Friday, February 25, 2011

Narita Kara Kaesa Reru

While I was packing my big check-in bag for my trip to Narita Tokyo,just a few minutes before my company transport arrived,Ayah asked me "Did you manage to change any yens?".I solemnly answered "Not planning to go out.I've packed my book and food along",when suddenly Ayah generously handed me 14000yens to be spent in Tokyo!Imagine how surprised I was!But at tht moment,I had no time to ask what really hit him on the head earlier before he decided to hand me a generous amount of money to spend as the E-smart cab outside had been waiting for almost 5minutes.Not tht Ayah has always been stingy,but he barely pampered his children with cash rolling out of his pocket without earning it first.While still in the state of shock,I took out my iPhone after getting into the cab and quickly converted the amount of yens given into RM.After seeing the calculated amount on the screen,I couldn't hide the wide grin spread on my face throughout my journey to KLIA =D

Little that I know,it was Cats' Day in Japan when we arrived safely on the 22nd of February.You folks know how hopelessly devoted I am to cats,so once I switched on the tv in my hotel room and saw a special documentary on cats to celebrate the day couldn't make my morning in Japan sunnier =D I fell asleep halfway through the show and woke up at noon to go out spending every single yen that was mounting in my purse,so off to the nearest Aeon Mall I went.

Well,Aeon malls in Japan aren't anything like Jusco malls in Malaysia.Believe me when I say they have a Hard Rock Cafe and branded outlets such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger in theirs,coz I've been to more than just 1 Aeon mall in Japan.Classy huh?To my surprise,I spent the yens I have wisely by spending them on an expensive golf underlayer shirt for Ayah,Hard Rock Couture t-shirts for Ibu and Asha and a 1000yen (which was RM30++) but very comfy knee length boots for myself.See?I can be pretty responsible with money that wasn't mine,you know.I managed to prioritize others before myself.Kudos to me!=D

After hours of shopping,my colleagues and I took a break by enjoying our sushi sets at the food court.Yummss!!

When taking this picture,my colleague said "Hey,you have bunny teeth!I never realized them til now!".Then I answered "My pet name is Bunny,given by my fiance.Not even 'Sayang' or 'Darling'" while chewing my bits of sushi.They laughed.Mind my messy hair in the above pic.The wind outside was blowing like hell with the ground temperature of 2degrees Celsius.

Anyway,when I got back home,I couldn't be happier seeing my family members extremely pleased with the gifts I bought for them.Well,not exactly from my very own pocket though.So my trip to Japan this time seemed to be the best so far,excluding tht time when I went to visit Tokyo Disneyland.Totemo yokatta! =D

Oh,I totally forgot to tell you folks a little detail.Japan has been my favourite destination ever,among other destinations,since the day I 1st stepped into the country back in 2005.I can speak their language too,to be honest poorly,but language never seems to be the barrier for me to stop adoring the country,alongside with their culture,people and advanced technology.But like they said,the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Usual Satur-date

Actually,earlier today Sweetie Pie and I went for a slightly unusual than our usual dates.Mainly because we diverted our usual routines and venues to a whole new one.

We started our date with a visit to the big Pos Malaysia office in Sepang.When we were 'invited' there,it came with a package of great and bad news.The great news,my 2nd barang hantaran for the wedding has arrived!=)I will not tell you folks what was it or where it was flown from,or it'll ruin the surprise.But let tell me you this,once you're a stewardess you hardly spend your pennies on anything selling in your own country.When you're traveling,of course you can't help yourself frm buying stuffs at the destination you're at,but when you're home you'll somehow find a way to buy the stuffs you desire through online shopping websites.Shopping complexes nearby seem to be your last resort of getting the things you want.Don't get me wrong,I don't despise Malaysian made stuffs,the government has my full support on them.But then again there's nothing wrong fancying imported stuffs.Oh yeah,I've told you the great news so now the bad news.The bad news would be having to pay an amount of tax to the custom.Luckily it was only 10% frm the original price of the purchase.

