayang, KL.

Ikhwan and Anees' wedding at Taman Botani, Putrajaya. Opps, I totally lost the pictures of the celebrated couple :P

Memories of Syawal 2012

Trying to suck up all those emotions..

Tears streamed down my dolled up face after asking for forgiveness from beloved hubby.

Newest addition to the family : my lil new nephew, Irfan.

Unforgettable 1st Syawal celebrated with a new pack, at Setiawangsa.

Fabulous 2nd Syawal in Muar, Johor.

Memories of Ramadhan 2012

Iftar at Grand Blue Wave Hotel.
Iftar at Raku Restaurant, Concorde Hotel.

And the rest....were not captured on film. But great, wonderful memories.