Thursday, June 21, 2012

Durian Buffet

An unfortunate event repeated again yesterday. I blacked out in the morning at class due to low blood pressure. It was a depressing moment by I couldn't be more grateful to have such wonderful friends around me. They helped me back home safely before Sweetie Pie could take over his official duty of taking good care of me. Yeah, he took a day off the moment he got the news. Another great human being in my humble life. Alhamdulillah.

Talking bout those unbelievably great friends, we made a lunch trip down to SS2 for a durian buffet! Yeah, I know some might interpret durians as fruit with a smelly-human's-feet smell, but we couldn't get enough of them! They were just yummy! So, at SS2, there were whole lot of stalls offering durian all-you-can-eat buffet as it is currently durian's season. 

We were all charged RM9 per head to enjoy as much as durian kampung that we could eat. And they were all split opened for us! Imagine our joy!

Vennicia, Jennie, June (trainer), and myself.
All the opened durian on our table. Heaven!
Anem, Sze Qian, and Shi Man.
"Oh, this one is juicy!" - June

Among us all, there was one who actually thought that durian stinks! She couldn't even inhale the smell, what more eating them.

Poor, Angeline :(
And I ate this much!! :D

We totally enjoyed our first lunch treat together and trust me, those durians were more than enough to fill those empty stomachs after a long day at class. Caring for the skin is important, so does caring for our craves for durian :D All we needed was a coconut drink and liters of water to calm our stimulated bodies.

Are you a fan of durian? Perhaps you should try the buffet!