After an hour being held at the post office,we headed to Gardens Midvalley for tea time.I finally fulfilled my crave for Delicious' chocolate pavlova while Sweetie Pie was happily munching its famous chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.Just wondering,is it possible to make a 3 story high pavlova and beautifully design it into a wedding cake?A pavlova instead of a cake designed with an RMC and TKC school logos on it..Haha.Absolutely and 100% joking!Chill ladies..I was just expressing my thoughts through my entries in the blog.This blog is meant to be written and read,but it never meant any harm. Like they always said and I applied,IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY,SHUT UP!So this blog is the only medium I have to express myself as I was never 'designed' to be outspoken,though I sometimes wished I was.Not 'designed' to be outspoken is 1 thing,not trashing others that are UNKNOWN and IRRELEVANT to me is another.If I were to be a big-mouthed mean girl,would've criticized any stiff or moving anonymous that didn't seem right to my eyes!If my darling loved ones including Sweetie Pie could respect the fact that I'm all sweet and sugary outside but very expressive through lettered words,I think you should start respecting it too.But I must say that I'm pretty flattered knowing that you all have been among my loyal blog readers.Too loyal til it hurts eh?;)Any hurtful statements to be complained bout,you are free to speak your mind by calling Sweetie Pie at his mobile again or even better to have a direct contact with me.Being a gentlewomen is always a better option than being completely childish coz all of us are getting to that point of being a wife,soon a mother,and perhaps a grandmother in future.So why would we wana start a collection of enemies now,right?As far as I'm concerned I'm a happy girl with none,so I never feel like collecting any.Even a colleague who used to be calling me with nasty names and trashing me in front of others (without any solid reason,and Ibu convinced me it was 100% pure jealousy) had suddenly decided to put the past behind and been treating me nicely coz I never retaliated her attacks.But if you've already decided to mark me as an enemy and the target for you to pick on,it's absolutely and entirely your prerogative.I never intended to hurt anyone (you might wana go through the lines in my previous entry again as you might notice nothing ludicrous was said about any of u) except for the innocent cake and the pantyline (which I didn't notice til the guys started making a big deal out of it) =)

Enough with the heavy talk and let's get bck on track,folks!So after tea time,we checked out 'Black Swan' and 'No Strings Attached' at Signatures,but none of their screening time fitted our schedule.You might not believe this,but since the year 2011 started,I barely did any shopping besides buying the usual necessary toiletries and makeup.Been spending every penny wisely,saving up for the big day's preparations,although my parents have decided to be the major funder and cover at least 80% of the funds needed for the ceremony.Since I am lacking of materials to be casually worn,I decided to look for some and ended up with tank tops frm Guess...wait for it....KIDS!Tank tops frm Guess Kids!I never could have guessed that I could fit into size S/M of Guess Kids' tops until Sweetie Pie suggested it to me as they were cuter and slightly smaller than an adult's S size which were perfect fits for me.Tried it on as soon as I got home and wallla!Sweetie Pie was right!

Before heading home,we went somewhere unusual for dinner.Like I said earlier,unusual routine,venue and purchase.Sweetie Pie took me to Hartamas where a beautiful condominium called Puncak Prima stood which soon will be our home after being a married couple,before having dinner.Just by looking at the condo,I already felt some flying kicks in my stomach which was anxiety of wanting to be married to Sweetie Pie badly and living a happy life in our future home=DThen we went to Solaris Mont Kiara,a place we've nvr been to together and had dinner there.Soon,all the area in Hartamas and Mont Kiara will be our playground once we've started living there.A playground that we are not familiar of,that's for sure.

By the way,I'll not be expecting to write any entries in another few days ahead as I'll be flying to 1 country and another bck to bck.There's lack of mercy towards the cabin crews lately,for reasons we don't really know.But I'm not complaining,despite the fact that my legs are still crying in pain due to the endless walks in the cabin on Bombay flight yesterday='(

Have a good weekend anyway folks!=)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

January - February

Miss Denna is back!!

Have you folks been missing me?Hmm...lets see...Probably not,but I've missed you folks anyway.So lets get started with the recent agendas in my not so intriguing life,shall we?

January 6th-10th
Started off the year of 2011 with a Dubai trip.So little time in Dubai with so many things to do,but most importantly,I got to fix a date for a girl-day-out with my future sister-in-law,Azzura,at Dubai Mall.Well,for your info,Kak Ra,is a flight attendant for UAE's national carrier which is Emirates,and I felt so honored that she got to spend some of her precious time to hang out with her dear lil sis here.We met up at Dubai Mall for lunch at a fancy Japanese fusion restaurant,then followed by some shopping and hot gossips,and the day was wrapped by 2 cups of frappucino at Starbucks.It was really great spending time with Kak Ra,since she was hardly around during family gatherings or events back in KL.The day after,I departed frm Dubai to Dammam,Saudi Arabia.There's only 1 way to describe Dammam,a deserted land full of men.For the 1st time in my life,I was scared of walking around the airport and outside in our body hugging short kebaya as all of the hungry looking men's eyes were on us as we walked passed them.The women there are allowed to only wear loose fitting black robes with their heads covered,so girls in tight kebayas is not something that they often see.The best thing bout Dammam would be our accommodation there at Ramada Apartment Hotel with complimentary buffet breakfast in the morning =)

