Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beauty Talk

It's funny how the female brains work. Obsessing about millions of things all together at a period of time is something that men's brains can't do, but us. Personally, I have problems dividing attention to all of my obsession in my brain. They keep blinking simultaneously in my head like 'Wheel of Fortune' s unrevealed letters, demanding for attention, resulting to overspending of my salary and pocket money every single month. Particularly when I decide to pay attention to ALL of my attention seeking obsessions. A new Louis Vuitton, Forever New dress, Ferragamo ballerinas, Allure (every issue), books from the 'New Arrival' shelves at Kinokuniya, new mineral makeup and skin care products in the pages of magazines, Sweetie Pie (priority!), cleaning and sanitizing the condo, spending time with besties, froyos and fries, homeworks and assignments, Polly, visiting parents as frequent as possible, and........more. All in my tiny little brain! Goodness! It is no surprise that our foreheads have been forming wrinkly fine lines even as early as the age of 18!

We all have the same problem, ladies. But it is all about making smart decisions and prioritizing what's more important. Such as your kids, husband/boyfriend, parents, education, career, and most importantly YOURSELF. Your health and beauty matters most and I believe all of you must know why. The healthier and prettier you are, the happier you'll be, and the rest will just fall at the right places. Yeah, once that happy hormone conquered your entire system, WHAMMM! Like having a magic wand, things will go the way you want it. But of course, along with the blessing and permission from Allah S.W.T. :)

Putting aside the other craps (obsession), I'm currently focusing more on happiness and looking good (inside and outside) for my husband and myself. It feels so great to have gained a little weight and not looking haggard due to inconsistency of my sleeping pattern and higher level of stress. Aware of my passion towards health and beauty, Ibu invited me to tag along while she attended a beauty talk organized by Menara Esthetics and Wellness Clinic last Saturday.

Overall, it was an informative talk, hosted by Dr Linda, Ibu's close acquaintance. Basically, she fed our minds bout the importance of a well balanced hormones in our body to fight aging process. The main female hormones in our body, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone (male hormone), insulin, melatonin and etc, have to be equally sufficient and work harmoniously in the system to stall the process of aging and avoid uninvited disease such as obesity and diabetes. Hair loss, trouble sleeping at night, short length of period/menstruation, weight gain, dry skin were all the early signs of premature menopause, caused by the imbalance of hormones in our body. Honestly, those detailed knowledge on hormones were new to me. Never thought that balancing the hormones could be so essential!

Besides listening to the talk, there were also activities held such as free facial, makeup demonstration, skin analysis, and products (approved by esthetic doctors) selling booths. Yummy refreshments were also served :)

Ibu and Dr Linda.

I was simply lucky to just be there accompanying Ibu as I benefited from it, tremendously! All of us received a goody bag filled with product samples, free expensive items from all purchases, and Ibu even bought me a fantastic lip plumper from KISS (a mineral makeup product brand) which contains Niacin (Vitamin B) and Dligopeptides to effortlessly plump and increase the collagen level in the lips. It is Halal and contains zero harmful chemicals to the skin.

Exciting, huh?

Did I mention that there were lucky draws with super expensive prizes too? And Ibu was among the lucky ones to get picked and received a prize! She won a set of treatment products by CL IV. Good for her! :)

Now that I've lived separately from my parents, attending a beauty talk was definitely a great way of spending time (besides shopping and eating out) with Ibu as we shared the same interest. It was beneficial and so much fun! We're so gonna do this again in the nearest future :)