Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adult Acne

The school holidays has started, so of course, wedding bells were everywhere! I actually followed my parents for a trip around the South for 4 weddings in 2 days last weekend, and trust me, eating nasi minyak from one place to another wasn't that much of a great experience. The moment I reached home at Sri Hartamas on Sunday, bathroom became my favourite place in our condo as I visited it every couple of hours. Lucky Sweetie Pie wasn't around to have witnessed me conquering the bathroom.

Anyway, last 2 weeks we've talked bout the importance of a balanced hormones in our body. Now, I would like to share with all of you fellow readers bout the most dreaded skin condition among us ladies, acne.

When a person above the age of 25 is constantly experiencing breakouts at certain/all parts of the face, he/she is suffering a condition called adult acne. It is mainly associated with active sebaceous (oil) glands in the follicles, as well as overproduction of androgens (male hormones) in the body. Those who suffers adult acne will have sensitive or sensitized skin which needs extra gentle care or it will worsen the condition of the skin.

The strength level of your immune system plays such an important role in curing adult acne. The organs associated in your immune system hafta be in their best condition, in order to create high level of protection armies, fighting bacterias that have been invading the follicles in the your skin.

An active sebaceous gland which causes blockage at the follicle. Blackhead (open comedone) is formed due to oxidation of the sebum

When harmful bacterias starts feeding off the sebum at the face surface of your skin, your skin will experience inflammation that will eventually turns into acne. Trust me, it is not pretty. But fear not, dear folks. Adult acne is curable but quite tricky. You need lotsa drive and determination on wanting a healthy beautiful skin.

To cure adult acne internally, you'll hafta boost your immune system (the natural fighter) to its maximum capacity. There are a few supplements out there that will help you polish the gears of the organs combined in your immune system. Externally, you'll need a damn good range of products to treat your skin from within. You'll definitely not see the results overnight, but never give up, dear folks. Give the products at least a month to work their magic.

You have no idea how great the power of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing. NEVER skip any of the steps mentioned, or your skin will start screaming and coding S.O.S. signs at the surface. Treat your skin well, and they'll repay you with the most valuable gifts ever. Beautiful glowing skin, confidence, and happiness :)

Unreleased/trapped energy inside the body which eventually turned into stress, will release toxins that affects the immune system. Once the immune system is wrecked, acne will start to form as the protection and barriers have shattered. So ladies, don't stress yourselves out unnecessarily. Stay positive and avoid negativity that surrounds you. Can't handle something that bothers you? Let it all out and transfer those trapped negative energy to mother earth (stepping on the ground), any forms of exercise or socialize with those who understands you.

Now that I'm equipped with all kinds of useful knowledge bout the skin and systems related to it, I'm more than happy to share all that I know to the whole world via 1 on 1 consultation or blog posts. I even invited people around me that I care bout to experience the magic of a single facial treatment that instantly transformed their skin appearance, either to my humble shack at Sri Hartamas or the academy I'm currently studying at. 

Future sis-in-law, Bella, paid me a visit at the academy. She was rewarded with a full treatment that made her skin instantly glow from within. 

Hope all of the information given above will be useful to any of you out there suffering adult acne. Remember to love and respect yourself by taking very great care of yourselves before demanding for love and respect from others. 

Til the next beauty topic to be discussed here! Goodnite! :D

P/S : Eat a banana and apple a day to treat acne prone skin. Rub banana peel to acne-infected part of the skin till the peel goes brown.Leave your skin dry for at least 10mins before washing the peel off your skin. You'll be amazed with the result ;)