Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy Lady On The Loose!

It was not that I didn't wana drop by and say 'HI' once in awhile to my lovely blog readers for the past couple of months, but my schedule had been so tight and let me just add, CRAZY! I was working for almost 10 hours under freezing cold buildings that dried the crap out of my fragile skin and damaged the natural lipid barrier (sounded awful eh?) every weekday (and some weekends), gracefully doing plies and arabesques by the barre at the ballet studio every Monday evenings, hitting the yoga mat to connect with with my inner self and peace almost every evening, buka puasa gatherings with my family members in Shah Alam, Terawikh prayers on some nights (;P), and a committed beauty scholarship student. Pheww!!

Forgot to mention that July was the month of internship, so all of the academy students including myself, were sent to separate beauty centers all over KL and Klang Valley to complete our 300 practical hours. A mandatory requirement for taking CIBTAC. I was placed in Hartamas Shopping Center most of the time, and also a week at Setia City Mall for a roadshow event. Now, we're all gathered back at the academy, facing quizzes, exams, and assessments.

*Taking deep breaths*

Anyway, I'm back! And will try my very best to update this precious blog of mine with the juiciest informations about myself, general beauty tips that I find useful for everyone, and hip events that you should know about.

Hope everyone is enjoying and cherishing the month of Ramadhan with lotsa amal ibadah. Will be writing more soon. Muahhs!