January 14th-19th
Enough bout Dubai,now lets jump to South Africa.In the evening of 14th January,I was called for a Johannesburg flight while on standby at home.At 1st I wondered,why on earth would someone reported sick for such flight?The amount of off days in Joburg was more than enough and the total allowances for the trip was pretty rewarding too.But then,I just felt grateful with what I got and stopped questioning irrelevant stuffs.Kata orang,rezeki jangan ditolak.I wish I could upload all the pictures taken while I was in Dubai,Dammam and Johannesburg for your viewing pleasure but it seems that my camera's micro sd memory card is way beyond fixable.It was corrupted by a virus that has been lingering around in Sweetie Pie's pen drive.Thank you for sending your 'love',Sweetie Pie...*in sarcasm*.Besides receiving bad news bout a colleague(whom I just recently flown with)'s mystery death in Amsterdam,overall I had a major fun in Johannesburg with all the monkeys and elephants there =)

January 25th-26th
I was scheduled to attend a 2day communication course at the academy,but after brunch break,I was released home.They'd mistakenly scheduled me for the exact same course twice!I didn't even remember the fact that I've attended the course back in 2008,but who could?It was 3 freakin' year ago!Due to the complication,I was rewarded with an extra off day.Yes!

February 4th
It was the 2nd day of Chinese New Year and Sweetie Pie invited me to come along to an ex-schoolmate's wedding reception at TTDI.Since I had nothing better to do that evening,I decided to tag along to the wedding reception after a hair cut at the salon.It wasn't a major haircut,just an inch or two frm the bangs tht I recently grew.

The reception was just as divine as the couple,except for the cake.Having a cake with two school badges printed on it is a major cliche.We are not in high school anymore,for God's sake,leave the school spirits at a place where it should belong,not on a wedding cake.But who am I to criticize anyway?It was their day,so they deserved to have the best of everything.Congratulations guys!Oh,another thing!Just a reminder to ladies out there.If you don't wana be called "Pantyliner" at a wedding full of judgmental guys around,please do wear an appropriate undies underneath your dress.I'd recommend a G-string underneath a dress like that =)

Feb 5th-10th
It was time for a visit to the Down Under again.Nothing much to tell about my Melbourne and Sydney flight,except that the flights to and from the Down Under is getting crazier by the day.80% of the passengers on our Aussie flights are Indians (who wished they were Australians) nowadays,and you know how crazy a flight can be if it is filled with Indians.I've tweeted bout my depression and anger that I felt towards them on Twitter,so I'm not gonna do it again here.They will remain as difficult,annoying,and pathetically desperate for attention as they've always been no matter how many times I've blogged or tweeted bout them.So I rest my case~ Just 1 teeny bit of interesting info to be shared.Our company just recently relocated us in Melbourne to a hotel situated at a very posh street there.Our hotel itself is located inside a Starhill-like shopping mall with the biggest Louis Vuitton boutique in Melbourne standing a few yards away frm the hotel!It was super exciting!=D While I was Foursquare-ing in Sydney,utilizing the complimentary WiFi connection at a nearby McDonalds,I received a happy news frm Ayah saying that the booking of Seri Endon Hall in Putrajaya for my wedding reception in January 2012 was completed and successful.Despite being big,beautiful,and with lots of parking space,it became my choice of venue for my big day's reception as it holds a strong memory of Sweetie Pie and I.I'm not gona spill anything more than that,so just keep coming bck to this blog for more updates.

February 11th
My family and I was invited for a Yee Sang dinner with Ayah's chinese friends at Chynna,Hilton KL Sentral.I don't have that much of Yee Sang dinner experiences but I do have a cheongsam all the way frm Shanghai for such occasions=) Dinner was good and unique as the waiters there were trained with all sorts of kungfu-like stunts when serving us tea and the dishes.I was totally blown away with their moves.But the best part of having Yee Sang dinners with Chinese would be the angpows they handed to you at the end of it.Well,thts just the beauty of being single,might as well enjoy it while I can =)

February 15th
It was our so-called Valentines' Day out.We don't believe in Valentines' Day but we've always believed in showing appreciation and showering love towards our partner by taking him/her out on a date with a surprise gift for remembrance.We went to Pavilion for barang hantaran hunting,and in between,we decided to grab a bite at Wendy's,outside of Pavilion at Jln Sultan Ismail.While enjoying our mushroom melts,it rained cats and dogs.In order to return to Pavilion,where our car was parked,we had no choice but to struggle through the heavy rain.So we ended buying these cute disposable rain coats at a 7eleven next to Wendy's....

It was 1 hell of a great date.We managed to find what we looked for and on top of that,we got to exchange gifts that we bought for each other.Guess what Sweetie Pie got for me....

A pile of new books!To be exact,there are 7 of them and I should definitely start with 1 right after this.No other gifts are gona be better than those.Thank you,Sweetheart!=)

I guess that's all for now..Do not forget to keep coming bck coz ARRESted For Life is definitely bck in business! =D